Benny Banks | Rack City Freestyle [Net Video] - @mrbennybanks
 yassar2daboy (2012-03-13 at 13:20:30)
 yas city bitch yas yas city bitch .

 kokokokokokokokokokkkkkk (2012-03-13 at 13:20:46)
 kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk .

 On My Grind (2012-03-13 at 13:22:44)
 Benny went innnnnnnn This video is a madnessssssss Team UK "my old bitch is called music and my new bitch is called business" jheeze Support the movement by typing "TeeJay Black, mRmE(Mor Black), Wizewords - Stay Schemin Remix (Video) " and viewing it thnks. .

 e2 (2012-03-13 at 13:56:20)
 rack city bitch wid da bit of bada bing init goes in fuk u haterz .

 cant belive u got signed (2012-03-13 at 16:07:29)
 snm .

 0.3sec paigon (2012-03-13 at 18:33:18)
 paygon wen u get signed 4 real .

 realistic,not hating (2012-03-13 at 18:58:22)
 gettin signed is just the beginning benny,invest your money wisely cah if ur not commercially successful.... .

 real nigga (2012-03-13 at 19:52:36)
 dis is ded .

 CERTIFIED (2012-03-13 at 21:49:13)

 rack city (2012-03-13 at 22:48:13)
 benny went in still but smallz yungen & chipmunks 1 are betta .

 ^^^^^^^^^^^^ (2012-03-14 at 06:06:15)
 loooooooooool yo fam im from izzy and if u think benny is sitting on 6 figures ur truley gassed from dis rap shit. hes got about 6 bags to his name real talk, if he had six figures dont u think he would at least be pushing somthing. i dont even think he can drive looool .

 loooool (2012-03-14 at 08:21:43)
 to that breddah dat said said "he would at least be pushin suttin" thats way ur broke...dont think wid ur head u washed yout....look broke..be rich nigga! .

 dfsssds (2012-03-14 at 09:57:37)
  black people get brainwashed soo easily lmaoo, just look at your every day life, black people save there benefit money to buy dr dre beats, ralph lauren and blackberrys, these things have been created to take your money off you and you are too dumb to see it hahahaha blacks walking around with blackberry smartphones as if blacks own any businesses hahahaha *poop* *poop* nig nogs . .

 bnp (2012-03-14 at 10:11:38)
 i once robbed a fat black ladies handbag, all that was in there was 3, 3 tubs of vaseline and dry chicken bones .

 come ealing (2012-03-14 at 10:13:45)
 i will knock you out and put you in a wheelie bin and then another black slave who works for the council picking up shit off da floor will come and push that wheelie bin and roam the streets pickin up used condoms *poop* .

 money maker (2012-03-14 at 14:41:48)
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 wATCHOUT FOR NEXT ARDEST RAPPER (2012-03-14 at 18:26:51)
 type, Workz freestyle in youtube ard shit .

 Don (2012-03-15 at 20:22:27)
 Shit director... he just videoed them all getting leaner and leaner lol .

 lengman cl (2012-03-15 at 21:48:59)
 squeeks your clappped yute man reals talk like it it werent for wrap youd get no pussy you only get used chicks like your bun n you stink always wear that jacket i see you fam .

 izzy don (2012-03-15 at 21:50:39)
 holla @squeeksTP for AC .

 FACT (2012-03-17 at 13:21:56)

 real woman (2012-03-24 at 21:14:57)
 That chick in the video is moist, get a life hood rat .

 Tut (2012-03-31 at 12:19:44)
 he said he shanked hes sister cos he loves her .

 holloway (2012-03-31 at 17:24:58)
 look at the illuminati chain 3secs into the video, and all the devil signs, wot a shame benny .

 bmt (2012-04-05 at 04:00:46)
 certified blown .

 North London all day (2012-04-07 at 08:17:51)
 3 My NiGgEr A-StAR DuN NO .

 North London (2012-04-07 at 08:21:00)
 3 My BrUDda A-StAr DuN No .

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