A Day in the Life of Big Cro ft. Skepta and Shorty - Out on Holiday
 geez (2012-09-16 at 17:01:46)
 add bianca 285F12D0 she got fat pussy n gives the maddest brain .

 LOL (2012-09-16 at 06:38:05)

 a (2012-09-16 at 06:46:54)
 big ting .

 hahah (2012-09-16 at 07:26:22)
 acing like hes never been to a nice hotel lol these stupid motherfuckers making london ppl look stupid .

 tottenhaaaaaaaaaaaaam (2012-09-16 at 09:19:06)
 north london ( tottnaarrrm ) .

 Real (2012-09-16 at 09:26:18)
 Big Cro doin dis why u chatin .

 GO TO 43 SECONDS (2012-09-16 at 09:31:58)
 nice one featuring sketpa yeh? .

 Trap boss (2012-09-16 at 09:47:47)
 My nig .

 Ha ha (2012-09-16 at 09:52:09)
 Big Cro goes on holiday all the time hw many hotels u think hes been 2 he gets it innn an he ain't singed .

 Bigcro (2012-09-16 at 19:08:31)
 Every video is Arddddddddddddd .

 Lol (2012-09-16 at 19:08:57)
 Cro moist .

 truuu (2012-09-17 at 12:16:52)
 fam hotels r like 60 thats not psss who u gassin i dont care how much doh he thinks hes got but hes wack so take dat hotels shit somewhere eles pussy .

 real (2012-09-17 at 08:19:51)
 this is jus sum bullshit... magalouf u know - any b8 easy jet holiday... even if its a BA flight its sum b8 cheap English white trash ting...get crunk n go to some karaoke style raves... try stuntin fareal i meen go venice or something and stay in a 5star n shit travel in a privat boat n only eat in places like Harry's Bar which most of you man (if not all) on dis site wont have heard of coz its way over ur payr8 lol .

 fuckin heck (2012-09-17 at 12:18:50)
 ur wack at rapping ur following skepta like some beggggggg loooooooooooool u man r chiks bruvv .

 BIG (2012-09-17 at 12:30:36)

 Jheeze! (2012-09-22 at 09:32:51)
 Man like Big Cro! He does his ting! .

 loooooooooooool sho sho my nigga (2012-11-05 at 17:13:08)
 bare stuntin hater leave name n numbers suk pussy internet gangsters kmt .....ard my nig lokizzzy ya din kno sho .

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A Day in the Life of Big Cro ft. Skepta and Shorty - Out on Holiday
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