fuck u man (2010-10-27 at 07:30:26)
 csr is the hardest hood in hackney i begman ,try and take a walk wen all da goonies are out pussy'o, and i actually know dem so im nt even gassin .

 truth (2010-08-20 at 08:31:52)
 hu ever sed they gt chase out there video they didnt they was chasing square bois on lea bridge rd watch it properly and ive seen csr put in work they do there ting square bois are always gettin chase by dem and theres .

 htown (2010-08-18 at 15:55:53)
 i aint gna lie all u internet gz can chill at yard in front of ur screen chatting shit bt i beg u go 2 dare hood, if u dnt get wrapped ur defo getin shanked, at least 4 da fun of it, day dnt even need 2 av beef wiv u coz dare hype in dat way. fuck u haters .

 CSR (2010-07-28 at 20:40:14)
 CSR Southwold alll fuckinn day cuzzyyy hold tight my nigga frogzy .

 west (2010-07-05 at 01:33:06)
 hard .

 lol (2010-07-05 at 02:26:54)
 big mouths but the biggest pricks on road always gettin smacked up pussy fuck southwold .

 lol (2010-07-05 at 02:27:05)
 big mouths but the biggest pricks on road always gettin smacked up pussy fuck southwold .

 wtf (2010-07-05 at 02:27:48)
 this guy is shit .

 These manz are still ere (2010-07-05 at 04:59:21)
 Southwold gets bully'd by Springfield manz. .

 real talk (2010-07-05 at 05:34:25)
 i hate ppl on this spifftv talking shit this yout is hard still jheeeeee .

 real talk (2010-07-05 at 05:40:08)
 i hate ppl on this spifftv talking shit this yout is hard still jheeeeee .

 hard (2010-07-05 at 06:11:27)
 went in .

 Htown (2010-07-05 at 08:21:39)
 Southwold brraaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppp!!!!! .

 ahahaha (2010-07-05 at 08:21:57)
 southwold das al i have so say moist .

 that shooting star (2010-07-05 at 08:42:29)
 i swr dwn i had dese youts runnin doing back flips, some college boys get ur money up, bear punks in the video loooool .

 shit video only a minute long fuk u (2010-07-05 at 09:27:58)
 rimzee ur washed jus like ur dumb ass click fuk southwold u man r fully wet, i remember kemzi put it on all of u man and u man didnt do shit 2 him u was jus standing still lukin 4 an alley 2 run in 2, dem square put sick work on u lot as well, infact i swear u man lick dem bois asses always c running on the main rd, FUK SOUTHWOLD FUK SPRING FIELD U MAN SHOULDNT EVEN B IN EAST wet yutes .

 KMT (2010-07-05 at 09:39:56)
 spiff i beg u stop putin dese wet east yutes in ere dey all moist yutes dat try act hard .

 Could do better (2010-07-05 at 09:41:17)
 Aint hating on southwold but dnt waste my time by puttin on dees 1min trailors .

 KMT^^ suck your mudda (2010-07-05 at 09:45:15)
 Wet east youts ,wat ends u from il cum ur strip now pussy .

 e8 2 e5 (2010-07-05 at 10:24:30)

 truth (2010-07-05 at 13:20:35)
 kemzi squashed the beef with dese man n square r the washest hood in hackney these internet niggas r funny .

 imternet gansters (2010-07-05 at 13:25:24)
 blatently the same yute everythings wet u pussy real recognise real thats y u niggas cant relate .

 curious (2010-07-05 at 13:31:22)
 how comes kezi breads these man in his tune then "square shouldnt get a mention not as bad as southwold man dont show dem no attention." .

 E8 LF Shorts (2010-07-05 at 15:33:44)
 fuck rimzee he a pussy when i c him its peak times some tramp .

 @ curious (2010-07-06 at 03:42:13)
 kemzi says "square shouldnt get a mention because there JUST AS bad as southwold man" but its a lie square bois gt more real guys in der click majority of southwolds wet only 1's u can say dat do somethin is rimzee, flash n s boi n dey ain't even hard .

 east all day (2010-07-06 at 05:13:38)
 rimzee went in!! fuck the haters .

 @ the boy tlking to curious (2010-07-06 at 16:28:52)
 u dickhed listen to the tune properly .

 loool (2010-07-06 at 17:56:35)
 U net bangers lool y didnt all u dikeds come 2 man and say we're wet hackney carny last year pricks bare man tellin fairy tales u man dnt come 2 the strip come on the square older who cried knows who he is lool but keep banging on the net unless ur gona roll on mans strip and do sumtin kepp banging on the net coz thats the only way u niggas can bang on us .

 lollololo (2010-07-06 at 19:43:43)

 TOTTENHAM MAN DEM (2010-07-07 at 04:53:49)

 pissing me off (2010-07-07 at 08:46:28)
 mandem leave ur name n hood n stop hiding behind names u pussys suck ur mum n the whole of tottys washed u man cant even move 2 jus woodgreen u man r all broke ur olders rob fnes u pussys aint even gt straps .

 not the wettest in hackney but they (2010-07-07 at 11:29:53)
 kemzi did put it on all dese man b4 but anuva time he got smacked da fuk up by 1 of dem southwold yutes stil but for real dem manor house stamford hill and square man all put in work on dese man for fun .

 square (2010-07-07 at 13:32:13)
 what square u man talking bout in hackney? GS? what does GS stand for .

 @not wetest (2010-07-07 at 15:35:48)
 cuz u dnt no fam man bully sqyuare olders on a regs manour house arent evven known n ther nt even hackney if kemzi putit on alll us man he wudnt have breded man in his tune think about it third of all cum sw n c coz man r jus acting on dere computers .

 Tottenham so moist (2010-07-07 at 18:05:09)
 Tottenham olders bun crack and Chosen snitch is ur boss .

 bossdon (2010-07-08 at 04:26:26)
 rimzee got yanked nearly died hes scared no-one wants it with square really .

 square (2010-07-08 at 15:40:33)

 What did he do? (2010-07-08 at 15:45:05)
 What did he do wen he got yanked up? What did he do when man cam to his hood and set dog on him? Ask hm what he did?...Jus in case he lies he did nutten. .

 bare lies (2010-07-08 at 15:46:09)
 Get run out ur own hood. .

 What did he do? (2010-07-08 at 15:47:17)
 Rimzee if thats all lies say sutten. If not shut up and stop making videos u mug. .

 i no (2010-07-09 at 03:48:10)
 wen rimz gt bite by a dog he was rocking n they set dogs on him n da yutwe da bored him dnt even go in thier strip no more there shooh 1 of the yutes crashed his car wen he saw rimz n enuva burst at .

 @ square (2010-07-09 at 03:49:36)
 stop chatting shit u pussy like man wernt running towards u man u man man breezed of shouting square n cid was coming towards man wen man was chasing u pussys .

 @every1 tlking shiit (2010-07-09 at 03:50:26)
 dnt leave a comment hyping if ur not gna leave ur name n hood u cowards hiding behind ur pcs .

 its true (2010-07-09 at 03:51:57)
 igf you go rectory anyday any time da blocks are deserted there shook of sw .

 hackneyman (2010-07-09 at 04:05:02)
 only real hackney man no bout sw them man r on there ting fully the gt beef wid almost the whole of hackney thats why there so many haters .

 im from rectory (2010-07-09 at 04:06:14)
 i see rimz walking rnd on his own sometimes on rectory and he dont look shook 2 me. .

 fuck the paigons (2010-07-09 at 15:27:38)
 rimz is 1 of da hardest young nigga on rd .

 fuck the paigons (2010-07-09 at 15:27:38)
 rimz is 1 of da hardest young nigga on rd .

 RECTORY MANDEM (2010-07-10 at 08:35:05)
 every body no's rectory mandem dnt jam in rectory they jam in smalley or stokey high road eney way dese sw boiz no that we gt the beater in smalley so say no mre .

 ?? (2010-07-10 at 10:25:43)
 is rectory e5 or n16 ? .

 @ rectory (2010-07-10 at 15:59:05)
 y u called rectory if u dnt even jam inur ghood n how come since u had beef wid sw u dnt c 1 rectory boy on rectory da bloks totally deserted n u man aint gt no beaters stop chatiing shit with ur snitch money u man snitched on scarface n gt hoim 30 years n it wernt even him u cowards .

 ... (2010-07-10 at 16:03:19)
 it wernt jus rectory that caught him slippin it was ber ends all togeva with rectory .

 Real Talk (2010-07-11 at 05:42:52)
 People say southwold are on it by they aint real talks there wet there tryna get close with ballance to ride on square but real talk i dont understand because both southwold and ballance say squares moist but they have to link up to ride on them iRate Square and i aint even on this road ting .

 southwold scary (2010-07-11 at 06:46:49)
 i see these mans on clapton high road chillin for fun like they asintgot beef. i have never seen or heard southwold boys got mugged.....im scared to go der they keep their endz locked, they chase down buses, cars, bike's... everything there scary.. an wen they go hackney or big hood parties they make an entrance .

 @real talk (2010-07-11 at 07:18:21)
 southwold and ballance arent even joint u fuking dikhed suk ur mum square man r pussys ask sw pb ballance holly street fellows fields whiston hoxton fawcett springfield even jack dunning will tell u .

 Upper clapton Htown (2010-07-12 at 09:39:52)
 big up my Southwold duns holin it up out ere!! .

 fuk sw (2010-07-13 at 09:38:54)
 fuk southwold pussy's end of, u shank and run niggers all faggots still robbin women, theres a list of storys abou tu faggots onna reals doe ur ends shouldnt even b in east u should go and link up wid dem pussy hole bow niggas jus useless area's in east ur blocks need 2 get blown up real tlk .

 @fuck sw (2010-07-13 at 14:05:14)
 ucant be from hackney do ur researchsw boys r grinders dnt dopetty robberies .

 stop gassin (2010-07-13 at 15:29:00)
 southwold will set pace on nuff of u internet goons, all dis online dubbin is jus gna make dem man turn up the greeze truss. .

 en3 (2010-07-13 at 19:27:36)
 does this youts have beef with mts .

 LOOOL (2010-07-16 at 09:29:16)
 Man chat shit bout ballance and southwold linking up to ride on square u prick ur probz sum moist yout that man past on roads .

 loool dik head (2010-07-20 at 04:56:47)
 its true dumb shit u dnt no road .

 lol peak times (2010-07-24 at 23:59:12)
 da whole video looks like sum bummy shit, i beg u waste east hackney man giv it a rest if it aint mountford or mashtown please giv up run da streets or a 9 ter 5 job suckers lool .

 E4 (2010-10-30 at 12:23:36)
 you lot are neeeeeky stop chattin shit on vids. ands kemxi didnt say 'just as bad as southwold', he said square aint as bad as southwold you neeks so square dont get no attention .

 E4 (2010-10-30 at 12:27:47)
 you lot are neeeeeky stop chattin shit on vids. ands kemxi didnt say 'just as bad as southwold', he said square aint as bad as southwold you neeks so square dont get no attention .

 e4 suck your mum (2010-10-31 at 20:34:10)
 my nigga rimzee goes innn .

 da truth with square an southwold (2011-01-16 at 07:23:58)
 i hear ber lies like csr are hard, square youngas head locked yung rimzees mum out her car, dey fucked over lil man, shanked up frogzy, den shanked up Sboy, den csr came bk to square an bricked a youth club an two other csr youtes got poked up for, an der youngers get bullies by dem cyr youtes an dem square yungas like yung fumz an yung barkz like mandem do ur reasearch before liein over da net real talks .

 DUN KNO CSR (2011-01-23 at 11:23:52)

 LFB e8 ryda (2011-03-29 at 04:49:54)
 u cant say csr is the baddest gang in hackney ...when london fields rune the roads .

 Microsoft OEM Software (2012-03-07 at 16:55:00)
 AezJhv A big thank you for your article post.Really thank you! Want more. .

 rimz sister (2012-11-13 at 10:33:21)
 Rimz sister demahli sucks dick she a brainers frm way bk batty wash an all dat swallows da juice easy .

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