Damn!! Guy Tell Big Narstie "She Won't Suck it No More?" Uncle Pain [Part 17]
 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-25 at 10:36:52)
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 narstieee hard (2012-12-10 at 07:02:49)
 narstie goss in make me llaugh to muchhhhh keep doing wot u doing .

 ELLZ CR0 (2012-12-10 at 06:19:18)
 1st ya diiiig …. a man said taekwando block fkfkjlvcghjkljh .

 jheeze (2012-12-10 at 08:10:27)

 TOO MUCH (2012-12-10 at 12:15:28)
 Man said Muay Tai dick to ta face looool...wid basss!!! .

 Ella (2012-12-10 at 12:56:35)
 Loooooooooooooooooooooool i love these vids hes a joker. Keep it up big man .

 wii (2012-12-10 at 16:37:24)
 and you think ican be any help to you hahahahahah joker .

 Red Ape (2012-12-10 at 16:52:19)
 Fuck every Crip ever WATCH THE NEW YEAR GONNA BE PEAK .

 How do you have oil dtains on a bla (2012-12-10 at 21:26:13)
 dnt even look cool. just looks like you dnt wash ur shit .

 LOOOL (2012-12-10 at 21:29:44)
 B4 she was takin mui-thai dick to the face…now she's like taekwon-do block .

 SMG (2012-12-11 at 03:29:16)
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 ARAB (2012-12-11 at 03:56:46)

 Random27 (2012-12-13 at 13:50:19)
 nastie ur hard still thats real talks there g u fucked up da #basss .

 regyy (2012-12-14 at 06:02:10)
 twkawandooo blok im fuking deadddddddddd .

 G.LOCO (2012-12-21 at 14:28:31)
 This FAT guy Talking Like he knowzz diz! Things!!! Fuck!!! go eat your junk food and shut the F*** <<lol UP!!!! waste man!!! .

 south (2013-01-28 at 20:23:35)
 keep up d good work fam .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-26 at 22:31:41)
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Damn!! Guy Tell Big Narstie "She Won\'t Suck it No More?" Uncle Pain [Part 17]
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