CGM - Holla Back [Net Video] @TheRealLeeboi @SoRealArgz @4fizzy @bigstains @H_moneyCGM @KritikalsWorld
 @Mishustlebunny (2013-01-12 at 06:59:35)
 Check out all there other video's before you start judging there shit and secondly stop HATING its not a good look. .

 Your jus hating (2013-01-14 at 06:29:37)
 These woolwich niggas get it in yano #CMGlife sho .

 @loooool bang on GB??? Sparks??? (2013-01-14 at 05:27:07)
 Narm use to beef mainly se14/8 GBs but se6 Wildcatz / se13/4 GBs were mostly against WoolWich Boys sometimes Penge even as far as se23 se26 GBs niggas been sleeping on WB cah real G's move in silent g .

 loooool bang on GB??? Sparks??? (2013-01-13 at 04:50:36)
 plus remember ghetto also had serious beef wif narm but still was goin ard while beef woolwich n for sparks dnt mention him coz he his a legend! GB4life! .

 @inchyrealist (2013-01-13 at 10:23:28)
 fam if u man kno anything den u know des niggaz get it inn.. non one fucks wid woolwich dey know waaam!! .

 dnt take cgm serious (2013-01-15 at 22:54:56)
 these man are not serious they dnt put in work, its that real leeboy is a waste man he got stripped n punched up. did not put in work no reaction n they wana talk aboiut sticks. n the rest are solders .

 loooool bang on GB??? Sparks??? (2013-01-13 at 04:48:09)
 lool u lto are funny talkin about banging on sparks n de old skool ghetto boys or blue boro come ghetto was on top since the 80s n 90s n shit .

 Shit (2013-01-12 at 06:48:52)
 Pure garbage everyone rappin da same shit. Ts church road hardest out .

 lool (2013-01-13 at 07:20:29)
 ayo take of your belts lool .

 smelly somalian (2013-01-12 at 17:29:31)
 wow dat somali forehed bout hes gets chicks wallad must b tlkin bout da chicken shop .

 l,s lewisham (2013-01-12 at 05:08:03)
 cgm ard trust me .

 wtf (2013-01-12 at 04:54:25)
 yh he got run of hes block .

 yoo (2013-01-14 at 07:35:32)
 skore frm clapion juntion is the best somlian rapper iv seen .

 deyll get ate (2013-01-13 at 16:43:40)
 vickerman .

 Ma mali bruddaz (2013-01-12 at 04:31:29)
 Fuck biddaz str88 mali fuck you mean dey dont look serious cum off tha fucking hater Ayy fuck the long im screamin FUCK BIDDAZ str88 mali .

 xyz (2013-01-12 at 15:27:53)
 this r the best somali rapers i seen still. .

 NT (2013-01-12 at 14:04:55)
 dese man r real hold tight SOLOMAN real cgm nigga .

 Do ur research (2013-01-12 at 10:59:19)
 Them Somalis in woolich get it in that's a fact .

 Somali bruddaz (2013-01-12 at 08:45:19)
 FUCKIN Runn shiit .

 Woolwich (2013-01-12 at 20:56:52)
 HARDEST NIGGAZ ~OUT Belidaaah Woolwich mans Get papper .

 Killa ldn (2013-01-12 at 20:55:27)
 This Woolwich Mandeem Run london this marliees are hard check their ova video when they brought The BUGGATI OUT youtube leeboi ft Argz this guys are ballers Still .

 Madness (2013-01-13 at 15:10:53)
 If u know ur onions u wuld know there all turkey legs waiting to get stripped by the government or sum nxt turkey strippers .

 LBG wornington road LNP (2013-01-12 at 19:04:01)
 duno no one can leave a comment of negavity dis traks hard mans bn trappin to dis anti hold tight dese man .

 Omg (2013-01-12 at 18:47:06)
 Is that lee boy from woowich, you lot our hood famous, can't wait to bump in to you on the street .

 Realist (2013-01-12 at 07:05:41)
 CGMD from cherry 2 woolwich it's all official moneys on the mind .

 2k13 (2013-01-13 at 13:13:54)
 them somali bruddaz went in .

 LOL (2013-02-04 at 23:06:49)
 Seen a picture of LeeBoi knocked out with his trouser down LOL .

 .... (2013-01-12 at 01:02:42)
 Hard but cherry yout wid woolwich boys WTF ? .

 loool (2013-01-12 at 00:37:48)
 dey look un serious but hes holdin a decent stack loool... da tunes decent aswel lol... da money prob all 5 of theres put together anyway .

 CHURCH RD NW10 (2013-01-17 at 20:16:30)

 cray (2013-01-18 at 05:49:27)
 Decent song man I like it .

 shhh (2013-01-18 at 13:37:33)
 thats a real money tean .

 THERE OLDER BIGGZ THE ONLY ONE THAT (2013-01-18 at 16:05:29)

 money talkz. (2013-02-11 at 21:06:34)
 to all you cybergangsterz get your money right and stop hating. WE ETING MONEY WE AINT GOT NO TIME TO HATE SOO I YOU GOT TIME TO HATE GUESS YOU AINT GETTING MONEY .

 Sn (2013-01-25 at 12:57:30)
 My niggas going in! .

 fullbak (2013-02-15 at 00:28:17)
 madting .

 fullbak (2013-02-15 at 00:28:18)
 madting .

 davezilla (2013-03-09 at 17:11:16)
 davezilla needs to jump on this track still real OG .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-24 at 22:23:40)
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