Lil Mckell Punks aka "Sets up" ShaniCuppcake - Trys To Mack Her - Funny
 this youth needs his own show on mt (2010-10-25 at 13:10:58)
 always goes in .

 this youth needs his own show on mt (2010-10-25 at 13:11:34)
 always goes in .

 1st tyme writing on dis (2010-10-24 at 09:39:36)
 Dis yute just made me crack up.. Do u ting lil man lool .

 LOOOOOL (2010-10-23 at 16:32:43)

 I CANT LIE.. (2010-10-23 at 09:55:51)
 mkcell is hard i wish i had game like dat. too sik .

 don for life (2010-10-23 at 08:58:34)
 who ever hates on little mckell needs to get a life i bet u man are 23 and living at home wid ur marge and his like what 12 and hes meeting celebz and ur having a bash over it get a life .

 u know 1 day (2010-10-22 at 19:37:56)
 ure gonna see some dutty ting give out the digets p-do gashlol .

 BADMAN (2010-10-22 at 15:38:17)
 this kid is serious...bare potential, ya can see hes gettin bigger as the production value is increasin..kepp it up kid your ard .

 lool (2010-10-22 at 15:04:51)
 this kids arrd nuff love hope he getss some were .

 young boy d (2010-10-22 at 14:15:56)
 wat up lil mckell .

 truss me (2010-10-22 at 14:39:38)
 i bet dis yute ends up gay .

 .. (2010-10-22 at 12:44:23)
 bet man tried add her lool .

 real g (2010-10-22 at 11:21:24)
 dis actually made me laugh lool.. hes kinda greeze still.. an dat girl was peng .

 HES HARD LOL (2010-10-22 at 09:01:50)
 LOL .

 chezzzzzzzzz (2010-10-22 at 09:08:49)
 shes pretty .

 hes a g (2010-10-22 at 09:08:57)
 little man has got to much game .

 WHAAAT! (2010-10-22 at 07:05:06)

 dimwit (2010-10-22 at 07:06:01)

 badman (2010-10-22 at 07:10:39)
 funnny kid .

 Lol (2010-11-10 at 09:32:50)
 People give me joke come like some peeps need to go on the jeremy kyle show haha .

 Argh how dumb!! (2010-11-11 at 05:19:04)
 All the defending comments are written by somebody who cannot spell for shit! I'm gonna assume it's his mum due to the having babies while should of been learning your books comment. This is a case of dumb and dumber but leave the kid alone as for all the talk of talent I SEE NONE what is the talent meant to be? .

 lol (2010-10-27 at 18:14:49)
 hang tight my nigga kritikal and my lil nigga mckell .

 L (2010-10-28 at 08:37:59)
 Yeh yeh. Man like mickell. Say nuttin. Olders watch and learn .

 loooooooooooool (2010-10-28 at 12:45:24)
 he hard snm .

 totty brudda (2010-10-30 at 04:04:41)
 hes fucking harrrrrddd...loooool .

 Why (2010-11-01 at 07:33:20)
 This is so fake but I guess he's trying to earn his mum some money she needs it to but crack no joke his mums a cracked out mess nuff kids different dads lives on a shit council estate .

 Oh shit I was waiting for that (2010-11-01 at 07:37:39)
 When I seen mckell on the net I knew sherine his mum would get exposed I pity him it ain't his fault his mums a waste gal but I don't get why he tries to act rich when he lives so poor? You can tell he's poor he talks like trash but again he gets it from his mom .

 Oh shit (2010-11-01 at 08:46:26)
 I hate these videos he don't talk properly and there are better macking kids that this he gets views though but we all would if we had a film crew following us they need to use a kid who can speak clearly and don't look like they're on drugs I mean his bags on his eyes are like a sign of drug abuse mayn .

 Critical looks fucked (2010-11-01 at 08:49:14)
 I swear that critical has that down syndrome look looooool he prolly fucks the little boy like baby did weezy .

 why (2010-11-07 at 10:10:39)
 show urself u fuckin foooool if ur a badman can only chat shit on here tru u can hide pusssssssssssy u know me cum c me dog ill have suttin 4 ya pusssssssy .

 dicks (2010-11-07 at 10:40:46)
 dou even knoe mckell an his mum clearly not otherwise u wouldnt b chatting shit an u bumb ass niggers cant even spell fooooooooooooools .

 Joker (2010-11-08 at 06:12:00)
 Your spelling is terrible why try mention spelling!! If you knew his mum you'd know what I said was true you don't know them they live in a shit council house that man den treat like a base I hide my stash there standard she licks my balls too Tongue ring feels good as fuck on nuts fir real shame her pussies dead though too much man and kids been through it wouldn't put my dick in there if I was you all kinds of diseases in that bitch .

 Cupcake (2010-11-08 at 06:14:15)
 Wbo is she I never heard of her what's the joke here I don't see it it's not funny .

 grow up (2010-11-08 at 07:32:40)
 WTF is wrong with some people, how can some stupid, small minded idiot post such abusive, horrible things about this lovely young so tallented boy. I feel so sorry for him & his Mum, i think that person should be ashamed of himself....totally out of order...leave the poor boy out of this,,,grow the fuck up & take your beef somewhere else...its called RESPECT you low life scumbag.....! .

 Hi shizz (2010-11-08 at 07:36:04)
 Trying to defend yourself. You joke gal and talented is spelt how I spelt it not how you tried to spell it shame you had him when you should of been going school learning your books by the way what is his talent meant to be... I don't respect you bitch .

 yes (2010-11-08 at 07:40:29)
 i argree with the above, some people have no shame or respect come to that, Big up McKell, he's a very very talented boy, dont watch the haters, thier the ones who make you rich .

 yes (2010-11-08 at 07:40:34)
 i argree with the above, some people have no shame or respect come to that, Big up McKell, he's a very very talented boy, dont watch the haters, thier the ones who make you rich .

 anon (2010-11-08 at 08:07:45)
 who ever this person is whos slagging off & spreading such hatred & slander has obviously got serious issues with mckells mum. He sounds a bit psychotic to me, i hope they are safe, .

 sue (2010-11-08 at 09:00:15)
 she should get some legall advise for her and her son .

 p (2010-11-09 at 02:23:21)
 big man ur a fooooooool act ur age bruv hahahahahahahahahaha .

 p (2010-11-09 at 02:52:29)
 whos cuppcake fooooooool ur bout 50 thats why u dont know who she is hahahaha .

 w (2010-11-19 at 12:03:57)
 he is gay .

 Kid is (2010-11-20 at 15:21:18)
 Slick .

 Take your arguments off here (2010-11-21 at 17:34:43)
 Can't the admin take them bad comments down? .

 lil mickel goes harrow high (2010-12-29 at 04:34:02)
 pussy ole lil mickel .

 LOOOOOOL (2011-01-15 at 12:02:39)
 this guys a joker .

 Lil Mckell mwahhhhh (2011-06-03 at 18:04:11)
 Your boom blud a dunkoo shani cuppcake .

 luvvvvv u babe bare swag (2011-09-14 at 07:33:05)
 luvvvvv u babe bare swag .

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