50 Cent - Old School Freestyle - This Is When He Was Hungry
 clapman (2009-09-05 at 08:37:09)
 my man 50 a real hardcore unlike u fake english wannabees .

 REAL STH LND G (2009-09-05 at 08:57:47)
 are u smoking crack fam 50 is moist .

 REAL STH LND G (2009-09-05 at 08:57:55)
 are u smoking crack fam 50 is moist .

 clapman (2009-09-05 at 14:21:44)
 wot do u mean am i smoking crack 50 is moist is dat why everyone wants 2 be like him u dougnut .

 Sese baybie (2009-09-06 at 06:29:22)
 50 real sekseyy xx .

 Spiff jokes (2009-09-07 at 21:20:46)
 50 is hard. dont hate .

 Machias harry (2009-09-07 at 21:35:27)
 everybody wants to be like 50....i wanna be the guy thats fucking yo crack head mama .

 funnyboi (2009-09-10 at 11:25:37)
 50 ent shit no more he old news he needs 2 jump bk into the hole he came out ov .

 spiff tv ur mum (2009-09-16 at 07:48:40)
 spiff jokes u r a dickhead bruv stop leavin comments like this everyone hates u ur r a waste of a guy pussyhole cunt .

 ... (2009-12-20 at 16:35:43)
 50 was deep than and deep now, trust. You have to respect him not just for his music .

 .. (2010-03-04 at 22:11:57)
 50 used to be greazy now he pulls da strings niggaz say hes moist but but he culd pay every chick in ur family to suck his dick how do u feel ? lol .

 lol (2010-11-11 at 11:14:04)
 50 use 2 be a real g but now he dnt need dat shit .

 huh (2011-02-19 at 20:27:08)

 life b4 (2011-06-15 at 06:39:20)
 dats sum tru story aswell i was there .

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50 Cent - Old School Freestyle - This Is When He Was Hungry
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