DAGZ (2011-11-26 at 03:21:23)
 joe black gets banged out down here .

 BENNY SINGED (2011-11-28 at 05:27:38)
 u got left bels dont wanna hear this shit why u acting hard for make proper musik. .

 BENNY SINGED (2011-11-28 at 05:27:38)
 u got left bels dont wanna hear this shit why u acting hard for make proper musik. .

 Don (2011-12-09 at 19:09:50)

 jik100 (2011-11-28 at 02:49:07)
 hold tight tv. this is what americanos are shook of. fact .

 joe black is da hardest (2011-11-26 at 22:26:20)
 jump on dem ktms and do smash and grabs, gheezee 3 da mandem .

 JOE BLICK (2011-11-26 at 07:47:40)
 It's Joe Blick, Blick Fridays, make sure you follow me JoeBlickUK on Blicker. He's wavey i rate him but he's blicker than blickkk .

 joe black (2011-11-26 at 08:25:58)
 dats why i stick round my thugs in the gutter// YES HOMO we show love to each other .

 JOE BLICK (2011-11-26 at 08:30:22)
 dats why i stick round my thugs in the gutter// YES HOMO we show love to each other. THIS GUY MUST BE GAY CAH HOW CAN DIS MAN GET GYAL...IF HE LOST HIS V IT MUSTA BEEN THROUGH A PROSTITUTE... .

 neeks (2011-11-25 at 13:58:05)
 i bet you joey draws more gyal than all of u virgins come off da talk and stop hatin .

 @ tracky's r for kids (2011-11-25 at 15:40:57)
 ur a fuckin faggot end of story,mans a SPITTER not a fuckin MODEL to be dressed in some fuckin designer clothes made by italian batty boys,therefor hes clothes shouldnt be botherin you,u got right to comment only on his bars,not what hes wearin,secondly all this swagga shit came from niggas havin a very low self esteem,we feel like we aint shit so wearin expensive clothes makes us feel better about our selfs while white people laugh at us on a low,but fuck that,i clocked that and since then i stay rough on roads wearin even cheaper clothes then joe black in this video,but i got more dough stacked then most niggas rockin expensive shit!!!fuk buyin new garms,better of stackin p's!!! .

 south (2011-11-26 at 02:36:48)
 do your thing my brudda only mandem who have been through the stuggle can relate fuck all your haters.real regonise real sn .

 j dot (2011-11-25 at 09:31:57)
 fuckin ell y do i alwayz see bare internet haters fuck off wid ur shit comments .

 tracky's r for kids (2011-11-25 at 09:37:09)
 you kno wat if your over 20 you shouldn't be wearing tracksuits at all, they are for kids, i can allow jd sports matching addidas top n bottoms, but none of this unknown brands joe black is wearing, grey tracky, burgandy etc, shit he probably got from tk max, sports direct or some market stall. .

 fuck internet haters (2011-11-25 at 11:41:05)
 Bare faggots guys hatin on ma nigga big joey jus cah his a real nigga, gets money and does musik. Fuck all u low life haters dat aint goin nuffin betta 2 do den talk shit about his blick and shit who gives a fuck a fuck about how dark man is dont study dat shit just study da good fuckin music he makes cah real facts joey is 1 real hustla unlike most ov u lil young pricks out rappin and claimin 2 be money makers when really ur just gassed up!!!!! .

 rt (2011-11-25 at 09:39:24)
 when your grown up you wear jeans lool not tracky's .

 e5 (2011-11-25 at 10:03:00)
 hard .

 lol (2011-11-25 at 09:21:22)
 dv use 2 be a tracky nigga too whats wrong wiv trackys .

 joe went in (2011-11-25 at 09:31:17)
 you gotta scroll the page down when joe black is spitting, just hear his voice and don't look at his picture, you will appriciate his music more, but to tell the truth i never really liked his voice much, sounds too high pitched .

 larranda babez (2011-11-25 at 09:07:25)
 he goes in but hes to blick and ugly to look at..sorry jus sayin. .

 sneakbo (2011-11-25 at 09:05:43)
 he is BLACK as FUCK !!!!! .

 yes yes (2011-11-25 at 08:28:25)
 blacks a don from day dot f these new skool rappers mohicans an shit lol .

 LETHAL (2011-11-25 at 08:29:18)
 Yea dat was sick, dis brudda is more than a just your average rapper. im thinking of yunga pac when i listen to dis dude. dis is one dude along with his team i wanna see REPRESENT uk not the clowns u see on now .

 spit about something else for once (2011-11-25 at 08:23:03)
 all this guy spits about is drugs, food, and goin country, i mean don't you do nothing else, and all his songs are dreppressing,it's boring, 99% of his rhymes are predictable, drugs drugs drugs, feds .

 rt (2011-11-25 at 08:20:24)
 Lets chat truth, sure joe black can spit no doubt, but the industry has standards, real talk he too ugly to blow, he has no commercial appeal, i mean look at him, he use to wear tracksuits for years now he on this flyboy shit, trying to copy dvs dress style, but lets be real he will NEVER blow because of his looks, it sounds harsh but that's the truth, the music industry has standards for looks and appearance, he gonna need to start bleaching if he wants to get signed. .

 caks (2011-11-25 at 06:41:01)
 he looks like he lost over weed .

 gggg (2011-11-25 at 06:23:28)
 duno realest nigga about .

 big d (2011-11-25 at 03:49:00)
 dun kno first .

 2 Much (2011-11-25 at 04:03:22)
 Joe Blacks is the flippin DON!!!! went in just got the sickest flow and bars are proper hard and meaningful. seems proper real aswell. Hope he does well. " sick!! .

 BIG K E9 (2011-11-25 at 19:38:09)
 Do your ting joey you gotta be doin it right don look at all these guys hating :D go listen to your rap cupcakes ;) .

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