Big Narstie Freestyle #SprayOut - Real Bars - @bignarstie @workr8
 R U FUCKIN MAD (2013-03-10 at 06:18:00)

 mwwwwwwwwwwwad (2013-03-10 at 06:45:42)
 yooo ima big fan snm .

 d man (2013-03-10 at 06:57:37)
 jheez he goes in still .

 big narstie truth (2013-03-10 at 07:57:52)
 U used 2 b be big when u made that riddim called "spun a web" but your dead out now and so is ALC go get a job or go uni or suttin .

 he's good but... (2013-03-10 at 09:17:58)
 i prefer wen hes crackin joke. .

 EstEnder (2013-03-10 at 11:38:02)
 Jheeeezzz ReeeLoooaaaddd!! ardd .

 SMG (2013-03-10 at 11:54:04)
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 Richie (2013-03-10 at 16:57:27)
 Went innnn keep it up .

 real talk (2013-03-10 at 19:28:54)
 i used to think he was jus jokes but i rate narstie for dat freestle do your ting gorrilla .

 Immortal (2013-03-10 at 20:18:06)
 Wow Mercenary Quality after 12,000 views Spiff you need do a part 2 freestyle that was Epic!!! .

 L4 (2013-03-10 at 20:21:14)
 Big shouts out to Walton ,Kirkby,bootle and everywhere else Narst keep up the real music!!one love .

 madness (2013-03-11 at 17:49:58)

 PAIN (2013-03-11 at 07:58:07)

 28 grams (2013-03-11 at 11:16:44)
 u fukked that up broski... ard freestyle .

 28 grams (2013-03-11 at 11:17:43)
 u fukked that up broski... ard freestyle .

 28 grams (2013-03-11 at 11:18:40)
 u fukked that up broski... ard freestyle .

 WHAT IS THE BEAT CALLED?? (2013-03-11 at 13:21:17)

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-24 at 16:26:46)
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 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-26 at 19:49:33)
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Big Narstie Freestyle #SprayOut - Real Bars - @bignarstie @workr8
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