Guy Goes In - MC.TV Raphstar - Give Up Rap [@MCTVUK @Raphstar1] Acton
 gullyman (2012-08-30 at 05:07:21)
 funny hw nigga snich on demselves. if his budda is reallyon roads thistune will come back nd bite him it was a shit tune too so was it really worth the hassle? .

 LAAAAAAAARD AH MERCY (2012-08-30 at 09:49:43)
 WOoOW mans got on a GREY stonney hat BEIGE N BROWN gucci scarf n BLACK fur jacket lord ah mercy R U CONFUSED SINCE WHEN DAS NOT SWAGGER .

 @ gullyman (2012-08-30 at 20:41:51)
 he would slap your boat if you said to him .

 @gullyman (2012-08-30 at 18:01:56)
 Every1 does shit like thi so who knows if u really on it so it won't come back nd it u .

 Give Up Rap (2012-08-31 at 10:35:07)
 Take your own advice bruv .

 goes in still (2012-08-30 at 02:46:07)
 ard .

 k (2012-08-30 at 02:39:48)
 k .

 certi money moves (2012-08-30 at 04:02:26)
 269D09F0 any1 18+ snm. .

 Ard (2012-09-01 at 18:06:34)
 Ard .

 Keep it up (2012-09-01 at 18:07:02)
 Fuck da haters .

 @gullyman (2012-08-30 at 06:08:18)
 thats real and this tune is shit stop stealing other niggers flows .

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Guy Goes In - MC.TV Raphstar - Give Up Rap [@MCTVUK @Raphstar1] Acton
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