Life On Mars - Official Music Video - @kingfumes London
 going innnnn (2012-09-06 at 02:20:35)
 this don is hard! .

 2A43833F (2012-09-06 at 04:23:47)

 LOOOOOOOL (2012-09-06 at 05:45:03)
 the 'girl' is a shemale bludd wtfffffffffffffffffff .

 lol (2012-09-06 at 05:58:54)
 shemale why do they always get ugly girls ? do they get them for free or something .

 real talk (2012-09-06 at 07:06:56)
 i rate this tune doe this guys got flow .

 Stinson (2012-09-06 at 07:15:17)
 yh hes flow is hard but wag1 for that torpedo nose lool .

 lol (2012-09-06 at 07:17:40)
 woah theres a "huge BITCH" sitting on the car .

 gaassssssssssssssed (2012-09-06 at 08:00:19)
 banger!!!!1 .

 Yardie (2012-09-06 at 11:12:28)
 Thats me wid dah clarks bap .

 Yardie (2012-09-06 at 11:13:40)
 That was me wid dah clarks bap bap .

 de beauvoir (2012-09-06 at 11:27:42)
 My ends dat .

 me (2012-09-06 at 12:03:03)
 my bro shot this video. .

 icey (2012-09-06 at 15:24:29)
 fumes you killed it family .

 LOL SHEMALE YANA- PEAK (2012-09-06 at 18:38:23)
 loooooool a man said the gals a SHEMALE BLAD!!!! thats peak, i'd chopp that tho wa um to man .

 shit (2012-09-07 at 11:50:37)
 2 out 10 .

 wow u have gucci u must b rich (2012-09-07 at 11:51:10)
 twat .

 mini mo WACK (2012-09-07 at 12:45:51)
 mini mo wack. u dnt say eni mini mo ona trak, weak .

 to that hater! (2012-09-09 at 21:39:19)
 im sure my nigga never said he was rich try fine a next way to be a dick head its like you lot sit there watch the video from start to finish just to chat shit!!! real hater .

 more bars (2012-09-09 at 21:52:59)
 type G-fumes on youtube take him in my donz got bars this tunes old .

 no bout ur toys (2012-09-10 at 09:38:13)
 d audi aint no fukin A3 das a a5 kmmt defo a rental hahhaha .

 ... (2012-09-10 at 14:23:34)
 whats hes twitter or facebook tho? .

 Miss Thompson (2012-09-10 at 14:25:50)
 Myyyyy Niggaaa FUCK A HATER, DO UR TING GG U kno hu it isssss .

 Hackney!! (2012-09-11 at 04:31:42)
 Shout out to man like fumes!! .

 KEMZO!!! (2012-10-08 at 07:14:22)
 you fucking mug your rocking a fake gucci belt and your saying your swaggas turnt up MAN DEM STOP LYING!!! but swear down i'll fuck your girl & to be fair i'd let the fat one blow me!!! .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-24 at 19:16:45)
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Life On Mars - Official Music Video - @kingfumes London
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