Big Narstie - Drunk & High (Music Video) [@bignarstie] Girls Shaking Booty
 carlton (2012-09-11 at 05:44:05)
 white girls r da shit .

 in zimbabwe (2012-09-11 at 05:56:48)
 we love a white gyal :) .

 zimkid (2012-09-11 at 09:47:30)
 dont talk about zimbabwe u fucking pussy ;) .

 s (2012-09-11 at 10:06:35)
 where did he go .

 fjkgkfnjd (2012-09-11 at 10:20:34)
 were is this town .

 in zimbabwe (2012-09-11 at 10:26:34)
 but it is tru bra!! in gweru hararer even in bulawayo we alllllll hunt a white gyal :) .

 looooool (2012-09-11 at 13:19:33)
 hes got bigger tits den most dem gyal .

 Pac man (2012-09-11 at 15:13:49)
 White girls give dead sex with the flat batts yuck and their white flesh look .

 scared (2012-09-11 at 19:15:30)
 Just worried is he not scared of his heart giving way .

 cracker girls are dead (2012-09-12 at 06:04:14)
 people still listen to grime? white girls are deeeeeaaad! striclty black girls..any shade dont mind but white girls no waaaay .

 gh real (2012-09-12 at 19:08:58)
 Sorry but white girls get no ratings from me...you should be embarrassed to be seen with one.....come back with a throphey lighty....even a black ting. White girls are dead so is the song. .

 nah (2012-09-12 at 19:10:19)
 Somgs dead and pigs dancing in the background. I know hes a fat shyt but im sure he dont av ta stoop so low to use pigs in his videos .

 ya mad! (2012-09-12 at 20:59:16)
 the guy that said black gyal needs a slap in his face black bruddas dnt even deal widblack gyal thats why man affi leave dem for dem butters broke niggas, light is right g! .

 @ya mad! (2012-09-13 at 04:06:00)
 get a fucking life! lighies are even worse than white tings r you mad!!! like i said black girls! any black man weh diss black omman nuh love him own mother..dickhead slave niggas! .

 wtf (2012-09-14 at 03:31:39)
 i bet my man stinks. some fat ass sweaty dude. .

 haters (2012-09-14 at 10:59:38)
 bere niggas hating, them white girls were hot what are uman smoking .

 @@ya mad! (2012-09-15 at 19:28:57)
 Blatenly a jealous black girl. Get over it lightys are sexy...men get ratings from having lightys by there side. Why u black girls gotta always hate? il feel shame to be seen wit a wit a wite ting .

 guy (2012-09-15 at 19:30:16)
 Leave lard arse alone he prob cnt get any gal desperate enuff to go with him. He desperate so r white gals. White pum= bang n dash. STRAIGHT .

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Big Narstie - Drunk & High (Music Video) [@bignarstie] Girls Shaking Booty
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