Damn!! Crazy Daggering In Rave East London - Girls Twerk, Fun, Bashment, Crazy @ifbar Hype
 rikky (2013-05-10 at 16:21:56)
 where abt east london is this .

 lool (2013-02-23 at 07:55:44)
 looooooooool what is this .

 never that (2013-02-21 at 06:14:53)
 y vthe gyal in these yard raves always so butterz .

 anon (2013-02-21 at 06:13:07)
 lol who's sisters are these? .

 rachet (2013-02-22 at 08:34:22)
 hahahah these girls r slags real talks fun for the raves but i reality dutty .

 Have fun; but maintain respect! (2013-02-22 at 04:52:34)
 Why do ladies let guys treat them like this? Guys know who to treat like that. KMT .

 Watch 1ofeach - set it off (2013-02-21 at 05:38:04)
  1ofeach - set it off. 1ofeach - set it off .

 Watch 1ofeach - set it off (2013-02-21 at 05:38:41)
  1ofeach - set it off .

 DHK Shortman (2013-02-21 at 12:15:16)
 TV come down to Xpression Sundays each and every sunday at Afrikiko (Old Kent Rd) REAL DANCERS. Insta: dhk_shortman/ bb: 277118f2/ twitter: @dhksstarlight/ fb: dhk shortman uk-dancer .

 DHK Shortman (2013-02-21 at 12:11:12)
 Big up my Starlight Inc family, Dancehall Alliance, Nah Lou, Mario & Luigi, Hype Squad, MoneyWheel etc inda vid. Big-up myself inda red t-shirt! .

 Bos Man (2013-02-21 at 04:45:40)
 Only in IF Bar!!!!! .

 Andres Iniesta (2013-02-21 at 04:41:20)
 and the chicks r dead in this one too lol .

 Rich (2013-02-21 at 04:38:34)
 You Man Are Like 27 Still Daggering IN Raves IN IF BAR FIX UP YOU TRAMPS .

 Andres Iniesta (2013-02-21 at 04:40:51)
 swear down these raves r gettin dead now, just bare dry sexing wtf .

 sigh (2013-02-21 at 10:34:41)
 what r these girls trying 2 achieve in life? this is plain stupid. ur kids are gonna see this. If u saw ur kid acting like you in this vid how would you feel? FIX UP. + these same guys need to getajob .

 And what (2013-02-21 at 19:24:43)
 Disgraceful yutes and u wonder why we still got it hard cos of these fools#melts .

 Sigh (2013-02-21 at 16:07:08)
 NO ClASS!!! .

 Cash Man (2013-02-24 at 13:51:35)
 If serious about makin money add me 2729957B .

 Big T (2013-02-26 at 08:05:55)
 Bredin in the white is at every rave someone hook him up wid a job .

 moahmed moawia (2013-02-27 at 20:47:44)
 sex!!!!wanking to this shit .

 ..... (2013-03-10 at 19:06:06)
 girls with pickney at home shouldnt be behaving like this at raves leave it for the lickle gyal dem .. .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-26 at 20:51:19)
 When you have a site, you might have probably read about hosting, but chances are that you aren't really sure what web hosting really means. You already know you have to have a host but can you be sur .

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Damn!! Crazy Daggering In Rave East London - Girls Twerk, Fun, Bashment, Crazy @ifbar Hype
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