13 Ft Black The Ripper - Dont Stop Getting That (MUSIC VIDEO)
 13 (2010-04-07 at 16:03:58)
 is a wasteman black is god .

 dickheads (2010-04-07 at 04:55:54)
 sweetboys need to low it, man will wrap dem up real quick .

 rappin (2010-04-07 at 06:20:06)
 for the sake of rappin,no emotion no soul no anger in songs,gettin from bad to worse for british rap,carry on like dat and i wonda whos gonna listen to dis typa songs and i aint even hatin don .

 wow (2010-04-07 at 10:24:05)
 black the ripper- ripped it. keep hustlin north london .

 ye they are (2010-04-12 at 18:23:21)
 ye 13 is c1's little brother 13 is part of youngstarz and dats younger northstar .

 ?? (2010-04-12 at 05:28:03)
 13 is c1 lil brother right?? .

 fuck diz sweetboi (2010-04-08 at 15:34:42)
 some1 cut hes cainrows off man, some one slap the make up off hes moist sweetboi self, some1 smudge hes lip gloss, pluck hes earrings out man, hes making north look soft, and hes from fedmenton, home of the SNITCHES! I swear he rolls with DJ IRONIK even mositer, get the fuck off a real nigga website, pussyhole .

 azza (2010-04-08 at 09:50:05)
 black the ripper goes ard still ! .

 ha! (2010-04-09 at 08:35:57)
 13 looks like c1 .

 to 'dickheads' (2010-04-08 at 03:11:22)
 your ugly thas why your chattin greeze like a likkle 10 year old u know wer dem man be if u waan rap dem up gwaan find dem u hater TOTANRM baby! .

 hgfehl (2010-06-14 at 04:59:07)
 ha WOW .

 Phantom (2010-10-31 at 20:44:19)
 Yh... Dis 13 guy aint gonna go newer wit musik .. he probly thought he'd get ratings coz hes black featuring on his trak but it aint workin 4 him .

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13 Ft Black The Ripper - Dont Stop Getting That (MUSIC VIDEO)
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