Don Strapzy aka Dru Blu , Fekky, Carnage, Corleone, Jack Jones, Ramsey" Out The Blue Remix
 se6 (2011-02-23 at 07:05:04)
 Loooool i swear dats in power league, pits .

 so wot (2011-02-23 at 06:26:05)
 fecter an dem r real but this is music so it dont matter! .

 ANTI (2011-02-23 at 05:53:50)
 fuk shower fuk smily antiu snitching pussyholes .

 all above (2011-02-23 at 05:02:59)
 what u dont understand is man fuked up n now dare stuck .

 star (2011-02-23 at 04:55:39)
 yea fekky an corleone r mad real strapzy is still fake lol .

 GB (2011-02-23 at 04:44:34)

 strapz is a pussy (2011-02-23 at 03:40:30)
 if strapz saw a real gun he would run like a little fassyhole why is he constantly rapping about gunz.....lol joker .

 loooooool (2011-02-22 at 23:09:08)
 the black guy in the black and red gucci hat looks like sneaky .

 realist talk (2011-02-22 at 21:24:00)
 bla bla.. yea yea ur all bussin gun..... all u man will catch a case.. and end up riding 30.. .

 shower (2011-02-23 at 09:23:39)
 big up fekky and corleone, real shooters big up Smiley and zaggz and rip sparks Real killers 3 Killa Cam 3 Trev .

 SW9 (2011-02-23 at 10:50:13)
 These boys need to stop catting brikky. RSGz Smiley and Shak Corleone>>>These bruddas. .

 sw9 chatting shit (2011-02-23 at 11:34:02)
 uno how much people in london obvoulsy people gnna come out eiv da same names .

 GB (2011-02-23 at 12:40:58)

 DUMMY (2011-02-23 at 12:43:00)

 are you for real (2011-02-23 at 13:11:23)
 i see dem boys on bus stop talking shit like your on dis ting .

 ozzie ornek e8 banger (2011-02-23 at 14:57:05)
 facebook - GoGetta Oz come and msg me if you r on it or just shut up andstop sayin fuck e8 because your a internet g hidin behind your computer everyone in hackney knows lf are on it and always have been holly st too we ride out on them every night 4 man up chase there olders they dont do nufffin cuz snm FUCK E6 .

 Real Blue Nigga (2011-02-23 at 15:50:15)
 @ DUMMY how can SRG be a snitch if da yout dat shot him is free, sum of dese niggas r da reason why man like killa kam is locked up n now dey jus baitig up dem selves watch wen dey catch a case dey snitch ass niggas.... .

 Stop h8in (2011-02-23 at 16:01:08)
 Ber strapzy h8az, y dnt u all shut d fuk up n stop watching his videos if u dnt like it...fukin paigons, bere washed niggaz internet hyping, lyk dey put in work...y u on d net gossiping lyk bitches??? SW9 Brikky 2 Blue...kno what tym it is .

 uno (2011-02-23 at 16:54:22)
 monson blood gang .

 fool (2011-02-23 at 17:47:08)
 every1 has got copies of the papers in da ends so do ur homework even i thought sr was a lil bit real till i read it ....madness .

 E6 (2011-02-23 at 17:54:33)

 j (2011-02-23 at 17:59:56)
 @fool Stop lying who did he snitch on then? .

 rgb blue bits (2011-02-23 at 19:50:33)
 Brikky to blue ur chat shit blue aint linked wid u faggets so stop lickin batty .

 real talk (2011-02-24 at 05:28:00)
 Status suck ur mum n stop typing .

 loooool@dat brikky yute (2011-02-24 at 05:31:57)
 True blue u man aint linked wid man like dat loool so allow it my bits is more linked wid da narm and dem shower ones not brikky big up all da showers in da blue sho .

 some real gees in this one (2011-02-24 at 17:56:07)
 man like fecter real shooters that really get it in but low the rapping ting stick to the road .

 ygb (2011-02-25 at 08:28:00)
 shower camppp, fuck trhe other side!!!!! .

 fector is moist (2011-02-25 at 10:48:35)
 srg done wrapped him up 4 his wip and chain looooool and y fector buss blanks .

 looool ramsey is pussy (2011-02-25 at 10:52:19)
 dnt get gassed peeps only cpl man in dis is on dis ting da rest are pussy .

 dun no (2011-02-25 at 10:53:11)
 bout fucking time real blue niggaz do dis .

 no money (2011-02-25 at 15:57:55)
 wheres the money .

 blue don (2011-02-25 at 16:21:28)
 SR dun punched up affector n ducked out yunger too, n one wasteman yunger shot SR even tho affector and tiny.aff try shoot after him! SR's a REAL G.... .

 lol (2011-02-25 at 16:38:33)
 Lol it looks like a couple of srs fam got angry cause they found he was a snitch, sr aint even from ghetto like smiley fecta zaggi corleone raskal n dem man that's why he is 21/22 and still broke, cause the man he roll with aren't money makers, afolabi was the only money man in his team n he's related to fecta so that link is dead now. .

 blue nigga (2011-02-25 at 16:44:51)
 Didn't ferrier youts rip srgs ear off when they bottled him as well loool, but yh enuf of the beef talk that's all moist, big up 2 strapzy 4 gettin dese man on the remix and big up 2 jack jones the father of all this blue borough shit. .

 the man that dnt sleep (2011-02-25 at 19:37:48)
 fectas a gasser he gt hes ass kicked and never done nuffin hes sayin he wud pitch a violator btvhes dun been vioed.y.fectas a clown full stop. dnt let the road fool you its all a lie...go college go uni do ur lil ting on the side ul be easy real GANGSTERS dnt dont do rap videos like this talkin bait...if u really did this ting an spat about it on net ud be NICKED instantly. an man r saying SRG is a snitch bt have YOU seen papers? did he testify?NO so dnt follow mans batty...if ur real observe frm a distance...u DONT have to beat ur ting to be real to be real u gta be youuuuu...im out........oyhhh who the fuck is don strapzy never seen him in the whole boro let alone se14/8 hahahahaha FAKE lild or old skool mckenzie...loooooooool real GBs u dun kno be tru to urself dnt follow...bet u wish u knew who wrote thiss...shoo .

 lol (2011-02-26 at 04:00:46)
 srg bluestatements laaa it .

 bluestatements (2011-02-26 at 06:07:35)
 Lol man r saying SRGs a rat, low gossipin on the internet though that's all dead fectar is real no one can say his not not even SRG,older rhymer is real and so was SRG before he started singing like t pain, man lyk fekky corleone rascal and smileymade ghetto feared after sparks death. .

 @the man dont sleep (2011-02-26 at 06:12:29)
 So Corleone isn't a real gangster? How come no one talks like this about the pecky olders, half of their olders like Colors, chess, fem felon even spender have jumped on tracks and no one has questioned their realness, a couple of man in this video are some of the realest guys in our borough who make. P 2 let's not lie here. .

 @the man dont sleep (2011-02-26 at 08:18:07)

 @the man dont sleep (2011-02-26 at 08:18:08)

 YHYHYHYHYHYHYH (2011-02-26 at 17:42:28)

 blue state (2011-02-27 at 12:43:53)
 srg real nigga not no snitch... fuck all these punks in the video... straight bluestate fuck shower fuck anti fuck ghetto .

 @ozzie ornek e8 banger (2011-02-28 at 10:54:29)

 GHETTO BOY (2011-02-28 at 10:55:50)

 GHETTO BOYS (2011-02-28 at 22:04:07)

 GHETTO BOYS (2011-02-28 at 22:07:55)

 lool (2011-02-28 at 22:14:34)
 its not only pricks that rap u got giggs mashtown north star and now ghetto boy loool .

 SR THE SNITCH!! (2011-03-01 at 11:19:02)

 sad but true.. (2011-03-01 at 11:21:15)
 srg IS a snitch, its sad but true... everything changes when u get bun lol .

 sosho blue (2011-03-02 at 05:53:23)
 dont chat shit real ghetto boys your man carnt come ghetto... REAL GUNNERZ TREV KRAVER..snm .

 FUCK MONEY, WHERES THE TALENT (2011-03-02 at 17:12:32)
 Alright track .

 murder rizz (2011-03-02 at 17:43:46)
 what happend to srg? .

 Blue Truth (2011-03-03 at 12:48:50)
 raskals a batty whole, bout real ghetto boy after y.kraver r.i.p was speeding to cum n blow off his head da night he died TRUTH,affector wants the beef squasehed wid SRG TRUTH, SRG didnt have to snitch if da boy got caught on da spot wer he shot SR TRUTH, SR refused to testify TRUTH, the papers everyones passing around are fake like the forged signature TRUTH, SRG did get bottled n his ear cut in half TRUTH and carryed on rockin TRUTH! same old ghetto ends hate a real nigga jus like dey did to sparks...fake ass niggas! .

 @blueturth (2011-03-03 at 16:51:35)
 @bluetrith, Y.Kraver wasn't going to blow anyone heads off the night he died, n even if he and y.kraver had a disagreement why does that make Raskal a fake ghetto boy? shut up man, these things happen. Also none of them wanted 2 squash the beef, they both aggravated it and we both know who started it, so i don't know what your talkin about, as for the fake papers i sturggle to see how they would pass around fake papers, when half of the ends were on SRGs bottom and were on his side but true say im not going to say hes a snitch like other man cause you may be right init. .

 lol (2011-03-03 at 16:59:30)
 @bluetruth, mans saying fuck ghetto like ghetto didn't put blue borough on the map, i don't know where SRS from but he aint from ghetto, so i don't know why your saying Y.Kraves name like say he was even cool with SRG in the first place...leave it out, sparks died cause of a dispute with another real nigga, nothing to do with hate for him, the ghetto youts had love for spakrs, thats why his name is still ringing even though he was a terror and did a lot of wrong to a lot of people, and its not a good idea comparing Spraks to SR man. .

 real (2011-03-03 at 22:17:01)
 your all idiots why dont you all go nd make some money and stop talking sh*t and rapping about the same old stuff ghetto is dead LOL LOL WHY OUR PEOPLE TRYING TO BRING IT BACK LOL FAKE PEOPLE AFFECTER IS FAKE AND WAS NOT ABOUT FROM DAY THE ONLY REAL GUY IN THE VIDEO IS COLI REST OUR FAKE .

 Blue Truth (2011-03-14 at 16:51:39)
 LoL SR grew up in New Cross mate and lived in brockley so what u on about! .

 Blue Truth (2011-03-14 at 17:07:07)
 Look here, da yungers got tiny affectors BB, n we saw da bullshit forged signature u lot tryed to do wid SRs name n fake picture, u sad deptford niggas try dat hard to ruin sum1s rep, n den all of a sudden dey wanna rap wid strapzy after SRG did...hmmmm how funny...the truth shall provail .

 sr snitch (2011-03-15 at 19:26:51)
 straight up get off dat rats hood .

 Miss Blue (rip y.krava) (2011-03-17 at 13:32:12)
 non of these guys in dis video was ever a ghetto Bwoy, just a buch of egos looking Rep... man are talking bout snitching but yet Coreleon mention trevors Name in his bars, when he snitch on Smiley when he got Nick for da M case and dats a fact plus he lined up Sparks his own friend to get shot in da back (i'm confused), non of those guys in da video never rolled with sparks or Krava dats a fact, mans just calling name for Ratings dats a fact.... da only mans dats still around dat put work in as ghetto boys are smiley and Luigi.but look how dem 2 are just humble and easy going.not saying Coreleon is fake but da rest loooool.riding da white boy Dick, every1 from da Ends should know who da real people are! man dem are talking bout next mans a snitch but they bigging up official snitch and snakes in their Bars, Joke Ting.... just telling da truth.... we all know who da Real Donz are, putting lies in Bars cant trick ppl its funny what people would do for fame or a Name.which of these guys use to beef woolwich, Narm, dulwich and penge nggas at da same time. aint it funny how man dem are trying to buss off SRG name and hes not even big yet(i smell jealousy) dats sum really sad shit! big up da Blue .

 miss blue(rip y.krava) (2011-03-17 at 14:01:21)
 dis is da most confusing video ever, these guys are all blatant liars, non of dem knew or rolled with sparks or Krava, mans bigging up trevor sparks smiley and krava in bars but da fact is Trevor snitched on smiley when he got nick for da M case (dats a fact ask da man dem) Trevor is locked up for liking down Sparks, non of these nggaz never rolled with Krava or Sparks except jack jones, i'm 29 growing up i memba smiley and mario repping da endz (dem 2 are so calm and easy going) mans rapping for rep and a name joke ting bitch ting and i'm a girl, whats more bitchy is dat on da endz these guys are trying to buss off SRG name and hes not even Big yet(Sad) da boy dat shot him got nick on da sceen i heard several witness said it was him but he buss case da victim is in prison now aint dat funny,da boys on road his mum was on da News talking bout she bought a house off endz, when do u ever see or hear dat a man get nick for attempted murder and posession of fire arm buss caSE AND SHOOTER MUM GETS TO GO ON DA NEWS TO TALK BOUT SHES MOVING OUT DA AREA,(im confused) oh yea why aint Raskal riding for his dead friend mase. too many wannabe gangsters if u ask me ( well i guess da ppl who dnt know will accept what they here out da mouth of these liars and protentials killers) Sad Sad Sad Boys are faking dan girls now dats fucking worrying .

 @Miss Blue (2011-03-18 at 07:26:51)
 Real talk, your talking the truth knwo your stuff, but coli and Fecta are a good 5 years younger than Sparks and Krava, so obviously dey never rolled with sparks like that, he was an older to them someone who they looked up to, the same way they used to look up to Jack Jones and Tommy Bones, but to say they didn't know him is stupid, most people around new cross/deptford would of known him he was notorious,he was never one of them quiet guys, and Corleone, Fecta are not fake, and neither is Ramsey who is kravers brother btw, and who is Raskal supposed to ride on, do you even know who killed Mase, and why he can't touch them? .

 darkgangrealrecognise real (2011-03-18 at 18:58:09)
 da other sides only rate 3 mans frm ghetto right now Smiley coreleon mario, those are de realest nggaz frm de blue right now. ive read de statements and de yute dat shot SRG should be paying mario sum money because my man took him frm de sceen of de shooting and put him infront of a different shop and said da only reason why they were fighting was because da yute barge into him and not say sorry! plus man dem need to know dat de yute snitch on dem man dats y mario got locked up 2 weeks lata with no charge and hes been on immigration Tag for almost a year and hes got his papers. plus if SRG snitched why is da yute on road after Mario chased him while he was bussing, dis-arm him and while they were fighting feds jump on dem!! plus dat beef Shit between SR and Fecky, i swear Mario is da only1 dat drew blood, we know what went on. certain man need to grow up still i member when we dis arm ramsey in ghetto for dat old guy lol video is ok you man need to ask dat yute to see his statements and all is paper cah bwoy frm what a girl told me dat knows his brother .

 @darkgangrealrecognizereal (2011-03-18 at 22:28:57)
 Mario was backing it for SRG? .

 .. (2011-03-18 at 22:52:34)
 Mario doesn't even fuck with corleon and smiley. .

 ur all fucking bait (2011-03-19 at 13:33:49)
 how ppl baiting man dem names like that moist .

 ur all fucking bait (2011-03-19 at 13:35:27)
 how ppl baiting up man dem names like that! moist .

 wildcat (2011-03-19 at 15:56:26)
 da fact is boyz other dan Coreleon, all de ppl in dis video will ov to do de opposite of how da ting is meant to be, wat im saying is they all gna ov to do sumting to prove they are real or dat there on dat bullshit... instead of man writing about real life, for dem its life immitating ART.lool. mario Smiley and Coreleon is out together every week, so man stop chatting Shit. 1 thing i know when de time is right and certain man heart turn black bwoy not gna say much.dnt wanna make da pigs job easier for dem. im sure if certain man heart was dark fecky and his little bro would be gone but de queffa dem know its ova sum bullshit. dat yute mario has got mad Respect anywhere he goes!no1 cant deny dat, SRG does and will do his ting, plus real criminals kno theres no way u can shoot sum1 in broad day get nick on de sceen and buss case, even if de witness never point a finger, the amount of residue i heard dat boy had on him, i heard he wasnt wearing gloves! i wanna see all his papers, ppl if SRG said wat they are claiming on record like these idiota are claiming would dat boy be on road, so all the ppl who are saying SRG is a snitch to be real u lot look like fools are just jealous as couple ppl say. i like the idea of the endz doing things but bwoy. Ramsy bars are good. free my donz (STRIPE) .

 @ wildcat (2011-03-19 at 19:54:49)
 @wildcat, none of these man have to prove anything, let them do their ting, if fecky was fake corleone wouldn't roll with him, man like ramsey ain't new to raods either and jack jones maybe off the roads but he is foundation remember that, none of them have 2 prove anything, because none of them are new 2 roads, there all big men now, leave that proving shit to little youths on the come up, these man have already done that, if you don't ebelive me go and ask about and you will see 4 yourself, just cause you don't hear about stuff doesn't mean it doesn't happen, in simpler terms theres alot of shit certain man do that you would never know about unless you were in dere circles and for good reason as well cause as some man know a little bit of info, the shit ends up on these blogging or should i say snitching sites, a couple of SRGs fam/friends are on these snitching sites, trying to defend man, fuk all that shit the roads are saying his a snitch. .

 blu unity (2011-03-19 at 20:10:12)
 On a real fuk all this internet snitching man, yeah we know certain man have problems with each other, so and so don't mean u have 2 bait shit up. SRG does his ting, the fekky famo do theres leave it at that, dey obviously don't hate each other dat much cause all of dem r still alive, n from when i know certain man involved with that beef have a couple bodies on them then i know that its over some stupid shit., but lets end it there stop the blogging. .

 BLUE TRUTH (2011-03-20 at 10:23:11)
 Overstand this, funny how the SO CALLED snitch is in jail now (on sum BS charge), since the boy that shot him has been released,ITS DEEPER THAN RAP! lets hope Don Strapzy also overstands this.... member the tougne is the mighest weapon, so becareful what you speak in the wind! LET LEAVE IT AT DAT and oh yh nice video... .

 da Endz (2011-03-20 at 12:03:59)
 man dem stop calling Mario name cah hes in a fuk up situation! every1 is a gun man and a killa lets just leave at dat! i cant understand wats going on! i hope everyman visited dat london street gang site, cah if ur name is on it and ur still doing what the pigs no ur doing then ur a fucking idiot. a couple names u man are mentioning is on their so lowe dis bullshit innit. or put ur real name up so ppl can know whos talking all dis crop. man dem need to just use there brain not ignoracy,dis whole snitching thing dnt make sense! dis bloggin ting is copy right snitching .

 Blue Movement (2011-03-29 at 08:17:18)
 rah too much bait talk goin on here. .

 Real Talks (2011-03-29 at 18:44:31)
 Allow this bait talk. Smiley and Colly are cool and they roll. Colly is one of the realest in the blue and he just jumped on a tune for a sec. Strapzy is doin a big ting showing that he aint letting beef get in the way of music. He done a song with them Monson ones and he done a song with SRG and now with Affecta and dem man. The only ones that are still hating are SG. Those little kids. This whole SRG v Affecta beef will die down eventually. They know some of the same people aswell. Colly can big up who he wants. Big up the real rappers in the blue. None of that P Money shit. Little Dee gets ratings though cah he has done a bit on the roads. .

 lol (2011-03-31 at 22:52:40)
 fecky is a straight paper gettin g! sr is a lil boy for him and da whole ends knw lol i think his brother tristian is the one writin all dese comments to sway peoples minds forget ghetto hes known differently all over london... .

 REALIST (2011-04-07 at 14:30:39)

 REALEST (2011-04-08 at 12:57:56)
 somebody plz i beg u lot tell me how and when has affecta or his Brotha ever Rep da Endz! it seems like every1 on here is getting gassed off Rap... your ment to have da Rep 1st not Rap then try make da name! i aint taking side but dis all seems backward to me! man dem are making tune with da white boy who use to roll with da anti, but yet di man dem tell him to call a few names but the names hes calling are niggaz dat the anti's put in brison by snitchin ynga HYPER and DINKY, i wonder how does Smiley and .

 @realest (2011-04-08 at 15:00:06)
 Why don't u go ask people in the endz that rather than talking like this on spiff tv, obviously you don't get a rep for nothing, maybe your young and havent been about, but if you got any queries theres certain man that will tell you d deal, nenber it wasn't long ago that Srg used to jam with y.affecta and Afolabi, if dere washed maybe you should go and ask Sr why he jammed with them in the first place, and go ask Corleone and Smiley why they roll with older Affecta .

 @realest_ (2011-04-10 at 15:38:00)
 You dikhed Strapzy didnt roll with anti. he did one freestlye with pester and them man. ur gettin gassed off youtbe videos. strapzy used to roll with dinky in the first place. know ur facts before u decide to chat shit. .

 real talk (2011-04-18 at 05:43:38)
 don strapzy your gassed man will clart on you say no more .

 i am only 18 (2011-04-20 at 23:39:38)
 i lived in ghetto nearly all my life n boy if it wasnt for ghetto(ghetto boys) the blue boro wouldnt be on de map and all dis shit abwt how man dem are fake how man dem neva put in work dis n dat its all dead coz every1 put in work in deyre own way plus we all no dat nuffin dnt last forever and too many ppl around u can et useless so all these things that u lot are talkin abwt is irreleant because has we grow up we realise who our tru freinds are n dats jus wat has happen to the ghetto but i still fink that if sparks never did the ghetto(the all boro not jus se14/8) wud still be untied but oh well shit happens ppl jus need to move on wif deyr life. rip sparks, peego, y.kraver, mase , damage and all the real man dem from blue even doe ghetto is kinda now its still GHETTO BOYS FOR LIFE! .

 @Miss Blue (rip y.krava) (2011-06-23 at 06:09:29)
 niggaz always fought it was just narm/dulwich vs ghetto dawg doze 2 were only beefing 1/2 of ghetto mainly se14/8 n WOOLWICH niggas us 2 put bare work on da other 1/2 se13/6/4 ghetto wen lewisham mc'deez was da frontline so best believe if se18 wasnt in da picture narm would of gt destroyed diferently so people need to pay homage were it's due and tell da whole story n nt just narm vs ghetto only real niggaz frm late 90's to mid 2000 no wt am talking about .

 DONHONKI (2011-06-24 at 15:29:44)
  Check out the "official crown court papers" from the court case that lead to me being the 1st ever british poet to be given a "5 year rap & poetry ban" (video on my page) "Donhonki" "First ever crown court BANNED british rap-poet" (2009-2014) #SuperInjunction Donhonki.com /// twitter.com/donhonki /// Youtube.com/Donhonki1 /// .

 Rascal aint no real ghetto boy if a (2011-10-13 at 14:09:15)
 Rascal aint no real ghetto boy if anyone knows hes a brockley man he bacame a ghetto boy after ghetto was dead most man wasnt on it no more. There truth is theres still alot of real ghetto mans on road like little man, junior boxer aka jb, man like raver, slaughter bare man to many names to mention fekky is from deptford hes been around from day dot when ghetto was called ghetto. Man like damage r.i.p never claimed ghetto he was helping man dem make money but hes was from ghetto yes. Basically what mans saying is If you know ghetto boyz you dont mention srg hes older is was even a brockley yute. .

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 sexy sexy (2012-11-30 at 04:01:15)
 I read all this hood news it got me so exicted to see all the real g from new cross and the video been tooken down, I'm so pissed now lol. We love u fekky you've been a round from day 1 u and ur little brother but u just kept on moving and made ur money and that what its all about. .

 shhhhh (2012-11-30 at 04:25:46)
 Ps I just saw the video part 2 its like fekky is bringing all the ghetto man back together that's what I like to see, fuck srg and what I'm a girl u used to be big back in the days but ur a noboday now all u mandem has ditch u cause ur the biggest snitch going, u don't bang and u could never step to fekky u just got everyone laughing at u I'm feel sorry for u and stop writing shit on the internet we all know its u. I've never seen u looking as fresh as fekky. Fekky I got a secret crush on u but u never know who it is, love u lots .

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