Crazy Uk Street Fights Caught On Camera - Watch What Your Doing
 Plain White T's (2009-09-13 at 22:05:32)

 Hij (2009-09-14 at 08:39:37)
 lol thats me walking into the barrier thing that was a mad night¬_¬ .

 lol (2009-09-14 at 09:35:06)
 see whiteboys dont use knives its much more fun fighting this way .

 top tunna gunna boi (2009-09-14 at 11:39:45)
 im back see evrything that happend in this video ima document and make a video of t dot megs fuck spiff tv. .

 loooool (2009-09-15 at 06:13:48)
 see why cant u black bois ave a fight to sort out ur problems ur shoooooooooook thats why u stab and shoot .

 shut up (2009-09-15 at 16:13:23)
 at da west ham and millwall fight ppl dat gt stabbed were white, ppl doin da stabbin was white, ppl frowin bottles were white, ppl gettin bottled were white. u get da kist of it. kmt .

 midlands (2009-09-15 at 23:09:02)
 that 1st 1 is in leicester .

 shut up ur mum (2009-09-16 at 07:19:57)
 1 time the millwall west ham match. mate u get a knife for christmas from ur dad. football fighting is a WHITE THING COZ WE CAN FIGHT U LOT CANT THATS WHY THESE SO MUCH BLACK ON BLACK CRIME COZ U ARE ALL SHOOK SNAKES .

 @ plain white t's (2010-07-11 at 02:50:41)
 its the media bruv, im white yh but i know the shit is bein dealt out unfairly. but tbh you boys gotta stop shootin people init lool then if you black boys stop them crimes, what more can the media say? they will be forced to blame whites. .

 true (2010-09-23 at 04:29:41)
 black boys cant fight its all aboutthere pride they dont want to lose it so they use a knife white boys drink get drunk and fight if you win you win if you lose you lose black boys are pussys they dont like getting a punch to the face they cant hold licks so they carry a knife big pussys from day i see a one on one with a black boy the day hell freezes over they talk mad shit when there with there friends but when you get them on there own they are pussy cats .

 yhyh (2010-11-23 at 01:13:34)
 u lot are a bunch pussys im repping usg stonebridge all day .

 blacks are dumb (2011-02-07 at 12:54:14)
 fighting with fists is much more fun than knifes .

 LOL @ True (2011-03-06 at 12:19:47)
 About black boys cant fight. You Fucking muppet. .

 lol @ blacks are dum (2011-03-28 at 12:40:43)
 go f urself u stupid fool .

 nickita (2011-04-30 at 18:35:03)
 wat is this fighting all about .

 LOL (2011-05-05 at 11:43:10)
  white boys and affaid to get stuck in balck boys use guns cause their scared to hold a bang. .

 KKK (2011-05-13 at 18:54:06)
 black people can't fight, they r all pussy, suck all your mumz u nigknog nigger .

 tunmanghost (2011-06-22 at 09:55:47)
 all u fake ass white boys funny how racist u can be behind d computer screen enit try say dat infront of some black people ul no wether we can fight or not...peak if i ever catch one of use slippin il tell u exactly where im at erdington birmingham pass through bad mans!! ask 4 smithy wesson im easy 2 find! .

 cheap oem software (2012-02-12 at 08:19:59)
 TJgfSi Yeah !... life is like riding a bicycle. You will not fall unless you stop pedaling!!... .

 the truth (2012-05-15 at 15:04:40)
 all ur racists black or white ur all the wasters go suck your rotting dead familys dry toes u fucking stupid retarded scum .

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Crazy Uk Street Fights Caught On Camera - Watch What Your Doing
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