Logic feat Shadia Mansour - So Serious - Revolution
 ahh mate (2010-08-24 at 11:56:56)
 dis tracks dead!!!! .

 HellBanianZ (2010-06-28 at 03:36:15)

 Greezy (2010-06-28 at 06:27:42)
 Shadia killed it, big up Peoples Army dun no, Shadia your sick keep on it, bun da zionists free palestine, pap pap pap .

 ard (2010-06-28 at 07:18:28)
 bun da zionists free palestine .

 FUCK ISRAEL (2010-06-28 at 09:01:18)

 Kosovan (2010-06-28 at 17:09:57)
 Muslims on dis ting ... gett mee Free palestine .

 fuk palestine (2010-06-28 at 20:47:44)
 U FUKIN WASTEMANS WATCH WEN ISRAle blow u up! ahahah .

 Ak (2010-06-29 at 08:04:29)
 Free Palestine!!!! .

 Ak (2010-06-29 at 08:07:33)
 n Big up my NW chick in da vid!!! dunn noe .

 dotz (2010-06-29 at 09:57:40)
 suck ur mum bout blow palestine dont let me bring da pirets to blow u up u pussey .

 @fuk palestine (2010-06-29 at 10:19:55)
 eat a dick u fuckin zionist nuthugger, your IDF Pussy army got fuckin merked by hamas and hezbollah, your cowards, you can only kill women and children coz your too much of a bitch to fight fair. Israel = PUSSY .

 looool (2010-06-30 at 21:20:37)
 1.29 nigga gets elbowed lool u will laugh loool .

 muslim (2010-07-01 at 13:52:01)
 stukhhfuriilaahh that all i got to say .

 kk1 (2010-07-02 at 12:10:52)
 these people in the video are pussys n bitchasses especially that bitch there all protestors theyd never actually bust a shot at the isreali army .

 muslim (2010-07-02 at 13:31:13)
 walah this chick is gasssssssssssed to a next level broke assess talking about ur smoking weed and inshalah u make it to jennah very much doubt it mate islam isnt a fashion for people like dis prick to join every 1 goes prison an comes out a muslim den smokes weed and drinks then fucks gal u lot should of thought properly about this song stakhhfurilahh .

 lol (2010-07-02 at 13:33:48)
 if i ever c dis chick slippin oh my days walah ima show her shariah style about deen little singing gahbaaaaaaaaaa .

 st raphs (2010-07-02 at 13:35:00)
 moist broke brehs plus that chick looks like she can hold a beat but she cant sing or dance she got gaaaased by dem niggas dat pokin her between dem .

 lebanese (2010-07-02 at 13:35:35)
 tfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ya sharmootaaa tfuuuu .

 bridge (2010-07-02 at 13:37:51)
 if i c dis yout il show him he aint doing nothing but stunting for deen u just wana poke da bitch be honset it dont look like u even pray or even know a verse of quran .

 realnigga (2010-07-04 at 20:25:22)
 you man hatin r pussyo's ya kna jus cah deyr making positive musicn suttin dat makes sense doesnt meen dat yu ave to hate u stupid fuckers .

 fam (2010-07-04 at 20:26:20)

 @bridge (2010-07-04 at 20:30:11)
 ur a wanker lool u callin a woman a bitchdnt make u a beeter musli u idiat n if dis bre catchs u hell fuk u up .

 WOOOW (2010-07-05 at 16:40:20)

 Spiff jokes (2010-07-09 at 20:58:24)
 hkkkk, pwt .

 fear Allah (2011-04-28 at 13:28:51)
 haram alayk! fix up thats no way to go on about islam!! free palastine inshallah .

 killer girl (2011-12-19 at 06:18:53)
 fan of logic this is a sick track u get me and that , freee PALESTINE .

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