Oh No!! Guy Spaazez Out In a Fight - Start Beating Guy Hard - Turns Evil
 @ lol (2012-09-05 at 14:03:04)
 most london guys fight dirty and carry knives for when they are getting they ass beat up .lol .

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 toni (2012-09-05 at 14:35:24)
 dat nigca gon apesht .

 There not even road (2012-09-05 at 11:43:38)
 There normal americans u dumb shit they aen even road .

 London niggas can't fight g (2012-09-05 at 16:14:12)
 Hahaha dats my kinda nigga lol man turnt animalistic str8! Looool plusss he's got socks an sandals on n still man can't say shitt or they get a beat down. In Ldn niggas don't wanna fight no more. Soft .

 after 9am (2012-09-05 at 03:12:20)
 kimbo slice nephew haha .

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 lol (2012-09-05 at 05:35:49)
 american road bres can not u u americans cantfight ha ha cum london an get smaked up realtalk .

 busta (2012-09-05 at 07:55:00)
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 coooon (2012-09-07 at 15:25:46)
 sounds like a fucking gorilla .

 on a real tho (2012-09-11 at 17:18:11)
 no man in socks and sandals is fuckin me up! .

 cycleceactuak (2012-10-23 at 23:25:37)
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 dem man (2012-11-26 at 07:15:10)
 dem man cant fight? .

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Oh No!! Guy Spaazez Out In a Fight - Start Beating Guy Hard - Turns Evil
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