*DM.TV Exclusive* Showerz - Freestyle HOOD VIDEO (HD)
 showerz... (2010-03-18 at 12:23:03)
 suck ur mum init ur moist say nutten .

 wow! (2010-02-23 at 04:42:21)
 u no what big up this vid init u man jus stop haten cummin on here chatn shit aint u got life like real talk man get ur ps up beefn dont get u no money .

 Rapid (2010-02-22 at 03:40:45)
 Big up this vid, all you hater go fuck urself ! .

 E15 (2010-02-21 at 12:09:09)
 U man are dumb, hes in green gang .

 LOOL (2010-02-21 at 10:58:25)
 They look propa moist like guys you rob on bored 1 at d bustop lol .

 Showerz (2010-02-21 at 11:26:31)
 lol, guys can gass all they... its just realness, dont have to stunt in vids to show whos hard. The streets talks and people know was good! .

 Showerz (2010-02-21 at 11:27:12)
 gass all they want* .

 as (2010-02-20 at 19:53:57)
 nuttin but sweetboys keep chasing chicks cos roadz are too much for you... pls .

 _-_Mystro_-_ (2010-02-20 at 22:54:24)
 Yeah bro, nice work keep it up , nuff respect from yur boy mys diggi ! .

 YoungTalent (2010-02-20 at 22:55:35)
 Dont hate just rate, haters go suck ur mum and get yur doe up rude boy ! .

 DeepMusic (2010-02-20 at 14:48:08)
 Yeah hard. Subscribe to Deep Music TV www.youtube.com/deepmusictv .

 Tottenham (2010-02-20 at 17:04:39)
 Y u gonna call urselfs shower cum on man ur fuckin up the name showers are real real bad men u lot aint even men yet let alone bad .

 trappa (2010-02-20 at 14:39:19)
 ard still!! He went in!! .

 DM2010 (2010-02-20 at 14:42:02)
 Yeah, he went in !!! .

 nw9 (2010-02-20 at 08:48:22)
 moist yout, r.i.p ur tune. .

 pecknarm Gss (2010-02-19 at 18:49:29)
 y the fuck does every1 wanna b MC! fuckin shitty moist brez!! 2man block lool .

 g'd up boss (2010-02-19 at 19:51:02)
 dis guy is ova shitt, keep da swagga but keep ur mouth closed. .

 Green side (2010-12-09 at 14:53:13)
  jheez Goin in . ders too many haters out there that spread greaze ver the internet JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP .

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*DM.TV Exclusive* Showerz - Freestyle HOOD VIDEO (HD)
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