Lool Uk Urban Comedy - MOtiVe ft @MrMiniature- Riders #MOtiVeRIDERS
 erm.. (2012-07-23 at 04:08:36)
 ...this is FUCKIN MOIST SMH .

 funny as always (2012-07-26 at 08:35:47)
 if you felt offended then this parody was clearly about you .

 Looool (2012-07-24 at 03:34:09)
 The Second Youte And Last Youte Can Spit Still.. They Jus Taking The Piss.. you Gotta Have A Little Comic Releif Cah Everyone Finks Their Bad These Days.. Keep Up Da Work .

 fuck gorzy (2012-07-24 at 06:24:14)
 That gorzy yute is moist bmt man robbed his chain wasteman im on to him still. .

 rassclart!!! (2012-07-23 at 08:51:43)
 dat don pushin da trolley at da end lookin like king kong ta'rass .

 SNAZ (2012-07-23 at 09:27:14)
 big these man up this is joke this is how certain man look when they pretend to be rich .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-24 at 18:14:58)
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Lool Uk Urban Comedy - MOtiVe ft @MrMiniature- Riders #MOtiVeRIDERS
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