Lool - Zipparah, Mr Zip, "Where's me keys, where's me phone" - Britain's Got Talent
 1 (2012-04-07 at 20:28:52)
 1 .

 Funny (2012-04-07 at 20:42:57)
 watch this become the new skank .

 mad ting (2012-04-07 at 23:02:58)
 i see bare ppl with dis on their bb status earlier n was wonderin wha gwan now i see how my man mash up the place quickly n bounced lool .

 SHO (2012-04-08 at 08:55:01)

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 rasta (2012-04-08 at 11:35:03)
 this guy fuked up x factor had bare man updating statues .

 rasta (2012-04-08 at 11:35:28)
 britians got talent* .

 gh (2012-04-08 at 17:19:13)
 LOOOOOOL KILLED IT very catchy .

 BRAV (2012-04-08 at 20:37:40)
 ive been in this situation .

 MANCHESTER (2012-04-11 at 12:31:03)

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Lool - Zipparah, Mr Zip, "Where\'s me keys, where\'s me phone" - Britain\'s Got Talent
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