Lool!! Guy Goes Round London Macking Girls - Doing Random Shit, Funny, Jamaican - F With The Public Prt 2
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 @africa (2012-09-05 at 14:25:45)
 5five - muje baya .

 pagan (2012-09-05 at 18:08:31)
 dis bredda is a clown fam .

 u need 2 move from camden (2012-09-05 at 20:25:09)
 it will b peak if u move 2 the wrong guys sister bmt dont be silly ur grabin random girl arse b serious dat aint funny .

 loool he gives me joke (2012-09-05 at 14:52:39)
 how he dance in girls face like dat .

 steven (2012-09-05 at 12:11:17)
 dis guy is too funny .. keep it up.. the jamaican sketch is too muchh lmao.. and wen his chirpsin gyal he got me dying .

 LOL (2012-09-05 at 10:53:01)
 Nigga trying to be like StevenJO .

 Fuck u haterss he is funny (2012-09-05 at 16:17:14)
 Hahhaaaa man said "wat if I trip u up den u'd have to stop init" looool I'm dead .

 Rate him (2012-09-08 at 11:18:40)
 Some parts were funny. Other parts seemed like he was just try a cat squeezes sbtv new comedy show. I rate this donny .

 luke (2012-09-05 at 03:30:50)
 1st bitch .

 Africa (2012-09-05 at 05:46:37)
 whats that african song at the beginning .

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 nah fam (2012-09-05 at 09:29:24)
 you aint no steven jp this aint funny .

 Oiiii (2012-09-05 at 09:13:25)

 funny jamaican (2012-09-07 at 04:29:15)
 if mi smoke it mi can get high .

 00:01 - 00:10 (2012-09-07 at 08:58:11)
 dat chick wit de blue ting DAMNNNNN! dey shud've shown her face .

 SONG (2012-09-08 at 14:01:28)
 whats the song from 0:54 ???? .

 niggers (2012-09-11 at 08:30:36)
 this is exactly wats rong wit the world. stupid niggers thinkin they can chat to any chick - if that was my sister ide come and slap a cheeseburger on ur koala bear lookin maahj. .

 ive (2012-09-11 at 08:31:40)
 ive trained my girl to say no thanks black people smell like stale piss if this ever happens .

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Lool!! Guy Goes Round London Macking Girls - Doing Random Shit, Funny, Jamaican - F With The Public Prt 2
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