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Todays Videos

Brixton A Town - GRIZZY x M DARGG - BRUCE WAYNE [Music Video] @grizzyuptop @mdargg | @HBVTV plus+

Total Views: 1,016

WTF! Guy In West London Makes People Piss & Spit On Him For Money - Plus Put There Feet In His Faceplus+

Total Views: 4,290

Skore Beezy - Behind Barz (Take 2) [@SkoreBeezy] | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 2,550

UK Female Rapper Goes In - NoLay - Lit Remix [Net Video] plus+

Total Views: 298

He Got Bars! Any Rapper Can Get Bodied [Online Video] plus+

Total Views: 1,732

Making a beat from Jamie Oliver's kitchen ft. PAP, Pepstar & Jamal Edwards: SBTV plus+

Total Views: 1,184

Usain Bolt Knocked Over By Cameraman On Segway After Winning World Championship 200m Gold plus+

Total Views: 1,298

French Montana Talks Bout Beef With 50 Cent, His Dad, Chinx, Sanaa Lathan & Caitlyn Jenner! plus+

Total Views: 2,993
Yesterday Videos

Kills It! STORMZY [@STORMZY1] - NIGO DUPPY [Online Video] plus+

Total Views: 8,344

Krept and Konan - Straight Outta London - Motivation @kreptplaydirty @konanplaydirty plus+

Total Views: 8,229

AR15 Presents: Young Spray x Blade Brown - F**k Them N*ggaz [Music Video] | GRM Daily plus+

Total Views: 8,979

JOHN WAYNE aka Johnny Gunz - NO MEDZ 3STYLE | @MadAboutMixtapes @JohnnyLaLaLa plus+

Total Views: 6,103

Banger! TE dness & Stormzy & Big 6ix - No Title - @Stormzy1 @TE_DC @_Big6ix plus+

Total Views: 7,308

East London - Talúnt - Girl With The Tattoo [Music Video] @IrraBoyTalent | Link Up TV #Moneyplus+

Total Views: 2,432

SOS - New Chick (Prod By MG) Official Video @wearesosmusicplus+

Total Views: 2,498

Batchelor - #StreetHeat Freestyle [@RealBatchelor] | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 1,168

32 & Out Cypher part 2 ( Hurricane Hunt , Mc Fontz , Infomous Light , PDot Dizzle ) plus+

Total Views: 1,605

Oh No! Traffic Warden Assault Prank London @trollstation plus+

Total Views: 6,308

Damn! K Michelle Running Topless Through Her Office! Warning NSFW plus+

Total Views: 12,316
2015-08-26 Videos

Mother and daughter splash £56,000 on surgery to get Bigger Boobs, Bigger Bum & Bigger Lips From Englandplus+

Total Views: 16,150

Oh No! Car vs Bike Race Gone Wrong - Who You Think Won?plus+

Total Views: 10,428

Pure Evil! Reported & Her Cameraman Get Shot Live On Camera While Broadcasting Live - Rest In peaceplus+

Total Views: 16,084


Total Views: 12,360

Donaeo & Skrapz - Whole Life - Official @donaeo @skrapzisback plus+

Total Views: 14,542

Oh No! Child Abuse Prank In South London Gets abit reAl - Social Experiment plus+

Total Views: 8,660

Charlie Sloth's Rap Up - 13 Mar - Bugzy Malone & Stormzy & OT Genasis @CharlieSloth @1xtraplus plus+

Total Views: 6,945

Charlie Sloth's Rap Up - 17 Jul - Krept & Konan & J Hus @CharlieSloth @1xtraplus+

Total Views: 7,153

NH3 LAB BOYZ - DOPE LINES [Music Video] @RAPGODREECY | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 1,834

East London #BOW3 - Grimey Freestyle Bow Ona Birmingham Media Channel #Grime #BowE3plus+

Total Views: 2,334
2015-08-25 Videos

Giggs Goes Inn - Freestyle | Hip Hop Show - @SHORTEEBLITZ & MK @officialgiggs @KissFMUK plus+

Total Views: 17,067

'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Season 4 Episode 18 - 'Reunion Part 1' plus+

Total Views: 11,521

Brixton Hill - 67 (Monkey, LD, Dimzy & Asap) - Take It There [Music Video] | GRM Daily plus+

Total Views: 17,352

Lol Guy Pretending To Talk To Chris Brown On The Phone & Be KSI Picks Up Girl - Fame Digger Prankplus+

Total Views: 16,439

1 Of Birminghams Hardest - P110 - RM - Freestyle @P110Media @RemmyMennoplus+

Total Views: 4,885

This is hard!! Jay Money - Energy (@JayMoneyArtist) | Link Up TVplus+

Total Views: 5,447

Wavey - T-A-P - Shanghai Moon [Net Video] Produced/Directed by @THATTAPplus+

Total Views: 1,276


Total Views: 4,354

Lethal Bizzle - Playground ft. Shakka [Offical Video] @LethalBizzleplus+

Total Views: 6,828

Oh No! Two Girls Fight Over Guy - Clothes Get Ripped Off - Warning NSFWplus+

Total Views: 17,714
2015-08-24 Videos

Damn! Drake & Serena Williams Caught Making Out At Restaurant Over Dinner - plus+

Total Views: 22,628

Usain Bolt Wins 100m World Championship In 9.79 Seconds & Is Still The Fastest Man Ever! plus+

Total Views: 9,954

Banger! JME - Shakka - SAY NADA [Official Audio] @jmebbk @iAmShakkaplus+

Total Views: 8,128

North West - Doely Boy - Whippin Da Yam [Oficial Video] @doelyboyplus+

Total Views: 7,539

MoStack Feat. J Hus - So Paranoid [Music Video] @RealMoStack @JHusMusic| Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 20,533

PW Ft Mercston, Youngs Teflon, Scorcher & Avelino - I Swear Remix [Official Video] | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 8,094

East London - Big Tobz - Warm Up [Music Video] | GRM Daily @BigTobzsf plus+

Total Views: 5,219

@GryOfficial - The Mixtape Album (OutNow) [Link in description] plus+

Total Views: 846

Fla$h (GME) Ft Preacha - Where's My Money? #TTTT2 [@FLASHNO1] | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 1,492

Damn! Floyd Mayweather Buys $4.8 Million Supercar Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita (Floyd Mayweather Jr Cars) plus+

Total Views: 7,302

Lol! What You Say VS What You Really Want To Say (8JTV) plus+

Total Views: 5,291
2015-08-23 Videos

#Wavey Belly Squad - Banana [Official Video] @BellySquad | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 6,843

Lol! Jamaican Scared Of Crab - Runs For His Lifeplus+

Total Views: 8,277

Fun! Westwood Pool Party - Fresh Island Festival @TimWestwood plus+

Total Views: 9,891

French Montana & 50 Cent Beef on Social Media Over Vodka! EFFEN Vodka plus+

Total Views: 16,333

Scammy - No Sleep (@RealVilleScamz) | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 6,943

Big Narstie | Warm Up Sessions [S9.EP14]: SBTV @bignarstieplus+

Total Views: 7,904

Mini Sparks - Your Body [Official Video] @real_minisparks plus+

Total Views: 2,476

Oh No! Jet Crashes Not to Far From London - Killing 7 & Injuring 14 People - Rest In Peaceplus+

Total Views: 8,712

Lol WTF Young Guy Called "DEEZ NUTS" May Be New Presedent Of The United States Over Donald & Hillary plus+

Total Views: 6,412

Beanie Sigel Gives Advice: Tells Meek Mill to Drop "Yes Men" & Tells AR-AB Dont Fall for Trap! plus+

Total Views: 12,819

Wiz Khalifa Arrested At Airport For Riding A Sky Walker plus+

Total Views: 8,170
2015-08-22 Videos

Lol Asking People Trick Question & Making Them Think They Got The Answer Right - (Selling Dreams Part 2) plus+

Total Views: 9,517

Peckham! Naira Marley - Back2Work (Official Video) @marleynai plus+

Total Views: 17,958

Lol! Jokes Chris Brown, Rihanna, Twerk, Fight, Funny, Meek Mill, Vine Comp Of The Week Part 128! plus+

Total Views: 16,995

Stormzy X C Biz - On My Own (@Stormzy1 @Cbiz_ER) | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 21,845

Yungen & Sneakbo - With That @YungenPlayDirty @Sneakbo [Music Video] | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 13,044

Lol Oh No! Guys Play Game In Central London Of KISS ME or SLAP ME - Let Girls Slap Or Kiss Themplus+

Total Views: 10,215

Reeko Squeeze - Kings Speech Remix (@Reekosqueeze) | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 7,969

#VOTW | Stardom, Big Tobz, Scorcher, Splurgeboys & Nines Ep 5 plus+

Total Views: 9,609

Oh Damn! Lol Guy Tells Big Narstie "She Said I Was A Weirdo" ft. Ed Sheeran [Uncle Pain] Cause He Checked Her Phone plus+

Total Views: 5,841
2015-08-21 Videos

South Kilburn C Biz Talks making £400K a year, What £R represents, Spending 7 Years In Jail [NFTR] Plus Moreplus+

Total Views: 36,492

Lol! Trick Questions In Public - TROLLING IN PUBLIC 3 @JemelOneFive plus+

Total Views: 10,981

CHIP - MY BRUDDAZ FEAT. WILEY & FRISCO (OFFICIAL VIDEO) @officialchip @BigFris @WileyUpdates plus+

Total Views: 17,733

Youngs Teflon - WDYM [Official Video] @YoungsTeflon | Link Up TV plus+

Total Views: 11,830

#GimmeGrime | Big Narstie Freestyle [Online Video] @BigNarstie plus+

Total Views: 4,863

Cashtastic - It's All On Me (Remix) @cashtasticmusic plus+

Total Views: 4,222

Deep Motivation Poetry - MungzMedia - Poets and Poetry PowerXtra Radio - Matt Matthews plus+

Total Views: 1,122

Future - Where Ya At ft. Drake [Official Video] @1future @drake plus+

Total Views: 10,538
2015-08-20 Videos

John Wayne AKA Johnny Gunz Goes In On Grime - Dont Sleep On Me @JohnnyLaLaLa plus+

Total Views: 14,536

MoStack Feat. J Hus - So Paranoid [Official Video] (TRAILER) @REALMOSTACK @JHUSMUSICplus+

Total Views: 18,650
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