Fix Dot M - "Total Eclipse" - Wollyroad - Ard!!
 Stikz (2010-10-17 at 09:58:51)
 www.youtube.com/stikznw .

 slumside Ent (2010-10-16 at 11:19:46)
 fix is fuckin hard... but fake niggers wont know bout real niggers..... u went hard G .

 Joe Don (2010-10-15 at 14:27:15)
 He proper tried to make his hood look beat down .

 nrth ldn (2010-10-14 at 04:55:12)
 defo doing dis ting lyrics r tooo arrddddd .

 Hard Man Inc (2010-10-12 at 16:45:17)
 This Nigga Is Fuckin Dirty Low It Fam Bout Ye Busted Dem Ting Niggaz in Uk Now Think They Are Living Usa Stop Jamin U Fuckin Wallads My Guy Is Like Wolly Wolly This Ends Was Here Before Ye Were Fuckin Born All Diz Yardies, Afrikans Need To Know The Roots Stop Gasssssing On Track & Talkin Shit Ur a Big Man Your Suppose To Move Units Not Chatting On Every Thing Single Records Some Niggas Are Just Useless This Why Uk Rap Or Grime Will Never Move Forward Coz Of Guy Like This Fuckin Idiot Fix Dot M Go Uni Don Study More Maybe Ye Will Become Something in Your Fuckin Life Every 1 on Diz Who Doesnt Like What I Said Suck a Fat Dick in We Need New Uk Artist The One Who Gonna Go In Wid Barz Like Shit Man .

 ... (2010-10-12 at 08:38:42)
 he looks broke and how you going to beef with no doe... .

 low it (2010-10-10 at 06:29:51)
 this guy is shit man proper boring .

 kmt (2010-10-09 at 12:39:32)
 naaaaah whys don lying .

 AQUABLAKK FAN (2010-10-09 at 05:02:00)
 /www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2-TQBn4yrI .

 gucci (2010-10-08 at 20:56:55)
 thats my nigga back on his shit fixxx!! wooly2narm allday .

 pecknarm (2010-10-08 at 20:13:31)
 yo tiny boost frsh home in 4 days then its on again .

 Madneesss (2010-10-08 at 20:14:53)
 dt going in my ipod now .

 ARD (2010-10-08 at 19:21:19)

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Fix Dot M - "Total Eclipse" - Wollyroad - Ard!!
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