Another Week Of Madness With Girls & Vybz Kartel a Show & They - Teacha's Pet Episode 6 (full)
 Sign of the times (2011-11-28 at 17:32:38)
 Fagtel the bleacher Teacher trying to prove he aint gay by surrounding himself with a bag of dumb skeets! Lovin Cultured Black Man! From cultured black woman mwah! .

 disgusting (2011-11-12 at 02:03:18)
 wat a dead show wid dead shameless creatures .

 RLPORN.COM (2011-11-09 at 09:46:15)

 @ real ultured black man... (2011-11-07 at 18:08:40)
 you just sound like a bitter imbecile stating things that most people know...lool as for money n all that u cant speak to mi i can give u my surname n u can google me but i wont... n e how when u watcch these things try to understand thats just a small representation of jamaica for one and two most of them girls were american born... n if ure sayin " jams are all from africa then y r u dissing them.. and classing them as "JAMS" URE A KNOB U CANT ARGUE WITH ME BOY... if jamaica was the size of africa there wud have never been slave cos jamaicans aint pussies like u african bastards... u wanna talk about white man this n that but ure people back then till now wud rather sell each other out and cut each other tits of rather than take back ure land from your oppressors... some bitch nigga shit n u wanna say im a house slave... u n ure people dont know the half of anything bra... man a jamaican warrior... nuh back from nutn or nuh bwouy... n even if ma country poor we choose to be independent rather than beg off england and run our own country... africa is the worlds largest continent wit the most black people yet still 1 of these white maaafuckers can own land as big as cities whilst black kids are starving and that shit by birth right is your land...!!!! nigga yaal afs make me fukin sick... its time for a revolution... but naa afs like u wud rather sit there tryna chat shit to ppl who have fought for thier country and people... when your ppl are suffering ... n yh the whole world knows ppl in the carribean came from africa but after the first 100 years its safe to say the african lineage died n we evolved into and adopted the jamaican heritage... u cant win give up... .

 Real Cultured Black Man (2011-11-07 at 21:01:05)
 Whatever kid you can Google my name and I saturate the whole front page of Google I'm not here to brag about money, making a clear point that the women in this video are loose like white women Warrior? Warrior - you aint no warrior - a warrior lives and stands for something and holds up his name proudly Knowing where his name came from and where he came from Just as Marcus Garvey went about his black star line - and the head of FBI sabotage his movement - Africa has and always will be at that point. We have the most resources to offer to the world. I know your not smart - so you dont understand about the fucked up contracts certain european countries have africa cooed up on Economically what does Jam have to offer? As in resources? Bannana and Cane? Bauximite? - the only thing it has to offer is that its a good target for tourism. But people only go to JA thinking its legal to bun weed there. Your own people are scared to go back to your country if they haven't been there in so long because they will be seen as food. So then your own people adopt a culture in UK and never return to their own country What honestly is IN JAM Your country has been completely sabotaged. The wicked that goes on in Jam and what helps to fuel it (politicians) - was probably the easiest successful project for Illuminati after Bob Marley died. ONE THING KID, YOU NEED TO KNOW! ONE THING THE WHITE MAN IS SMART FOR - IS THAT THEY STUDY PEOPLE, WHEREAS A HIGH PERCENTAGE OF BLACK PEOPLE ARE TOO SCARED TO TRAVEL - TALK ABOUT UK BUT HAVE NEVER VISITED THE WHOLE OF UK. THE WHITE MAN TRAVELLED AND TOOK DOWN EXACTLY WHAT EVERY PERSON THEY CAME INTO CONTACT WITH WAS LIKE. SO WHEN YOU SEE YOUR PEOPLE IN JAM - THEIR THERE BECAUSE IT WAS PLANNED - BECAUSE COLLECTIVELY THEY KNEW YOU WERE MORE LIKE WHITES - BUT OBVIOUSLY WITH BLACK BACKGROUND. Why you think they (illuminati) tried to kill Bob Marley many times, because he didn't have the mentality I see that you have got now. Your country looks up to people like this Batty Boy Bleacher in this video. In a real black cultured society, people like vybz cartel wouldn't get no air time. I'M LAUGHING AT YOU I ain't no boy kid, I know I've surpassed you - because if it was the other way round, a real man would drop the pride & agree with the comments that the Jam women in the video above and most Jam women are loose! And that they are fuelled by that of how you see white women. Your not in my league, when I read your replies - you sound stupid. Its safe to say Jams did anything to act like whites to be accepted. Its safe to say that jams are doomed from birth, a jam women will have a baby and start them on that designer bs - and if the baby is not dolled out in designer wear then the child is not like all the other kids. So that kid grows up with that mentality, if its a girl the kids doomed. Because the child becomes a materialistic child and will never have real confidence unless there in certain designer wear. Ok now they will still think like that - because the childs going to move with there own people - so there friends will all have that mentality - so they will fuel those thoughts that there no confidence, do anything for mommy mother thought aswell. When they get or if they get into the real world, I'm talking doing big legit deals with people, working in good positions in the office - there totally expecting to get respect from other races/people. There not going to see no respect because there some face value people, with no confidence - that's why with no rastas in your country and without the music of people like Bob Marley - your country is doomed! No more wasting time on you - i can see your gone. .

 Real Cultured Black Man (2011-11-06 at 17:58:21)
 Listen you mug, I know my culture! to the fullest, you need to go and do your home work on Marcus Garvey! You think that someone sets up a go back to Africa movement without speaking to the leaders in the country he wants his people to wake up and embrace. (I'm laughing at you!). What can you tell me about culture - when I speak the truth about the jam women in this video and you catch feelings. LOL - I'm wealthy kid, very wealthy (When I say wealth, I am my own boss, completely legit, I don't work for no one, the knowledge I have gathered is being shared through out the family and all the little ones growing up will have this knowledge and I know they will never have to be dependent or go through BS trying to support all the people that come into this world when I'm long gone and buried - now can YOU brag about that kind of shit? LOL I highly doubt it!) - I do not go back to my country as a tourist, my family is very good. Like I said the thing about an African is that - we live humble and dress humble and spend our money very wisely. Most jams look at face value and think they will get respect from people if there in a merc or bmw or NOW audi, people in my family we have any car we want, but we know to still live humble - because money was and never has been a part of african culture - we live normal - yall want to be accepted, and just follow suit. Let me explain the meaning of culture! Culture identifies the way a group of people want to be perceived. When Africans speak of culture, it goes deeper than what your talking about kid. You cant talk to me about culture (YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN TALK TO ME ABOUT CULTURE? Dont answer that), when I know you still have your white slave masters surname, you cant talk to me about culture when your culture has been lost, your a product of Willie Lynch. You cant talk to me about culture when you don't even embrace Africa, You cant talk to me about culture when every jam girl I've ever fucked with have been so loose because the ideal of a black man was a materialistic one. As for Independence - go check the date you got your independence and then see which countries in Africa got there independence before yours, and then put the two together and look at who Marcus Garvey was in talks with. You really haven't got a clue, too much bragging pride in a jam pulls yall down. Go and do some real research on black history and then say what you want - but im laughing at you and fuck these jam girls in this vid - there like white girls! so loose! .

 Real Cultured Black Man (2011-11-06 at 18:18:01)
 I know your a typical Jam so if i dont answer your points you will actually think that you made valid points So just to make you look more stupid then you already are YOUR FROM AFRICA YOU MUG, YOUR ANCESTORS WERE NOT BORN IN JAM - THEY WERE TAKEN FROM AFRICA AND THEN THE REST YOU GO AND FIND OUT ABOUT Your music was upbeat African music that the white masters allowed. (I wonder why the white masters allowed the upbeat tempo, could it be that they could relate to the white music? Could it be that with true black music that's deep bass and drums and rhythm - they couldn't accept that because they felt it was doing something to them? Deep down your more white then you can imagine - until you wake up - you'll never see) - Your looking real stupid right now! With culture there's secrets in culture and other important things that you don't want the wrong people knowing. What is there about Jams that anyone couldn't find out about spending a day on the Internet? MUG Your people fought for freedom? And you do not know of the fight with Ashantis vs the English? MAN PLEASE IF YOUR A JAMAICAN AND YOU DONT EMBRACE AFRICA AND THINK YOU CAN COME AND TELL A AFRICAN ABOUT CULTURE - YOUR WRONGLY MISTAKEN KID! WRONGLY ALL THE BEST GO AND DO SOME BLACK HISTORY RESEARCH. IF I WAS YOU I WOULD CHANGE MY SURNAME IMMEDIATELY! LOL .

 you fucking dick head's (2011-11-06 at 14:05:16)
 put the fucking video on your fucking website .

 @ REAL CULTURED BLACK MAN (2011-11-06 at 16:24:08)
 ALL U HAVE basically done is confirmed my Marcus Garvey facts but elaborated on it... fact doesnt change he was a jamaican that started a movement 400years after slavery... Bob Marley another jamaican that pushed our culture... its black men like you have who no sense and pretend to that make black people look stupid... reggae, bashment, dancehall rice and peas all of that is a part of the jamaican culture patois our native tongue.. is a part of our culture... go back to the drawing board... fact is yes he embraced africa and said we should move back to Africa indeed but check it u are so for that y r u here in britain... i have assets overseas in my country and others do u...? my culture is fully embraced and that is why i will put u in ure place... my peoples music is recognised and nameable is yours? my peoples natinal dish is well known and recognised is yours? cmon dont say things trying to sound smart cos someone like me who grew up in jamaica reading books on my heritage and peoples history will always set u straight.. .

 Real Cultured Black Man (2011-11-05 at 23:45:13)
 So you think you know your culture? Marcus Garvey originated the black star? Listen you fuckin mug. What you dont seem to realise is that Marcus Garvey and all other real Jamaicans that understand that most jamos are weak out have a back to Africa movement. Marcus Garvey - emulated a shipping compnay called the white star line - and called it black star line as he knew he could od better and it was all to get people really to go back to africa. Your a mug, its funny how your surname is either Robinson, Anderson, Johnson SOMETHING WHITE and you laugh at Africans surnames. The thing is - Marcus Garvey - knows his people would be doomed if they didn't embrace Africa - you think you can talk down to me - The thing with jams - unless your in a name brand you have got no confidence! Us real blacks - we know our culture was not started around money and money has never been our culture! You go and study - but the thing is - unless you can look at it through the eyes of people like Marcus Garvey or rastas that really do understand the thing with going back to Africa - you will always be ignorant. AND JAM HASN'T GOT ANY CULTURE YOU MUG! Its so funny how real Jamaicans have gone to Ghana and changed there surname, all because they never understood why there surname was different.... .

 keep doing your ting (2011-11-05 at 23:53:06)
 Large up Spifftv on this one! .

 Real Cultured Black Man (2011-11-06 at 00:01:08)
 Jamaican culture is embraced around the world. Jamaican culture? Curry Goat is just what your women used after being thrown the scraps from there masters. Think about it you MUG there's no bone on the damn meat! lol - Everyone thinks that all Jamaica is - is a weed smoking country - yet its illegal to bun weed there unless ur in the hills where the feds ain't going to be there to tuff, jam culture - dry humping girls in trees and wherever - jam girls are so loose because that music yall call dancehall - they think its there culture and they will bruk out to it how man's see white girl be loose on white lightening - look at the women in that video above - are you being serious? You know how many jams i know that have gone to live in peace with black people in africa, you know how many jams I know that ask me the dumbest thing about pouring liquor on the ground when someone passes, look at the end of the day White man section off you jams because they could tell your people were more susceptible to the material things = if only you knew about what really goes on in the world then you would understand why people like Marcus Garvey and anyone that real people respect from Jamaica highly infuse going back to Africa - but Willie Lynchs plan has really fucked up everyone that hears Africa and feels scared or frowns - I feel sorry for you! I feel sorry for you!! .

 Real Cultured Black Man (2011-11-05 at 23:01:02)
 I could never deal with these jam girls, there like white gurls - just except they think the white girls are loose - but these jam gurls be looser than white girls. Jams girl whole mentality is that of where the money is - so we know str8 up whgich women where doing anything for there white masters! Who kept there surnames and who brought there surname or kept the one the master's gave them - jams are fuckin weak out!!! no culture - there culture is money and are lost! If it werent for rastas - i think jam would be even more fucked than it is! .

 @ real ultured black man... (2011-11-05 at 23:23:54)
 ure not real or a cultured black man ure a prick chatting out of ure arse... let mi educate u..1) Marcus Garvey came up wid da black star ghanians rep so proudly yh... 2) he started the black movement way before martin and malcom yh... 3) jamaican culture is spread thru out the world.. speak of the carribean and the first island to come to mind is jamaica... Jamacains fought for independence while the other islands remained dependant on the queen yh fought and gave thier lives yh something which shud have been done from before the 400 years of slavery... you niggas now adays have no culture as u fight and believe in nutn but money... my ppl fought for freedom and everywhere we go in the worl we have an impact on that society positive or negative we are always hated but always heard... suh guh suck u madda dry balls dem pussy .

 al rvn (2011-11-05 at 17:20:21)
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 fare (2011-11-05 at 16:19:08)
  fuck dis mans watching this on worldstarhiphop .

 sigh... (2011-11-06 at 11:02:34)
 what happened to this video .

 kol (2011-11-05 at 08:28:50)
 mm .

 frank (2011-11-05 at 19:16:29)
 youtube. .

 STREETZ SELECTED VOL 2 (2011-11-05 at 19:40:18)

 loool (2011-11-05 at 19:58:57)

 shambala (2011-11-05 at 08:57:02)
 where the fuck is the video .

 COME ON (2011-11-05 at 11:06:22)
 COME ON CUZZO violating the thing .

 all the chicks are nasty (2011-11-05 at 11:43:46)
 all the chicks are nasty .

 all the chicks are nasty (2011-11-05 at 11:44:23)
 all the chicks are nasty .

 SIZER (2011-11-05 at 11:56:17)

 DUNKNOBRUDDAS (2011-11-05 at 12:22:24)

 den (2011-11-05 at 13:29:50)
 dis shit dnt wrk .

 benny (2011-11-05 at 14:02:42)
 hw do u get dis to wrk .

 lool (2011-11-05 at 14:47:59)
 hw dumb to feds think mandem are about ac on looooool x1000 .

 SCAMZ!! (2011-11-05 at 07:25:42)
 alll dese youts posting these messages are police... DONT TRUST THE JAKES!!! .

 hjbghj (2011-11-05 at 07:17:09)
 were the vid at big man .

 VYBZ (2011-11-05 at 07:06:20)

 kmt (2011-11-05 at 06:01:19)
 where the fuckinng video dis episode ment to be live .

 Hobla (2011-11-05 at 06:01:28)
 This video aint working .

 kmt (2011-11-05 at 06:01:44)
 where the fuckinng video dis episode ment to be live .

 FUCK SAKE (2011-11-05 at 06:12:44)

 FROM BLACK TO FUNNY COLOUR (2011-11-05 at 06:22:59)
 This is whatfame does to you..... Now Vybz (want to be white) kartel is now on 2 x murder charges.......yep thats the sort of bloke you would want your sister marry...? man need education.....poor ting..!! .

 croydon don (2011-11-05 at 06:25:22)
 works fine.. get a new computer u tramps .

 don (2011-11-05 at 02:57:56)
 first pussies .

 murda (2011-11-05 at 03:49:16)

 vybz (2011-11-05 at 04:48:50)
 dirty devil ute .

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