Ghetts Ft. Scorcher, Kano & Wretch 32 - On A Level [Remix] (Official Video)
 swagg (2011-12-13 at 03:54:03)
 i need wretch's jacket were u get dat .

 swagg (2011-12-13 at 03:53:03)
 i need wretch's jacket were u get dat .

 yo (2011-12-13 at 03:30:16)
 wretch and ghetts went innnnnn!!! .

 TOTTNARM (2011-12-14 at 07:08:04)
 WRETCH32 isss da sickestt guy about .

 gay (2011-12-11 at 23:49:44)
 im cumin out to day .

 ALL SHIT (2011-12-12 at 08:23:06)

 JB (2011-12-15 at 20:49:17)
 wretch is a next ting "but his mum and sis are to busy rioting on the roads" EEEEPPPPPIIIICCCCC .

 snoop (2011-12-12 at 08:03:37)
 bare man hating on ghetts...he da fukin best grime mc suk ur muddazzzz .

 the guy that said ghetts is wack (2011-12-12 at 09:52:49)
 your bunnin rocks if you think ghetts is wack. best from day 1 !!! .

 wtf (2011-12-12 at 12:38:46)
 im sorry but this is very crap seriosly. ghetts is good but will never blow mainstream because he sounds like a cat on amphtamin. neither will scorcher. Wretch has basicly blown though. .

 FUCKKKINGG HELLLLLLLLL (2011-12-12 at 11:55:23)
 wtf is this bruv this man killed my BUZZ .

 PROVAIL LIFE A TYRANT (2011-12-12 at 06:35:32)

 ghetts is whack! (2011-12-12 at 06:06:57)
 wretch, scorcher went in .

 so wack (2011-12-12 at 10:42:16)
 so wack .

 west man (2011-12-12 at 04:06:21)
 big spliff a blaze, wheres my darg reid? .

 shit (2011-12-12 at 03:17:10)
 shit ghett ur never gonna make it .

 yh (2011-12-12 at 02:05:18)
 ok i alright still .

 WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/HERBALBLAZER (2011-12-12 at 01:48:09)

 Kaa ayy (2011-12-24 at 10:00:13)
 Kano is jus way tooo far ahead. His too sick .

 Some brainers add that 21435823 (2011-12-14 at 15:17:27)
 Some brainers add that 21435823 .

 greazy (2011-12-14 at 17:15:55)
 scrocher goes inn gully like wretch too and kano - ghetts .

 any1 (2011-12-15 at 10:47:46)
 anyone know what hat is scorcher is wearing .

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Ghetts Ft. Scorcher, Kano & Wretch 32 - On A Level [Remix] (Official Video)
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