Gracious K - Migraine Skank (Official Video)
 carlllll (2009-09-03 at 14:17:00)
 shit im goin to bang gracious k when i finish eatin my fufu .

 damola/gigz (2009-09-03 at 14:19:02)
 shit .

 trappa (2009-09-03 at 14:35:53)
 what jacket is giggs wearing? it looks swagged off still .

 yo (2009-09-03 at 17:38:57)
 hes wearing yves bertelin .

 karma (2009-09-04 at 02:45:27)
 actually its a k-li jacket www.k-li.co.uk .

 Giggs! (2009-09-04 at 13:15:38)
 Fuck Trappa and don't be wearing that jakcet ya pussy. .

 formatvorlage2 (2009-12-23 at 05:53:11)

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Gracious K - Migraine Skank (Official Video)
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