Benny Banks feat. Dappy - Who's The Daddy FLAMEZ REMIX DADDYSHIT @dowlelee
 H (2013-02-27 at 13:37:34)
 Dappy needs to go bk to singing for the kids. How do u expect to make money on the UK rap thing, aint gonna work! Begging it with those who use u for the "come up" like J spades etc. .

 lol (2013-02-26 at 08:35:07)
 this is good stop the hate .

 tottenham (2013-02-26 at 08:33:44)
 shit!! .

 sounds (2013-02-26 at 08:31:51)
 sounds black!!!! .

 brixton (2013-02-26 at 08:27:11)
 not another white rapper .

 yh (2013-02-26 at 08:30:16)
 still better than half the rubbish on here .

 DATSTUFF IS A SCAM (2013-02-26 at 07:40:45)
 ^^^^^^ .

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Benny Banks feat. Dappy - Who\'s The Daddy FLAMEZ REMIX DADDYSHIT @dowlelee
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