Guy Beats Up Bus Driver For Asking Him To Pay His Fare - He Goes Mad!!!!
 Bitchh (2009-07-31 at 22:54:10)
 I wud of bust his hed top if i was derr.. real talk .

 norfwestdarg (2009-07-31 at 15:51:40)
 whys he hittin a women like that 4 mandem should of fuked him up on the spot .

 Battyboy (2009-07-31 at 16:01:25)
 I wuda fukin crakd his ed open if it was a big bus driver that was a man he wuldnt say shit hes pussy .

 fukin pussy bully (2009-07-31 at 08:31:00)
 i wish i was on tht bus man.my man wud have got buckled .

 PIN (2009-07-31 at 11:01:22)

 j (2009-08-03 at 20:21:57)
 his a dickhead, he should hold a gunclap .

 fuckda shit (2009-08-04 at 19:37:56)
 motherfuckers all u manz in da buss are pussies hw can u watch that if i waz there i would hv killed him say no MORE.. .

 dun ur dance (2009-08-11 at 20:11:05)
 she gt a gud few lickz .

 Nigger (2009-08-18 at 08:44:19)
 If iwas dere brav i wood have start cussin wid his bludclart .

 Nigger (2009-08-18 at 08:44:27)
 If iwas dere brav i wood have start cussin wid his bludclart .

 nattz (2009-08-20 at 21:37:34)
 If i was dere i would of bussed his fucking head dese americans have no fucking emotions boy .

 haha (2009-08-24 at 23:02:06)
 stop begging it, u man wud of DONE NATTIN .

 hahahahahah (2009-09-08 at 22:51:28)
 alieee .

 ouch (2009-09-12 at 09:00:00)
 wtf.. pussy .

 Nahh (2009-09-17 at 12:41:15)
 Fem man der shuld get wraapped up .

 KNUCKS (2009-10-04 at 11:00:32)
 Hez moist 4 punchin up a woman lyk dat .

 hold on (2009-10-15 at 13:12:43)
 so them 2 men cudnt have held him back properly... if they wudda given him a cuple licks he wudda stopped .

 haha is a joker (2009-12-05 at 16:26:49)
 alie yu manz are gas manz yu wuld of dun nuffin ting .

 typical (2010-10-02 at 09:19:05)
 typical yank cuz .

 bashy (2010-10-02 at 05:28:21)
 pussy like him was showin of to his pussyol bregins .

 wasteman (2010-10-01 at 21:43:20)
 44 mags... you dickhead ... talkin 44 magz looool .

 uk (2010-09-08 at 17:58:01)
 dis wud neva happen in da uk americans are dogs no moral nuffin what if sum1 punched up him mum like that pussy hole if i was der mandem wud dem him st8 fukin white cunt begging black .

 UK (2010-09-07 at 07:22:53)

 G (2010-01-26 at 12:21:04)
 dis pussyhole is moist blood try attack sum1 hu aint gna retaliate das all america is a bunch of frontin pussyholes! attack sum1 hu'll put a bullet in ur head pussy! UK GANGBANGER! .

 dread (2010-01-28 at 09:04:30)
 4real dat fukin chump needs 2 learn a lesson .

 Lebanese_Don (2010-05-06 at 14:48:14)
 whoever said they would of fucked him up your gassed you wouldn't do anything you wud jus get of da bus n pretend nothing is happening .

 wtf (2010-08-22 at 15:44:13)
 fucking pussy .

 G UR MOIST (2010-03-23 at 13:50:33)
 UR PURE MOIST CUZ! uk gang banger dickhead guy. .

 DntWatch (2010-08-19 at 12:21:52)
 hes sum pussy, hittin a old women, man dem wud wrap him in seconds .

 jj (2010-08-17 at 17:05:47)
 fings lyk dat disturb me, seeing a women get hit lyk dat. i dnt even lyk 2 fink wat id do if i was there, iwoudnt b responsible 4 my own actions. da ppl on da bus were pum pums tho .

 lol (2010-08-17 at 17:10:37)
 da ppl keep saying dat no1 wud of dun nutin r pussyholes urself, i bet .

 lewis (2010-08-17 at 17:13:15)
 i wud of batterd him til he wernt reconisable 4 dat, dats bang out of order. i dnt even lyk seeing dat shit, it disturbs lyk jj said .

 fdkhcfbwkq (2010-02-24 at 12:25:39)
 u lott wudd have done fuck all stop lying to yourself, the guy pull out a machete.. .

 diked (2010-08-11 at 18:56:04)
 dis guys a mad man y's he clapin a girl 4 the diked. boy if i had the 44 mags i would of strted bukin dem off .

 QC ROWDY QC (2010-07-29 at 23:38:04)
 that was KNUCKS's mum pussy .

 yo (2010-07-29 at 23:28:44)
 this guy is a fuckin wasteman i wud move 2 him on the spot .

 O"g turk (2010-07-02 at 21:16:35)
 he will have 2 get d 1 bang .

 O"g turk (2010-07-02 at 21:16:49)
 he will have 2 get d 1 bang .

 peak (2010-07-05 at 07:58:39)
 serious talks now i woulda nanked him in his fucking head peice fucking pussy .

 ayesha (2010-07-15 at 00:40:52)
 omg .

 WASTED (2010-11-03 at 20:23:17)
 All dem dons on da bus are wasted, how dey not gonna fuck his shit up .

 PEAK (2010-11-20 at 15:19:28)
 she can hold likz .

 Hulk (2010-11-21 at 04:49:17)
 wt rng wiv dem man dere, i wulda suplexs him into hell .

 bully (2010-11-24 at 20:24:50)
 its peak for him dat im not der i would fucked him up .

 bully (2010-11-24 at 20:24:56)
 its peak for him dat im not der i would fucked him up .

 big dick (2010-12-23 at 13:13:29)
 lol that guys 2nd blow was muadd jheeeze .

 Big Meech (2010-12-25 at 18:48:28)
 i wudve fukd up da bus driver n da guy holding me .

 dirty d (2012-01-02 at 12:33:08)
 guys a nutter .

 pussy (2011-01-09 at 08:18:40)
 which dickhead does shit like that really .

 biatch (2011-01-11 at 10:11:13)
 Swear man would merk him i would have made kiss bludcart loool .

 hardbodied1 (2011-01-11 at 21:10:51)
 thats y u dnt fuck around .

 !!!!!!!!!!!! (2011-01-12 at 14:22:22)
 fuckin pusssy! Iw she was a boy he would have done dat!!!!!!!! .

 E12 (2011-01-16 at 13:07:52)
 dis guy punchez like a girl sum bord yout .

 NARM (2011-01-18 at 00:51:43)
 Fam he miyt bang lyk a bitch but dey hurt ak .

 e9 (2011-01-31 at 20:41:28)
 white ppl 4 u .

 Gaz D (uk) (2011-02-04 at 18:59:44)
 That bastard needs is fuckin head kicked off his shoulders. If that had happened here in Scotland he wld b 6 foot under now. Only in America!!! .

 e9 (2011-02-17 at 16:54:18)
 fuckin pussy if i as dere id of snapped his neck .

 kurd snm (2011-02-18 at 17:25:01)
 sum next pussyo fam i wud bang drop that youte.....moissttt .

 KIUIU (2011-03-19 at 17:34:32)
 This is exactly the kind of behaviour i would expect to see from a white person because for the majority of them their parents dont teach them any respect from an early age and throughout their life which is exactly why this happened. smh .

 lol (2011-04-04 at 14:40:34)
 looooooo that bitch got batterd up i raaaaaaaaaaaaattttteeee this guy to the fuleeeeeessssssttttttt these bitches need to know there role hahahahaha :) .

 muggy cunt (2011-04-06 at 16:57:18)
 if tht was my mum i would peel this cunts skin off .

 StandardMisses (2011-04-13 at 20:04:17)
 Rahh thats TENSE .

 jokes (2011-04-14 at 08:52:39)
 all hes sayin is BITCH BITCH BITCH !! .

 AWUH (2011-04-25 at 16:53:10)
 u man ah mois, wet tark s'nuttn .

 fuck this bitch (2011-05-19 at 13:59:53)
 how the fuck can how can you do that to a woman this fucking dickhed make me made seeing things like this fucking bitch .

 ratatatat (2011-05-30 at 15:28:09)
 This is white people for you.fuck you wiggers snm fucking pricks .

 ! ! ! (2011-05-31 at 10:16:09)
 That boy needs god!!! .

 looooooooooooooooool (2011-06-13 at 17:47:44)
 she got pied in .

 nonsense dog (2011-06-24 at 05:57:33)
 That is actually distgusting, no ratings thinking your bad because your tumping up a woman, i bet if it was a boy you wouldnt do shit kmt pussyole low yourself, someany devil child if that was my son i would slit my wrist .

 thats my word son (2011-06-16 at 17:51:36)
 i seen an interview with this dude's parents defending him, they're both black like wesley snipes .

 some pple deserve hell (2011-08-30 at 00:08:36)
 some pple deserve hell .

 I swear to god i would of killed th (2011-08-28 at 12:30:35)
 I swear to god i would of killed the fucker!!! .

 Jude (2011-07-18 at 10:18:54)
 i would of stab him up for that .

 todd (2011-07-21 at 15:19:20)
 haha gets some good bangs thooo .

 fagot (2011-07-26 at 17:53:40)
 man wound't be hittin the driver like that if i pulled a 23" machette on his ass .

 Didnt you see her pull out her asth (2011-09-11 at 20:42:18)
 Didnt you see her pull out her asthma pump dem bangs wer serious tho lol .

 yeh he went, legend (2011-10-04 at 15:01:35)
 yeh he went, legend .

 i meant yeh he went in (2011-10-04 at 15:02:04)
 i meant yeh he went in .

 i aint one to cause trouble but hur (2011-10-21 at 18:05:27)
 i aint one to cause trouble but hurts mi wen i see innocent people or people who cant stand up for der selfs get moved to..expesh for no reason.. man would of bruk diss guy in half.. dont think he would want it wid me anyhow ALIEN .

 be eze (2012-01-26 at 07:38:51)
 dis guy!!!! id garage this pussyole for atleast a week cunt!!! .

 jokes (2012-02-04 at 20:41:28)
 dats peak woz da bus still movin wen he strtd bangin her dey cudve crashed ha ha ha ha .

 white guy (2012-05-10 at 15:41:46)
 strange how all these videos the people a black dosnt that make you think .

 le français (2012-04-12 at 17:52:34)
 Cet imbecile d'illetré est certainement mort à l'heure qu'il est. En tout cas je lui souhaite tout les malheurs. I l merite de souffrir cet ordure. .

 yhyh (2012-05-05 at 16:44:30)
 if anyone knows this pussyhole, i beg you tell me wer he lives da bludclart pussyole .

 white guy #2 (2012-06-27 at 19:33:15)
 agree's with white guy #1 I'd have got up with a knife that they mainly use for fighting with "curds" and stabed the fucker. .

 the boss (2013-03-13 at 15:55:01)
 lol .

 CAMDEN (2013-03-29 at 19:45:30)

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