East - Rageouz - Outchea [HD] Net Video -Goes Inn @Rageouz @Teamone50
 Fuck da haters (2012-12-12 at 07:29:31)
 Dis guy murdered da ting .

 bibea (2012-12-11 at 22:32:29)
 banger .

 Nopoxfugprero (2013-01-12 at 22:41:23)
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 FIRST BITCHES (2012-12-11 at 01:36:07)

 Eshhh (2012-12-11 at 03:08:53)
 Fucking cold!! .

 Hackney (2012-12-11 at 03:22:00)
 this is shit .

 ARAB SHIT (2012-12-11 at 03:55:54)

 he went in dawg (2012-12-11 at 10:46:56)
 but only in the dunya recon he be going in like this in the hell fire lol .

 fb (2012-12-11 at 12:02:44)
 proper shit .

 Deep (2012-12-11 at 17:35:25)
 - .

 CT (2012-12-11 at 17:33:14)
 u mite be from da hood but ur wak srry mate .

 CTOWN (2012-12-12 at 17:14:57)
 Never make a video in my hood agen ur shitt fam .

 lyrically swaggg (2012-12-12 at 17:15:59)
 dis guy is dead wat bars is he spraying all dem look brokee .

 east ham (2012-12-12 at 17:17:11)
 dawmm i herd ct and ch on dis video clearly shows der not on shittt all of them looook bummy go get a job man seriouslyy .

 paigon (2012-12-12 at 17:30:41)
 that rico yout again in a video, ite snsn .

 'Ctown' 'lyrically swaggg' ''east (2012-12-13 at 07:18:19)
 All the same person? Commenting times one after another. Get a fucking life .

 yooo (2012-12-16 at 05:34:13)
 harddd!!!! .

 LOCAL (2013-01-14 at 15:33:26)
 Hahah i dare to see marga and that pez guy in any videos likkle pusyys! .

 @East Ham (2013-01-28 at 07:01:57)
 This youte Jus from CT he ain't flaggin & Clearly your a dickhead, you fully know well CH & CT niggers getting in Right about now .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-25 at 03:33:42)
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East - Rageouz - Outchea [HD] Net Video -Goes Inn @Rageouz @Teamone50
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