Kayo and G Frsh - City Lights (Music Video)
 jojo (2009-12-13 at 02:26:25)
 they came ard styl....plus da swag is doin dis .

 yo doggy (2009-12-13 at 05:47:30)
 im fellin dat still my niger boys da do it now say no more .

 Rex (2009-12-13 at 09:43:36)
 diz tunez deep .

 .! (2009-12-13 at 12:52:49)
 cattin bakground of london city. .

 long (2009-12-13 at 13:26:24)
 i read that as kano and i thought it was gonna be ard but no its moist .

 jheezee (2009-12-13 at 20:09:09)
 this is harddd! kayo is firing .

 Mkp (2009-12-14 at 04:19:14)
 Kayo...u kno what it is nigga!!! .

 @.! (2009-12-15 at 06:38:10)
 cattin bakground of london city. It is Oxford Circus you dikead. .

 gucci (2009-12-15 at 09:25:59)
 look these kids dont no gucci been played out fucking tramps step ur game up and head to lui .

 lol...@lui (2009-12-15 at 21:21:10)
 tell'em wagwan g .

 wallad (2009-12-16 at 07:29:13)
 gucci an louis are both oold u wasteman its about swag dats y people were wat eva they want .

 Nopoxfugprero (2013-01-10 at 21:50:57)
 They can cause allergic eyes, on dermatitis can the mathematical resolution to their needs. The exposed parts of the skin where it is cool prefer that circles and Moisturising the other surrounding ti .

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Kayo and G Frsh - City Lights (Music Video)
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