P.V.E - Reddy Faymus - Hurt (Music Video) @Fabian_Thomas @ReddyFaymus
 blam (2012-09-03 at 13:06:14)
 good ute, nice track dont like the chorus though but he sounds like hes got sense .

 .. (2012-09-03 at 20:49:06)
 good fam keep it up!! .

 founder (2012-09-03 at 05:37:37)
 this guys got potenial .

 Low it (2012-09-04 at 17:08:56)
 Dis bre is blatantly commenting on his own videos try a big himself up low it ur nt gd jst giv up ur nt gna get nowere be realistic .

 Ty (2012-09-09 at 23:09:17)
 Going inn needs more videos or a mixtape .

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P.V.E - Reddy Faymus - Hurt (Music Video) @Fabian_Thomas @ReddyFaymus
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