Boy Better Know - 10 Man Roll - Jammer - Cameo By A Squeezy
 big nem east (2010-10-16 at 09:15:22)
 i skank with my strap and remy martin to this .

 hard (2010-10-03 at 11:23:38)
 dis tune is big .

 bring back the real grime (2010-06-23 at 19:02:08)
 he made take you out wen he wos in nasty crew. dey needa tah bring back the old grime scene trust .

 kokilla (2010-06-23 at 19:24:37)
 this is big!! .

 .............. (2010-06-23 at 19:29:56)
 shit snm. .

 .............. (2010-06-23 at 19:30:20)
 shit snm. .

 sort it out (2010-06-23 at 22:10:33)
 dis vid a bit bookie still. i beg u make tunes bout subjects people wanna discuss or can relate to instead of nursery rymes tryner brainwash da little yoots who dont really no wots goin on wiv da world yet. .

 LOL (2010-06-24 at 00:33:26)
 a squeeezy got sum DRY UP FEET .

 BRRRAAAPPPPP (2010-06-24 at 06:13:15)

 bristol (2010-06-24 at 06:31:01)
 i agree with sort it out nursery rhyme swag tunes grime hasnt progressed .

 all of yo (2010-06-24 at 06:50:02)
 all of ya'll jus suk ur mums .

 pfffmmfff (2010-06-24 at 07:39:33)
 Bruv dis is kidish so is the grime, grime aint music man 4 real .

 real talk (2010-06-24 at 08:38:40)
 who's dat shit urkle guy. Shit. SNM .

 p.k (2010-06-25 at 15:15:05)
 looool da lil yute luks lyk he gunna vomit on da bouncer styl wen he picks him up .

 w12 man (2010-07-08 at 13:33:06)
 sic tuneeeeeeeeeee .

 blue gz bbg mdm (2010-07-25 at 21:34:49)
 jammer u peedoe give up u floped time ago go barberz n get a hair cut u tramp all u man r kidy fidlers bang blue all day 3 ma niggas out da pen fuck g.h. clan mawella u fuckin af brush ur teeth n buy some new cloths pussy i fuckd ur mum and sisters .

 nw10 (2010-12-08 at 05:01:11)
 ard still .

 die (2011-08-04 at 13:02:42)
 sj shit .

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Boy Better Know - 10 Man Roll - Jammer - Cameo By A Squeezy
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