Lool - Uk Friday - Official Trailer [Spoof] - Bare Joke - Base In Estate @ItsUpshot
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 bull (2012-11-13 at 15:04:21)
 shit .

 LOLOLOLOLOL (2012-11-11 at 04:04:44)
 these affs are funny this looks joke .

 LOLOLOLOLOL (2012-11-11 at 04:04:45)
 these affs are funny this looks joke .

 south (2012-11-11 at 04:11:31)
 whats the point of doing the same storyline? You might aswell do your own movie you got a full .

 DIS SHIT IS DEAD (2012-11-11 at 06:32:33)

 baby blue xx (2012-11-11 at 09:35:53)
 sk33n .

 Fake guys (2012-11-11 at 09:41:16)
 Y copy a classic? .

 lol (2012-11-11 at 11:19:31)
  africans are not funny at all just smelly .

 real talk (2012-11-11 at 11:28:23)
 youtube.com/watch?v=D_8-ueZxcFA .

 gangsta (2012-11-11 at 12:44:08)
 hate pale white pigs i mean white people .

 Why do this?! (2012-11-11 at 13:30:22)
 Why have they made this .

 Good1 (2012-11-11 at 14:00:05)
 Looooool this is mad funny good 1 can't wait to see it .

 dodo34 (2012-11-11 at 14:35:37)
 gonna wacth dat style .

 aff donz taking over (2012-11-11 at 15:33:38)

 WDF (2012-11-11 at 17:56:52)
 Hu ever came up wid da idea of remaking friday is a fucking retard go fist fuck ur mum's arse whats wrong wid dese aff's .

 dumb (2012-11-11 at 18:11:59)
 you guys are dumb they didn't remake the film, if you read the start you would have understood what they were doing u thick fuck boys .

 YAYA TOURE (2012-11-12 at 02:13:59)
 seems like the whole film's been shown in this one trailer. too many spoilers and sadly i didnt laugh one bit.... friday should never be copied, leave the greats alone!! good luck despite dis mistake! .

 Bring on the film (2012-11-12 at 04:30:59)
 I have watched this trailer like 10 times hard f da haters bring on the film haters they never begged u to watch it so go get a life please .

 MR white BOY (2012-11-12 at 06:31:06)
 Affs stink and are just completly ugly i dont mind yardys doe there way better .

 Chief Keef (2012-11-12 at 12:40:49)
 as a african i am soo ashamed how they gonna do the same storyline and shit suprised ice cube aint sued them verydisappointed .

 @Chief keef (2012-11-12 at 16:11:46)
 Chief keef aint african hes haitian (carribean) dont beg .

 make me sick!! (2012-11-12 at 16:19:32)
 Why are you people so negative!!! .

 Hard (2012-11-12 at 16:45:05)
 My Friend come here!! lmao .

 @jamaltheactor (2012-11-12 at 17:20:22)
 most people are not creative enough to make up anything put a comment. this is sick! filming, and delivery of script is on point. i know how hard it can be to remake something. good job on this .

 fuck boys BDK (2012-11-14 at 11:33:27)

 Ediro (2012-11-18 at 14:21:16)
 Carry On Talkin Bad Bout Dem Affs. See If dem Wont JuJu Yuh Mada. Fuckin Ignorent Wankers .

 i be pussy getter (2012-11-20 at 08:56:40)
 ayy @WHITE boy shutup don't chat shit you fucker piece of paper .

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