Deceptive J - Holy Water (Produced By QwonDon)
 SPINNING TABLE COFFEE KICK!!!! (2012-07-27 at 19:12:52)

 General CRAPPY CRAP CRAPSON (2012-07-27 at 19:07:57)
 Quoted from Deceptive j's lyrics, this isn't "orgasm music to your ears" u dont even know what that word means STOP RAPPING!! .

 Dee (2012-07-27 at 16:34:58)
 he got bullyed! .

 Gatman (2012-07-25 at 09:36:27)
 You lot are all haters sitting behind a screen running your mouths keep it up cuz you can only improve more .

 Gatman (2012-07-25 at 09:38:04)
 You lot are all haters sitting behind a screen running your mouths keep it up cuz you can only improve more .

 deceptivej is a faggot (2012-07-25 at 07:57:18)
 give up u faggot, i am not a hater i just 100% genuinely believe you are shit, u will never go nowhere wid rap go hang yaself remember this in a years time when u r still a nobody .

 to typical (2012-07-25 at 06:52:57)
 So what makes some try and be black? Like black people had anychoice in what they do? who designed the clothes u kill each other to wear? ITALIANS! yeah everyone wants to treat their women like hoes? DICKHEAD! .

 to typical (2012-07-25 at 06:49:55)
 haha so in ur pathetic eyes everyone wants to be black? Fool fix up go educate urself! "moist yout wet you up anytime" really? what a dick and your hard for sitting on the net and giving it the large? ur moist son ur moist! .

 deceptivej (2012-07-25 at 06:47:10)
 you make me laugh (typical) unless u knew me personally u wouldn't no i was turkish why u hiding behind a screen i don't rate u, .

 typical (2012-07-25 at 06:39:14)
 typical asians and turks want to be black moist yout wet you up anytime .

 deceptivej (2012-07-27 at 04:55:05)
 thanks for everyone thats watched it ! .

 LOOOOOOOOOOOOL (2012-07-29 at 11:39:33)
 im not even a hater but deceptive your just shit loool .

 imigrant (2012-07-26 at 18:42:16)
 dirty scum .

 deceptivej (2012-07-28 at 18:00:52)
 On my Mothers life i never got bullied or robbed at school but carrying on hating internet warriors you man are hard pussy'ows .

 deceptivej (2012-07-25 at 05:23:22)
 And low it how am i trying potraying anything that I'm not .

 deceptivej (2012-07-25 at 05:24:42)
 one last comment what school did i go then lool .

 HARD (2012-07-25 at 04:35:59)

 lool (2012-07-25 at 05:03:10)
  omg dat guy went my skool he used to get BULLIED looool omg .

 lowit (2012-07-25 at 05:03:35)
 WIGGER wasteman .

 saudi breh (2012-07-25 at 18:37:39)
 u cool but stop rappin ..dont fuk up ur image fuk the haterz .

 Boss (2012-07-25 at 18:49:02)
 Let these pricks hate cuz they don't know who the fuck you know and how protected you are, ill have all of you Internet gangsters .

 loool (2012-07-25 at 20:47:05)

 fdrgb (2012-07-26 at 02:55:08)
 completly wack .

 aaaaaaa (2012-07-28 at 18:05:19)
 stop hating to many internet gangsters lool .

 wastemanofnorth (2012-07-25 at 12:36:30)
 how was he bullied at skl u man dont know him stop gassin and how can he be a wigga when he aint european look up what white pple means, blacks copy muslims more dan other way around get educated .

 ghvfhj (2012-07-25 at 12:47:36)
 :/ .

 deceptivej (2012-07-28 at 18:02:01)
 internet gangsters yeah big yourselves up .

 hahah (2012-07-29 at 11:45:28)
 1:52 ' im soon to be the rapper of the 20th century' this s how shit your are we are in the 21st looool washed up turk .

 deceptivej (2012-07-25 at 05:21:17)
 You prick hu use to bully me u .

 Unofsnepe (2013-02-14 at 04:35:21)
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Deceptive J - Holy Water (Produced By QwonDon)
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