Big Chess Clears The Air On How Much Money It Was 13 Grand & Replies Back To His Haters
 13 BAGZ....... (2012-11-16 at 04:57:04)

 jokeman (2012-11-16 at 05:12:39)
 Ders only a few real rappers killin dem, firstly Nines, Timbar, Morrisson, Blade Brown,Young Tef, squeek, krept & Konan & lastly Giggs up ur game fam .

 Tef (2012-11-16 at 05:22:06)
 Stop saying me cah I'm broke as fuck mane .

 South (2012-11-16 at 05:29:54)
 Hahaha whos this fool on here saying krept, konan, timbar, and squeekz are real....these niggaz fraud no money talking shit. Krept and konan aint about that street life, neither is timbar. .

 South (2012-11-16 at 05:31:36)
 Big Chess is old skool Peckham Boys, Black Gang n dat. How these faggots saying chess aint real. So what if he got 13k splashin about on video, so what. Fuck off and get your own money up stop hating. .

 jg (2012-11-16 at 05:31:43)
 big chess you real fuck the haters. .

 brap////// (2012-11-16 at 05:38:45)
 your a big man, grow up people are laughing at u not with u cunt face, you may be real but your acting fake your tunes are good but your a cunt lool .

 wat a prick (2012-11-16 at 05:51:32)
 wat a prick he is, he aint real his mind is corrupted .

 Lol (2012-11-16 at 05:58:39)
 Haters gone hate. Big up chess .

 dp (2012-11-16 at 06:10:28)
 hes right too many haters commenting .

 i heard zoro dealt wid u don ur f (2012-11-16 at 06:24:43)
  fuck u chess ur broke wid ur primark jacket u suckpumpum boy eney were i see u u get da 1 bang blud nock out strait suck ur mum ur gran ur mum sis n ur sqaud .

 lool ur hard (2012-11-16 at 06:27:22)
 zara jacket 20 pound duno chess look online nw .

 TheBoss (2012-11-16 at 06:38:05)
 Big Chess is a fuckin Boss, fuck wot every1 says, I respect the guy. U niggas wish U had money like dat, stop hating and do yu (Y) .

 Serious (2012-11-16 at 06:38:09)
 Morison is shiiiit he can pull out a billion who cares he's wack simple as .

 brap////// (2012-11-16 at 06:40:14)
 pls fix up cos your got a buzz round your name you can do big things if u think right, u are a shook 1 u can tell talking this boss shit rick ross is fake thats where that boss shit from .

 north side boss (2012-11-16 at 06:46:19)
 big chess any time you need them extra hands holla fuck a hater .

 lol (2012-11-16 at 06:52:12)
 HE SET PACE ON THAT MANCHESTER YOUT LOOOOOOOOOL, and hes right when he says all UK people do is hate on their own, people here wish they were american but cant afford to go there on holiday FUCK THE H .

 mee (2012-11-16 at 06:54:47)
 big up chess man, hes funny .

 carry on boss (2012-11-16 at 06:59:37)
 This chess boy talks way too much . He wilk be exposed in time watch this space. Getting tired of his lies .

 lol (2012-11-16 at 07:01:19)
 So when u got stabbed by gas gang . Why didint u send orders? Fool . Dont listen to him . Deluded cunt. Dem anti dons dont even like u like that. So who riding for u? .

 BITCH CHESS (2012-11-16 at 07:02:54)
 Dee gully just a fat beg fren. Low gassin this donut like he real or something. No one real rates chess. His rap sheet full of dodgy behaviour not realness .

 this nerd yuno (2012-11-16 at 07:04:49)
 Nah chess is funny lool he really is a good liar. Fake notes aside . Chess since when have u been rich or a super thug. Sit down man your acting up for hoes .

  truth (2012-11-16 at 07:07:26)
 Anyone who beleives him deserves to be labled a dickhead. Just ask any REAL narm older about him. Dont ask a prick ask someone from main circles sn1 or lettsom . Even wooly olders just ask them. .

 liar (2012-11-16 at 07:10:03)
 Ok chester your the big don . Yawn lol .

 smh (2012-11-16 at 07:17:57)
 Chester 2013 will be a bad year for u. Youve become a rapping joke. Now nobidy but idiots respects u. The reel tugs dem hav seen ur not bout that . see thru boy .

 narm (2012-11-16 at 07:18:59)
 Boss of who? .

 rebore ross (2012-11-16 at 07:23:56)
 Lol this fool is back to talk more shit, wen he shud be at uni? stop trying to force swagger. it aint u. Making excuses why u aint shining yh? .

 0121 BRUMM (2012-11-16 at 07:44:54)

 Not real (2012-11-16 at 08:09:35)
 Waste of 10 mins .

 Not real (2012-11-16 at 08:09:42)
 Waste of 10 mins .

 real talk (2012-11-16 at 09:52:21)
 youtube.com/watch?v=wHj0qYvDZ2I .

 reeel rd yout (2012-11-16 at 10:00:51)
 i dun bin getin qwop frm way wen..dat woz DEF not no 13 bagz!!!5 at da most..any1 reeeelin getin wud no dis.CHESS GET OUTTA ERE lol .

 lool (2012-11-16 at 10:03:35)
 mad how chess called young marv a broke tramp on twitter and then suddenly all these comments start flooding in on his videos loool. i clocked it.wonder if chess has ?! .

 u shud laow it fat boy (2012-11-16 at 10:06:32)
 dis fat yout iz a BIG 4 NUTTEN eeedyat jus listen 2 da fat prik...wartom 2 him?! .

 idiot (2012-11-16 at 10:23:48)
 Nice one chess , blame ur comments in young marv. U think hes only one who knows ur a deluded fraud??????? .

 serious (2012-11-16 at 10:24:31)
 That fat yute looks like chester baby mum bmt .

 jokeman (2012-11-16 at 10:25:45)
 What real roadman acts and talk like this? No one dont rate this donut. .

 smh (2012-11-16 at 10:32:48)
 Dee gully is moist . Nuff bum licking ah gwarn .

 waistman (2012-11-16 at 11:25:51)
 manipulating dick .

 Bully from northwest (2012-11-16 at 11:26:51)
 We have one life, if he wanna show of an show his money that's him all your mans are bitches its pissing me of now, he was born poor an now he's got doe he's happy, people go get your money up an stop wasting your time on , if you was making doe you would have no time 2be on here dumb kids, am on here cos ave got it on my phone an am moving about da trap, cos I know u lot was gonna ask so how come your on , big up (Big chess) .

 looool (2012-11-16 at 11:30:32)
 defo young marv!!! i'm a uni student. i go portsmouth uni.i posted that comment about young marv and it looks like it touched 'someones' *wink wink* nerve loool. that's poor hahahaha .

 loool (2012-11-16 at 11:30:56)
 na marvs been rumbled loooooool .

 lol. (2012-11-16 at 12:01:20)
 Chess ur wack mate . smh stop this .

 HAHA!! (2012-11-16 at 12:30:12)

 loooooool (2012-11-16 at 13:00:30)
 Wooooh eeeeeverytime i watch this guys videos you bloggers have sutten bad to say looool dooo u blood. Why you tryna flip it caaa ur behind a screen. U nerds make me sick .

 lol 4 real (2012-11-16 at 13:32:14)
 you man need to hit up sutin new just chattin shit bout mans videos who cares how much p it was get ur own p its all young argueing on this grow up real talk .

 REAL (2012-11-16 at 13:41:52)
 You man are silly, you obvs havnt held over 1000, 3000 is a big stack but what he had was 10,000 or 13 like he said .

 Baited (2012-11-16 at 14:15:22)
 Young Marv got exposed as a tv banger .

 This is the real big chess (2012-11-16 at 15:18:16)
 i got some real g's in dagenem that would light any1 trust me and my poplar yg's aint no joke these days i roll with roll deep so you dun know real g's fuck frank and jon don .

 lool (2012-11-16 at 17:35:21)
  Blud i get money he looks like a fucking rat his nose wud nok a man out. Peak .

 FUCKIT (2012-11-16 at 17:37:16)
 U know what fuckit i have to bait him...he fucking got bullied in school.... Plus he was shop boy in da ends truss me plus... He got beat up bya 13yr old when he was 24 ..FUCKIT HE GOT BAITED .

 LOOOOOL (2012-11-16 at 17:38:13)
 Fuckit ^^^ looooooool .

 haters (2012-11-16 at 17:45:45)
 fuck you haters let him do his thing big chess is real .

 Hackney E9 (2012-11-16 at 19:37:19)
 Chess It Seems Like U Got Something 2 Prove, Be Yourself Fam, Pulled Out Your Hole Stack 13000 Bags That Aint Ballin, U Got Abit Of Cash No Assets Wheres The Rollie Wheres The Bling Cuz Throwing Stacks In Your Zara Jeans, Fix Up! U Dohnut .

 n18 (2012-11-27 at 03:39:48)
 13 racks n ur not even wearing a bag on ur outfit u look bummy g go buy some garms .

 REALNESS (2012-11-16 at 21:55:49)

 Southsidetrillin (2012-11-17 at 02:32:00)
 Chess is right, the yours in this country are fuked u only have to read dese comments for proof. GET YOURS stop speculating on the net about another man, live life, make the most of your oppurtunities .

 zzzzz (2012-11-17 at 02:33:26)
 MARV wrote about 9 of these comments LOL .

 @REALNESS (2012-11-17 at 03:33:22)
 Stinks stinks, thats what happens when you are old and washed .

 @z (2012-11-17 at 03:41:56)
 man said marv wrote these comments uno .

 why has marv and bigchess got beef (2012-11-17 at 03:42:54)
 when u saw it on twitter bigchess dissing youngmarv they got beef .

 big chess outsmarts all of you agai (2012-11-17 at 03:44:11)
 one thing i give big chess he dont give a f about nothing u dumb writers u commenting are giving him more views u assholes lol .

 loooool 2 t dot megs (2012-11-17 at 05:10:01)
 wag1 4 t dot megz loooooool ure putttin on dem pounds fam loooool .

 loooool (2012-11-17 at 05:28:19)
 y u mad at english frank same reason we mad at u because u try preach but no1 gives a wt u say evry1 has abit of money bt u go on like ure special or doin sumfin different cos u been convicted .

 fake (2012-11-17 at 06:23:06)
 some uni money man road money never looks like dat stop stunting cunt .

 real nigga (2012-11-17 at 07:53:22)
 chess ur fake, u cant even hold 10 grand in 20s in one hand .

 @ real nigga (2012-11-17 at 08:15:07)
 course u can u dumbass.do u kno how thin a 20note is?5of dem are 100.work it out.these dumb comments really shows who's really held/counts this money lool. these comments are making me sick .

 so wait (2012-11-17 at 08:22:40)
 mans got 13 bags stack and he claiming he southside boss , fam low it do ur ting but neva claim ur a boss cuz u aint u just a dumb coon .

 Hackney n16 (2012-11-17 at 09:20:08)
 get p n stop hating lads .

 ok (2012-11-17 at 09:31:40)
 Prove u have real money cos ur claiming ur real and u got money wen i know u. So please dont be humble and show us the real . Smh ur believing ur own lies chester . I think u aint well inside. lost .

 u lot are sheep (2012-11-17 at 09:33:49)
 Southside liar. All these idiots defending u are just people who dont know u its nothing . The streets of south know .

 poooortsmouth lool (2012-11-17 at 09:54:34)
 if u lot are smart. you'll clock the comments are over personal lol. whys marv maaaad? just @ him u bitch lol. thought marv was real tbh .

 biz (2012-11-17 at 10:19:47)
 not even from south.. i gotta rate this guy, real boss .

 real talk (2012-11-17 at 10:38:35)
 you aint bad,saying you can touch allot ov people in south you a little boi inside that will for ever be road .

 opb big up anti gmg sn1 (2012-11-17 at 10:42:53)
 big up chess do your thing brudda opb bang bang .

 Serious (2012-11-17 at 10:43:03)
 Don't you guys just find it long to type comments cod I do I barely even made this 1 .

 Lool (2012-11-17 at 10:53:56)
 There goes another nigga incriminating himself glamorising the proceeds of he's criminal enterprise unsure of the demographic of the uk deluded thinking this will appeal to a predominant racist masses .

 But chess why (2012-11-17 at 12:19:46)
 Do u respond to haters gucci mane rick Ross etc get way more haters they don't give a fuck all it means is more bullets for them ppl will always find something they don't like, .

  truth (2012-11-17 at 13:23:51)
 Chess is a bitch boy acting up . He wants fame sooooo bad .and he wants approval. Thats why he pree the haters ao much coz more time they bait him up for lying .

 no (2012-11-17 at 13:25:04)
 He just wants to be that guy lol but he too much of a fool to be taken seriously .

 yeah yeah yeah (2012-11-17 at 13:55:52)
 big chess big up fuck you haters .

 Yawwn (2012-11-17 at 18:10:47)
 this nigga love to explain his self .

 Real talk (2012-11-17 at 20:16:58)
 The youtes are Fuuucked!!! theres no changing them lol its not worth any individuals time lef dem to go catch def .

 tip (2012-11-17 at 20:28:46)
 Hes not the worst. Jus too much yapping at times. Keeps improving though. Less talk more music u will be ok .

 LOL (2012-11-18 at 09:31:48)
 Smart Af! Get them views inn! .

 REBELART.SE (2012-11-18 at 12:56:52)

 gully gossip (2012-11-18 at 18:04:18)
 where i from there aint nothing gully bout gossiping .

 chess (2012-11-18 at 18:50:06)
 Chester chats shiit you might be able to get people touch in parts of peckham, but where else? Most south olders dont rate you the real certified peckham olders dont rate you so who you fooling.... .

 Fake Chess (2012-11-18 at 18:51:43)
 You dont see certified Pecky olders like Spender and Knuckless showing off when they have waaaay more P than Chess. This wasteman tries to hard to get ratings! .

 wasteman (2012-11-18 at 18:52:52)
 Chester rolls wid Pecky youngers cos the olders dont rate him lool. The Peckham bosses dont like him think his neeky.. Southside boss hahahahaha in his own world! .

 aha. (2012-11-18 at 20:01:18)
 dis nigga talks waaaaay toooooooo much & dats a girl sayin dat .

 narm (2012-11-18 at 20:02:29)
 Its not hate wen i see truth. Ppl exposing aint even gassin it . Chester is so phony. .

  truth (2012-11-18 at 20:03:50)
 Knucks is broke lol still a badman but he spunks money . Chess the same that money was his last smh .

 Magic (2012-11-19 at 14:49:44)
 Chess talking that shit... i feek that, haters be feeling the spit haha .

 banger (2012-11-19 at 13:24:54)
  kb rhodes ft tion wayne - louie bag gone ..... fukin banger . .

 kmt (2012-11-19 at 20:35:12)
 south man are excited! the baitest and most hype in London thats why your all in jail and i've witnessed man put it on you pricks .

 WHAT A NERD (2012-11-19 at 21:46:39)
 STOP BEGGIN TO B AMERICAN FASSY if he had money he wuda bort water for dat dry mouth of his and as for dat fat batty man NEEDS TO STOP WANKING BEFORE HE STARTS FILMING .

 Little chest (2012-11-20 at 08:22:11)
 That was not a 13 stack you dickhead you think you can really pull out a 13 stack from a small inside jacket pocket trust me I've held 13 stacks and wasn't with one had ima real g stop the lies .

 croydon (2012-11-20 at 13:29:15)
 big chess cool why all da hate i seen him once cool bredda .

 Bunch of bully's on ere (2012-11-21 at 00:08:11)
 Leave da guy alone unlit go on like he killed your dog or something. Baiting stuff out, if u ain't got nothing nice to say don't say shit .

 realness (2012-11-21 at 05:10:07)
 @i heard zoro dealt wid u don ur f. 1 word about u MOIST big up chess south side till death Sho .

 South side code11 (2012-11-21 at 06:19:27)
 Pure joke , chess is ok fuck it if he's a fake gangster it don't really matter, he has a buzz and tbh he gives me joke still .

 I got eyes everywhere bitches (2012-11-26 at 10:48:04)
 The same two people just changed their name about 30 times pretending Chess has more haters than he does LAWL!!! Get a job you broke bitches yea! .

 yh or no (2012-12-01 at 15:17:25)
 is big chess soamli .

 dan (2012-12-13 at 11:28:13)
 Big chess bruv no need to impress others, you've done your ting old skool, nyone frm roads will know that, but real talk isnt it time to close that chapter, ur clearly better than this, Allah wants to guide you back to the right path, we the brothers love you wallahi, the jammah is best for u! .

 america (2012-12-13 at 11:35:21)
 if this was america suge would be on bro from sing hitem up, it appers that chess is smart, and articulate, why he does this i nah understand. .

 america (2012-12-13 at 11:36:13)
 if this was america suge would be on bro from sing hitem up, it appers that chess is smart, and articulate, why he does this i nah understand. .

 south siderz (2012-12-13 at 11:45:23)
 @realness- but no peckham man died! u kids chat shit, nyone get violated, befre this rap, it was noting if anyone got violated but u tools come on ere acting like one violation makes someoen fake, and names are always mentioned, stinks here, fred there,leave names out, and again how many narm dons did stinks kill, ps stinks isnt genral, mac mill is his uncle, so mill leader or biker. .

 south siderz (2012-12-13 at 11:56:21)
 @realness- but no peckham man died! u kids chat shit, nyone get violated, befre this rap, it was noting if anyone got violated but u tools come on ere acting like one violation makes someoen fake, and names are always mentioned, stinks here, fred there,leave names out, and again how many narm dons did stinks kill, ps stinks isnt genral, mac mill is his uncle, so mill leader or biker. .

 D BUMMY (2013-01-14 at 16:20:59)

 Unofsnepe (2013-02-14 at 04:34:02)
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