BMD - THIS IS YOUR LIFE - Behind the scenes footage - NorthWeezee Entertainment
 WESTBEST (2009-09-08 at 06:23:05)

 GRIMECRITIC (2009-09-08 at 13:09:01)
 more dryness spiff tv cmon son .

 real nw9 tug (2009-09-08 at 17:33:08)
 darriuss suck ur mum. ur pants mate! wheres adam b fassys!!!!! .

 yo (2009-09-08 at 19:26:04)
 he doing he thing!!! haters ssssssssuck ur mum .

 yo (2009-09-08 at 19:26:31)
 he doing he thing!!! haters ssssssssuck ur mum .

 movado (2009-09-10 at 09:33:40)
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 sw rider (2009-09-10 at 18:33:04)
 dont get caught slipping, showing off like dat .

 old school norf west don (2009-09-11 at 19:04:26)
 dese man r washed up only good yout dat gets a bly is flash bmd,stretch every1 in dat video will get touched and u no dis my yung niggas willl yam u u no dis. .

 top man (2009-09-13 at 08:47:04)
 these man aint washed this is hard y is people hating this is dat swagger stuff haard .

 girly tugz (2009-09-13 at 08:49:36)
 these man r heavy me and my girls love da northweezee style y is peeps hating .

 felix v (2009-09-13 at 08:51:30)
 brrap brrap bak in full effect northweezyyyyy .

 big man (2009-09-13 at 13:54:33)
 haters go home, ur broke .

 fay yang (2009-09-16 at 18:01:04)
 this is heavy looks alot betta than the crap i normally c from these uk artist .

 danny g (2009-09-16 at 18:03:12)
 how would u say hes washed up it looks like things r poppin over there boi haters need a life .

 this vid looks haaard (2009-09-16 at 18:05:44)
 this vid loooks aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrdddddddddddd body .

 in dis vid (2009-09-19 at 10:26:39)
 sw rider suck ur mum ur catching shit and no 1 aint touching shit we got big sticks try us .

 w9 (2009-09-20 at 08:10:01)
 mozart rude boy w9 .

 BigBoy (2009-09-26 at 23:22:23)
 You likke yutes chat bare shit. Only chattin shit cah bare man got lock down, free my niggaz yh...Spifftv gangstaz haha .

 jamai'kah (2009-10-18 at 21:16:26)
 tunez ard still skrillz showed his little bruva how to dress they look alike bad whos older .

 REAL (2011-02-22 at 04:55:13)
 DEcent money on a vid, love to see that.. Shame NW Ent aint gonna make no music money! pissed. Better keep hitting the roads man, serious talk... Covering yourself in European owned fashion house apparel as a black man is not 'Swagger'. The don't like us as a people and your comnpletely gassed for giving them your money innit... .

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BMD - THIS IS YOUR LIFE - Behind the scenes footage - NorthWeezee Entertainment
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