Lool - Jump Off 2012 - Booty Shake Competition - London, Girls, Dagger. Hype
 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-25 at 14:09:33)
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 me (2012-02-05 at 14:40:11)
 1st .

 33rrrrrrrrrrddddddddd (2012-02-05 at 15:25:14)
 Pepsii Warrick all the way .

 . (2012-02-05 at 15:33:26)
 lol .

 loooooooool (2012-02-05 at 15:34:45)
 go on m8 .

 African (2012-02-05 at 16:29:45)
 I enjoyed this video very much. you are welcome my friend!! i love slags!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

 D (2012-02-05 at 16:34:28)
 Normal !!!! .

 yoooo (2012-02-05 at 19:46:54)

 loooooool (2012-02-05 at 19:56:35)
 yo brickabrickas in this looool .

 loool (2012-02-06 at 03:15:36)
 dat gyal in da white jeans dat got KICKED out da competition 1st aint got NO ass and she cnt dance 4 shit!!!! .

 realtalk (2012-02-06 at 07:40:03)
 nicolle knight in da white trousers trying to make being a ho classy lol na bitch ur just a hoe #get dancing lessons bitch .

 looool (2012-02-06 at 07:41:56)
 all this for 150. These gyal lool .

 ... (2012-02-06 at 10:41:18)
 and you girls out there wonder why men don't respect you .

 macce (2012-02-06 at 13:20:58)
 anyhow the girl with white jeans has a man! .

 ibby (2012-02-08 at 19:41:31)
 wats the track in the start and wow theses girlsr fuking hot .

 LOOL (2012-02-09 at 14:46:09)

 buy oem software (2012-02-12 at 08:17:38)
 276y7P Yeah� I read and I understand that I do not understand anything what it is about:D .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-26 at 23:00:55)
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Lool - Jump Off 2012 - Booty Shake Competition - London, Girls, Dagger. Hype
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