Madness!! Girls Have a Crazy Fight Over a Man - Tits Pop Out Warning 18+ - Stop Violence
 lool (2011-11-28 at 11:27:44)
 seems like a scene out of a black gangsta comedy movie loooool .

 muad (2011-12-02 at 20:04:05)
 swear down someone lick off the toaster and there acting all blessy looool .

 peaak (2011-11-28 at 10:40:24)
 who heard da burner beat of 1 tym .

 chicken george (2011-11-28 at 05:32:01)
 1 chromosome away from apes. .

 bm (2011-11-27 at 14:41:50)
 i would love to live in an area like that for a week lol .

 I LOVE AMERICAAA (2011-11-27 at 14:53:11)

 lol smh (2011-11-27 at 13:55:03)
 I dont get why theres always people recording thinking its a good thing to send it around the internet just making their race look pathetic .

 Not Right (2011-11-27 at 10:14:13)
 any one who thinks this is funny should go get help! .

 DBZ (2011-11-27 at 11:03:28)
 Black culture at its finest! .

 asylo (2011-11-27 at 09:08:51)
 some real poor black rednecks .

 RAHH (2011-11-27 at 05:53:12)
 man would beat dat ting at 2:28 .

 lool (2011-11-27 at 06:03:49)
 black rednecks loool .

 re (2011-11-27 at 05:26:32)
 i wouldve just whipped out my dick and settled both their differences .

 WOW (2011-11-27 at 03:55:14)
 Berrr Saggy tits. .

 Gman (2011-11-27 at 04:22:57)
 First Biatch .

 jason (2011-11-27 at 04:27:11)
 lool americans .

 chris rock? (2011-12-16 at 17:03:06)
 can i hear him in the background??? lol .

 BOSS (2011-12-10 at 08:54:32)

 ridiculous (2011-12-01 at 10:45:18)
 it upsets me to see my black people fighting against each other whilst others instigate it .

 SMART BLACK (2011-12-01 at 09:11:34)
 Is this what black people are? What have we become. .

 check out these guys! (2013-10-16 at 02:04:37)
 BoaOLd Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog article.Much thanks again. Much obliged. .

 dapp (2011-12-09 at 05:50:00)
 dat ting in pink at d end lookd READY!! AAAAHIT .

 @BenGArtist (2011-11-30 at 15:31:10)
 Maud .

 black girls can't fight (2012-01-25 at 11:37:54)
 ^ .

 wow (2012-02-02 at 22:08:32)
 wow when people fight to the point they don't care that their tits are hanging out....damn lmao .

 black and pround. (2012-08-21 at 19:11:32)
 @black trash: your mum is trash and will always be trash. .

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 black trash (2012-06-27 at 19:56:59)
 Blacks are trash and will always be trash. .

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 Work (2012-10-09 at 11:13:13)
 Fucking animals .

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 Tamara (2012-11-15 at 18:28:18)
 Me a Gyal who don't fight over man for a little bit of joy for a tan .

 killa jc (2012-12-03 at 01:22:30)
 black people, theres no way you hear eachother when your all yelling .

 xOhhDavid (2013-01-19 at 00:02:42)
 They were fighting over chicken xD .

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Madness!! Girls Have a Crazy Fight Over a Man - Tits Pop Out Warning 18+ - Stop Violence
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