dapting (2010-09-13 at 18:51:49)
 does he a have unique toothbrush .

 oi listen (2010-09-10 at 14:42:19)
 am from DOWNSOUTH BABY..dis niggas hard y so much hating .

 haters and net thugs (2010-09-07 at 17:57:32)
 please just remove your self from real nigger shit...he's reppin where HES comin from on a big man level...if your older from ur ends made a vid about your bits you wouldnt chat shit...remember for every bad man theres a badder man .

 LOL (2010-09-07 at 06:23:16)

 SOUTH OF DA RAINBOW (2010-09-05 at 07:36:03)

 dick,, (2010-08-31 at 16:24:35)
 this guy a dick... .

 @true facts (2010-08-31 at 09:39:34)
 If hes worked so hard and invested his money wisely and moved out the hood i have to ask why the fuck is he making hot videos like this why do black people feel the need to show off all the time? If this donut gets robbed its his own fault real talk .

 true facts (2010-08-30 at 16:24:20)
 this us wat i hate about u net gangsters if u know facts gfrsh is a business man and has property and does legimate business aswel as da road ting but he got workers u wudnt even know about man dat make p lowkey hes got the clothing line aswel and he got a nice selectionb of cars no rentals fact and he lives out the endz in the countryside not on the scummy council houses he gets chicks no problem and he got personal investments here and abroad get me so let this be an example watever your doing get u life correct if your studying get ur qualifications or if ur shotting or on da roads invest your money wisely .

 lol @ haters (2010-08-30 at 16:11:11)
 how can u h8 on g frsh realli, hes a gettin money nigga most man hatin couldnt afford a sweet to hit him up wid so low da h8, he got his own wave which aint all bout my strally bigger den yours shit. .

 se17 (2010-08-30 at 09:43:24)
 south of the river is too greezy 1 side over here, real man them know south is the illest .

 @ he went in (2010-08-30 at 09:51:04)
 how u know what he dotting do u know him NO so hold ur corner and do ur self coz watching next man aint gonna help you, u the type of nugga that snitch hateing ass fool .

 G (2010-08-30 at 06:29:05)
 There's always madddd haters on dis ting! Im sure none of u niggers commentin on dis ting cud do him anythin.. jus recognise man's tryna do sumthin wid his life... plus he's got more money than all u niggers .

 lool (2010-08-30 at 06:40:44)
 dat gal dont look like shes feelin it 1 bit! .

 north west 10 don (2010-08-30 at 06:41:44)
 dis nigga gets my full rateins dis tune is a banga stop da hate .

 South West Donn!! (2010-08-30 at 06:07:11)
 Lool dis nigga knws he cnt jump out da whip dons will pounce on him no lie lol. alright tune doe .

 ds (2010-08-30 at 04:53:57)
 garbage .

 east ldn (2010-08-30 at 05:21:30)
 fuck south full of rainbow bandana gang wanabe american fake african !! east london home of da hustlers full of rainbow drugs any1 steps there lips get left like gfresh im not evn hatin real talk ol tite jaja pdc dun kno ! .

 lol (2010-08-29 at 23:45:08)
 he spent the whole video inside the car .

 Barney (2010-08-29 at 21:34:29)
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 narmboy (2010-08-29 at 21:15:11)
 u see it g its nuts soth the hardest g and us man narm liked up with north big up grey gang and dem msan there .

 yo (2010-08-29 at 21:25:24)
 he couldn't attempt to jump out the whip even for a snack lol he dun da video den bounced .

 lol (2010-08-29 at 21:04:10)
 bate .

 hustla (2010-08-29 at 20:06:34)
 goes in down south crazy believe .

 RAINBOWOO (2010-08-29 at 19:09:17)
 Lets all link up and set a skittlez movement! Stay True To Dat YMCA Tip - RAINBOWOOO! .

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 nah fam (2011-03-05 at 11:05:56)
 fam i am from east and i knw dat east is ard but south will fuk east up seriously, dey all on it .

 does anyonee know what endz g frsh (2011-08-15 at 09:45:08)
 does anyonee know what endz g frsh from in south ? .

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