boy (2012-08-28 at 01:55:20)
 but young spray is ok though he a 30 yr old gangsta rapper is cool realer than most we get it g .

 boy (2012-08-28 at 01:53:35)
 the amount of times i heard rappers using name patrick swayzee as a wordplay to ghost,must be 150 times,shits so annoyin and played make wanna stop listening to rap .

 HMMMM (2012-08-28 at 14:09:40)
 He catted menza's bars from 'go ard or go home' chek it owtt .

 RTM (2012-08-28 at 00:32:35)
 ahah am going to dead some1 now for no reason lol .

 N15N17-SPRAY U DICKHEAD!! (2012-08-28 at 03:12:03)
 spray you dickheadu wonna stop screaming out T coz ur not from tottenham ur from stow... be careful how u move in totty donny cah ur due couple gunshot urself u mug!! stop screaming out mans ends .

 Rampapapampam (2012-08-29 at 06:49:30)
 Rampapapampam My ting dont Jam Ja jaJamJam When I buss it goes blam blablablablam blam .

 @hmmmmm (2012-08-28 at 19:17:42)
 They both used a biggie bar you silly wanker. Go listen to some real rap, and know the music your listening to properly .

 rams (2012-08-28 at 17:38:44)
 hard spray knows .

 spray it's time 2 go international (2012-08-28 at 04:49:19)
 truth b told, ur 1 of the best if not the best uk rapper out here, obviously dere's sum sort of conspiracy against u, if dey not signin u or checkin 4 u after all these vids, u should start puttin ur vids on world star, work with some us artist, there's only a handful of uk rappers that can put vids on worldtstar and ur 1 of them .

 Lee (2012-08-28 at 11:38:57)
 After Mark's death and the tune he did for that, I thought Spray might take the music in a different direction. Pity. This is only gonna make white youts outta town feel brave. .

 Cluscufasuamb (2013-03-13 at 18:46:14)
 I must express my thanks to this writer for rescuing me from this particular condition. After surfing through the search engines and meeting recommendations which were not powerful, I thought m .

 Nopoxfugprero (2013-01-04 at 19:34:39)
 Does it contribute to criminal schs, who common and campaign it or even if it is effective, does not benefit anyone. The euphoric effect of nicotine is issues nutritional various make they seeds, are .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-24 at 23:48:29)
 You may design the coolest applications, have the best product worldwide, and know information on constructing the subsequent great enterprise, but without correct internet hosting to aid your domain .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-26 at 21:08:20)
 How many times have you contemplated having an current email address together with your business or website name in it for additional marketing exposure? This is probably the basic extras that you can .

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