UK Urban Model - Vanessa Bee - Butterfly Model Shoot
 L (2010-10-20 at 18:09:08)
 Shes fat, n her face is offff.... .

 thick thighs (2010-10-11 at 20:22:47)
 she needs 2 do a porno .

 ID HIT DA ALL MONTH (2010-10-07 at 00:27:16)

 superman (2010-10-06 at 08:53:31)
 dats my size .

 bless (2010-10-04 at 19:13:11)
 that weave aint real .

 peng (2010-10-03 at 18:28:12)
 She aint all dat. She can't no man dats y she hav 2 do dat. Vanessa u need 2 fix up man. Fuckin degradin yrself man .

 simple (2010-10-03 at 18:34:23)
 she would be penger if she wasnt so gassed .

 we do dis (2010-10-03 at 17:52:14)
 a yo dats my type of peng love da attitude!!!! .

 Him (2010-10-03 at 10:43:02)
 I would eat this chicks pussy out while she's on her reds. Owwwwwwwwwww .

 her (2010-10-03 at 07:50:39)
 her face is rough and she has the weirdest arms...like the arms dwarfs have. .

 Allure (2010-10-03 at 06:43:06)
 She shouldnt put on such a silly voice.....but her bodies very well-proportioned .

 GG (2010-10-02 at 23:51:18)
 she will get beat... her forehard is big doe.. but she got a nice body still .

 mmmm (2010-10-02 at 18:34:40)
 thats my type of chick , some of u niggaz jus want yella bitches all the time, its very rare u find one built like this u lghtie addicts. .

 ... (2010-10-02 at 15:06:56)
 im gonna have a wank .

 this girl will get it (2010-10-02 at 13:15:44)
 im horny .

 realest (2010-10-02 at 13:22:26)
 "wanted to portray myself in a positive way",.....right, this is exactly the way to do that .

 lol (2010-10-02 at 14:41:29)
 her brother is a gangster in his ends looooool .

 how old (2010-10-02 at 08:34:17)

 anon (2010-10-02 at 08:12:13)
 bet your mums proud .

 Lowitt (2010-10-02 at 08:26:38)
 Sum Any Grim .

 she looks like she can (2010-10-02 at 06:43:52)
 suk a dick .

 dis chick will (2010-10-02 at 06:14:17)
 get fuck .

 africa man (2010-10-02 at 06:15:19)
 hello do you want to be my third wife .

 she got a sexy voice (2010-10-02 at 06:16:05)
 but she aint the best .

 HOE (2010-11-25 at 16:59:05)
 bare fat i would never bring that to my yard or wifey that. .

 ronald (2010-11-26 at 02:05:39)
 ilike it .

 Doggest (2010-12-13 at 05:26:56)
 The gal is buff .

 prese (2010-12-25 at 09:09:07)
 ile knock the dust of dat puzzzeh .

 north weeezy (2011-01-09 at 18:00:12)
 big fore head, fat, voice sounds like a chewed up tape, fake hair.... SO WHY EVEN BOTHER!!! Go suck a dick 4 free. NO 1 RATES U OUT HERE VANESSA .

 Tanya (2011-01-09 at 18:07:02)
 u r digrading ur women out here. am not a hater cuh am a quality lady out here. ur so fat, u got niggas dissing u & ur so called modelling agent "BUTTERFLY MODELS" r gassing up all u dum fucking cheeks....MUGS!! .

 colin (2011-01-09 at 18:19:53)
 Vanessa, i know butterfly models very well because my ex was with them 4 a well till she saw the light that they no good. bunch of clowns using young gals. edward is the biggest liar in this modelling industry, and i can just imagine all the false hopes they r telling u. go do ur homework before u put ur beautiful self out here & get dissapointed. with butterfly models ur not getting paid & ur NOT getting no where PERIOD!!! .

 KERRYANNE (2011-01-09 at 18:25:47)
 Bunch of useless team. i feel sorry 4 ur mama, if shes still alive and she's watching her daughter doing this. fucking weirdos. u r such a pretty gal shame ur brains is empty. guys r just making a fool out of u. dny u av shame. only thing about today & no tomorrow. once ur imagine is ruin, its ruin 4ever & money cant but dat back. this is U.K not U.S.A .

 TRUE TALK (2011-01-09 at 18:33:16)
 once ur imagine is ruin its ruin 4 ever & no money can buy that bk EVER! 1 day u r gonna av kids u selfish mug... all this 4 the luv of money & fame.... U GASSED UP HOE. shame on u vanessa. u might no get to av the last laugh. think before it too late, its even too late infact .

 Mixraced gyal roxy. (2011-01-15 at 18:01:25)
 You lot ^^^ are ggasssedddd bravv!! Stop hating on her so hard! are you seriously that botherd!!. She gorgeous! got a curvy, thick body. Better than skinny white gyals. Yeah shes goin on abit vain but what she saying is true! She might be vain but you gotta love yourself befor you can be loved!!. Quit the hating, you bunch of fools would mash her anyway. .

 huh (2011-02-01 at 11:28:35)
 shes fat .

 JJ (2011-02-03 at 12:46:44)

 tell the truth (2011-02-23 at 09:51:38)
 too much fat on the arms , go gym. .

 catlyn (2011-03-13 at 14:51:13)
 This is a complete utter shame..girls in the UK think that by doing this they are one step closer to being 50cents videogirl.. Many girls that are actually in the industry now would do anything to remove this image.. This is disgraceful..skinning out your pussy like dat.. Backing up that massive ass in the camera.. this is NOT a ladylike way to portray yourself..this is whoreism..the man behind the camera is laughing away at you..what happend to wanting better things in life..some women need 2 stop being so obsessed with their looks and focus on the finer things in life! i am absolutely shocked and appauled by the comments..TYPICAL. imagine having kids and them seeing this.... so u would put ur tittys out on the camera for a Louis Vuitton bag? this is a shame..the sooner some of u girls realise..the BETTER! And baby girl u are not all that..you are hench..hit the gym..Close your legs and open your books! .

 racheal (2011-04-29 at 16:32:40)
 Darlin I'm not haateing or nothing, but your degrading yourself.showing your body on the net doesn't make you sexy.Plus your modelling for a unknown agengy. .

 lol (2011-05-27 at 21:02:57)
 jump on a porno and i would be impressed .

 Erran Taylor (2011-06-08 at 15:24:41)
 Babes u got tits thats all, everythin else is average... I'm a promoter and I know butterfly models 'they r full of shit.... FB Erran Taylor or BB Pin 272512E6 .

 Dinner, hotel, pound it like a ufc (2011-09-08 at 12:26:47)
 Dinner, hotel, pound it like a ufc fighter call 999 to take her home. .

 erran taylor (2011-12-19 at 18:03:21)
 touch .

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