Nice 1 (2010-05-29 at 03:28:47)
 G man is goinn harrd he went in .

 hard (2010-05-29 at 05:34:41)
 harddddddddddddddd music im startin to feel dis goonsquad wave now .

 IT (2010-05-29 at 06:01:33)

 ARDDDDD (2010-05-29 at 06:06:14)

 liars (2010-05-29 at 08:25:49)
 im convienced all those 4comments below were written by the same person, what the fuck is this!!, theres rapping and theres talking along with a beat,whats this?? music is starting to feel this?? bollocks its a lie. .

 Real music (2010-05-29 at 08:45:21)
 His work rates good, and he's real tryna do his ting i got give him stripes got love in stamford hill, manor house, pembury, isle of dogs and even b dubble and them der he realer than most i'll tell you that fact for free. .

 @ real music (2010-05-29 at 11:56:00)
 he got love in other places aswell like busy block and tottenham BB SUUWOOO 3 pex .

 hard (2010-05-29 at 14:32:02)
 sounds like al pac...good shyt tho .

 fuck smd n manar house n goon squad (2010-05-29 at 15:15:15)
 all u mans r pussy go suck on a dick .

 HATERS (2010-05-30 at 06:13:36)
 gmans cold who else goes is going in like dis man pls someone tell me gs cold and so is smd iod pb bb afr dis niggers got alot of real nigger love this is wat uk needs gangsters reping us cause before this shit it was wet this is ard!!! stop hatein .

 a nigga from Tottenham (2010-05-30 at 09:58:37)
 G mans maaaard man luvs his wave. no homo .

 west general (2010-05-31 at 06:43:39)
 hard still .

 goonsquad (2010-05-31 at 06:47:57)
 hard tune hol tite dem niggas dat have seen a half a brick .

 u (2010-05-31 at 07:12:49)
 already know .

 truth (2010-05-31 at 18:24:46)
 this the worsest track iv heard .

 come on now (2010-05-31 at 18:26:39)
 after listing to this i cant be bother to hear uk rap again .

 james (2010-05-31 at 21:19:56)
 Grant's old school but real road man don't rap .

 @james (2010-06-01 at 03:05:55)
 wat happens when u get your p up it has to b cleaned right real road man wont never get to say anything about dis yout cause r team still got all da .... and bricks rap or know rap we run da streets WHAT .

 repent (2010-06-01 at 17:11:09)
 repent .

 TFL ALL THE (2010-06-05 at 19:33:05)

 Roman Bloodshed (2010-06-08 at 11:49:08)
 this guy is soooooooo shit fuck Island fuck goonsquad .

 @roman pussy hole (2010-06-09 at 09:03:22)
 suck your mum iod goon squad all day .

 n16 (2010-10-31 at 17:00:21)
 dun no hard .

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