Cold! Sexy Girls Have It Easy - Girl Gets On Bus, Free Cake, Free Drinks, But Ugly Girl Dont Get None
 fake times (2012-01-02 at 19:58:12)
 this is why i respect muslem gurls dat cover, llow woman compromising their body for doe .

 AY (2012-01-02 at 14:28:23)
 maybe u'll see the muthafuckin power of make up boiz. throw a bucket of water on your girl u wont regret it. she's probably a ugly bitch no offense .

 LOL (2012-01-01 at 09:05:27)
 i would slap that bitch if she asked me for free shit! .

 donny sw8 (2012-01-01 at 09:13:56)
 id fuck her still where she at she need some real shit .

 LOLLY (2012-01-01 at 11:41:38)

 wake up (2012-01-01 at 11:58:46)
 this is what happens when guys gas girls. reset your lives .

 dumb pricks (2012-01-01 at 13:43:10)
 stop promoting this behaviour to women man dem need to stop giving women this attention .

 HAHAHA (2012-01-01 at 16:24:24)

 every man does this (2012-01-01 at 18:37:03)
 Every man wants to feel like a boss e.g. a provider helping out the pretty girl its not for their benefit .

 ahmads talkin sense (2012-01-01 at 19:23:29)
 but i do think some of this is staged .

 looooooool (2012-01-01 at 20:26:12)
 bare ugly girl are gunna fall deprest and commit suiside .

 oho (2012-01-02 at 12:09:27)
 that guy at the end who offered the "ugly" girl the drinkis such a gentleman .. how sweet .

 realist bars ever (2012-01-01 at 07:59:28)
 look in da cupboard no food agen,mummas in da mood agen,so am robbin niggas runnin round wit da hooligan,aint afraid to loose a fren,ive already lost a few,amount of my niggas dat garn ive already lost a crew,dese niggas say dey wit u wen dey say dat dey luv u bt call em wen u need em and dese niggas will run u,u cnt even progress witout da feds on ur tail,dey wana put u in da devil van an take u to a, little sid was a good kid but he was smothered in the gutter,he turned into a killer cause his mudda was a nutter,little pretty rebecca she dnt let nobody touch her,she never have no parents plus her uncle use to fuck her,little dickeds wana be bad and let da beater go,alot of man spend bags jus to beat a hoe,all i see is crying riding and pump shots,all i hear is sirens violence and pumpshots .

 Ahmed (2012-01-01 at 05:49:11)
 It's sort of confirmed what we all know, men think with their eyes, whereas women in general use this and get what they need. Im guilty myself of giving in to attractive women , but its a wake-up call that men should be more firm and put their foot down, chivalry is a good thing, but having double standards is just not cool. However thats what makes men the way they are! .

 big dc (2012-01-01 at 05:52:17)
 Loooooool .

 hustler (2012-01-01 at 06:03:49)
 course i got a pretty bitches to do my dirty work fools .

 jokes (2012-01-01 at 06:29:51)
 shes got a point but shes useing diffrent language wgen shes dolled up she uses .

 lol (2012-01-01 at 07:05:41)
  dropping game to the nice girl and not realising it .

 02:38 (2012-01-01 at 04:05:16)
 She's got a back off uno .

 THIRD (2012-01-01 at 05:23:59)
 ofnoprmfepfme .

 HAHAs sad but true (2012-01-02 at 11:00:16)
 it .

 first. (2012-01-01 at 01:59:51)

 loool (2012-01-01 at 02:13:06)
 ugly bitch .

 pills for weight loss (2013-02-01 at 11:26:47)
 ij5Cav Thank you for your article post.Really looking forward to read more. Awesome. .

 /'] (2012-01-02 at 06:00:49)
 elephant and castle .

 norfbadman (2012-01-05 at 03:13:27)

 piff brownin (2012-01-06 at 18:09:44)
 haha! this is my life!! get things easily all because of my looks...:): sexy brownin..however, the SEXY her wasnt really SEXY and when she asked for things she said it in a demanding way, wheras she asked for things in a friendly way when she was being the SEXY her and thats the only reason why she got things...the bar part was desperate..if your hot, the men come to you and offer you a drink .

 Mr (2012-01-15 at 09:32:35)
 I would beat .

 Gassed (2012-01-06 at 20:13:47)
 look at this dumb yat^ .

 shawty&nibo (2012-01-07 at 10:10:57)
 follow this up @shawty named tan no frass tingz .

 UNKNOWN (2012-01-12 at 18:33:28)

 jj (2012-01-08 at 05:38:55)
 loooool wow tells u alot bout ppl in london innit .

 hillsey (2012-01-21 at 17:26:24)
 id bone still! .

 reswan (2012-02-08 at 09:47:16)
 true say AY !!! .

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