Lool - Guy From North London Tells The Most GASSED Up Story - UK Urban Comedy @ldnrgn
 bludfiree (2012-05-03 at 23:48:02)
 lol dis shits jokes were he get tha extra clip from tho ??? lol .

 bludfiree (2012-05-03 at 23:48:03)
 lol dis shits jokes were he get tha extra clip from tho ??? lol .

 bludfireee (2012-05-03 at 23:47:09)
 dis is fuckin joke sheeiitt lool too much were da fuck did he get the extra clip from like he was goin work wid it in his pocket .

 LOOL (2012-05-03 at 01:29:11)
 Hows he pulling a next clip out his pocket .

 emillz (2012-05-03 at 01:57:36)
 loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool fam dis iz dum .

 MUST LISTEN REAL TALK (2012-05-03 at 03:42:45)
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 Follow @TwissBranding (2012-05-03 at 05:25:24)
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 the man (2012-05-03 at 06:26:15)
 looooooo that was funny .

 SC (2012-05-03 at 06:39:48)
 LOOOOL!! funny shit .

 funny (2012-05-03 at 07:42:18)
 actually liked this comedy, they should do more .

 lmfao (2012-05-03 at 10:09:18)
 lmao i actually in tears looool .

 Funny (2012-05-03 at 13:23:11)
 lol i knoe nuff man dat chat shit like that .

 LOL (2012-05-03 at 14:36:35)
 I musta shouted why u gassin about 100 times hahahaha .

 REAL G (2012-05-03 at 16:19:08)

 lool (2012-05-03 at 19:27:48)
 this is the positive movements we need .

 looool (2012-05-04 at 05:31:17)
 sounds like what most guys rap about .

 MUST LISTEN REAL TALK (2012-05-04 at 06:22:44)
 youtube.com/watch?v=CGxgzMmG6Ps&feature=relmfu youtube.com/watch?v=yfoNFI570pc&feature=relmfu .

 Hardly funny (2012-05-04 at 07:37:18)
 infact i didnt laugh once. if this is what it takes to reach out to young minds you might as well go pitch on road and shot dem hard food. ur basically feeding dem shit! " i know what'll make dem laugh and relate to man, lets talk about shooting man up and try play it off as some joke ting". these man need better concepts. .

 WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE MAIN PAGE (2012-05-04 at 15:46:02)
 A.KING - PAIN ['Got it Covered' Mixtape] @AKING_MUSIC shot by @urbanflash .

 jamaican mobster (2012-05-05 at 08:14:05)
 I shoot man from far lool .

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 OVOXO (2012-05-07 at 15:20:36)
 LOOOL This is how certain man actually tell stories , this was good big up .

 Dels (2012-05-19 at 06:42:31)
 this video was sick, keep them coming!!!!! .

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Lool - Guy From North London Tells The Most GASSED Up Story - UK Urban Comedy @ldnrgn
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