AYO feat. Ironik (DJ Ironik) - FAR AWAY
 j (2009-12-30 at 19:45:47)
 first im bored .

 to the mug above ^^^^ (2009-12-30 at 22:28:56)
 no one cares if u r first or last and this aint wshh and u aint in america so stop bein a coppy cat .

 boi (2009-12-31 at 12:10:46)
 bare tryna be american...lyk to say dey can afford da plane and dat whip..keep it gritty .

 who ate all the pies (2009-12-31 at 15:33:47)
 ironik looks like he spent all his advance money on food loool .

 oi^^^^ (2010-01-01 at 14:28:07)
 lol i was thinking the same thing. no hateo .

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AYO feat. Ironik (DJ Ironik) - FAR AWAY
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