Croydon - Wholagun - The Corner - [Net Video] @Iam_Wholagun @epicvisionshd
 @wordsoftruth (2012-11-13 at 15:07:54)
 shut up you wally. you sound dumb and broke. Pawn your glasses???? SUM TRAMP TALK. go help your mum with the dinner or suttm you wasteman. .

 real (2012-11-10 at 05:55:21)
 my man coming in strong!! .

 Lol (2012-11-10 at 06:40:42)
 Why is he rollin wiv dat prick sims... Hes a waste man.. Wholagun stop rollin wiv neeks .

 DON TANCH (2012-11-10 at 11:21:09)
 this croydon pagan again.overly washed .

 Words of truth (2012-11-11 at 00:46:50)
 Stop wasting ur money on swag then stack ur pz quicker to get out the hood pawn ur ralphy glasses and put that money in ur stack...fool .

 respect to lol (2012-11-11 at 06:40:38)
 LOL: for real rolling with sims wagwan for you doe wholagun ? .

 miami road (2012-11-11 at 09:00:14)
 its tragic that wholagun is the only croydon nigga that gets shown on . lol @ that sideman sims .

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Croydon - Wholagun - The Corner - [Net Video] @Iam_Wholagun @epicvisionshd
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