Lool!! White Girl Goes On a Mad On Daggering Girls - Show You How To Mack & Get Numbers
 123 (2012-05-31 at 14:01:06)

 ladbroke grove (2012-05-27 at 07:29:51)
 waum 2 dis guy catting worldstar? be fukin original u wasteman! .

 k (2012-05-27 at 07:30:30)
 madness .

 Real NW Shooter fuck the Pagans (2012-05-27 at 08:22:35)
 Shit man needs to get to Miami quickly some nice big booty hoes over there. .

 lok (2012-05-27 at 10:56:23)
 lol 8th street shaniquas .

 -_- (2012-05-27 at 12:33:35)
 Umm.. tv you know that people can access worldstarhiphop right? .

 groupie (2012-05-27 at 12:50:19)
 degrading .

 Big-up RA (2012-05-27 at 16:15:13)
 I was thinking the same shit RA, The guys prick, needs a tump still. .

 lool (2012-05-27 at 17:02:31)
 white boys are hot .

 kk (2012-05-27 at 18:49:50)
 ohhh is like earthquake .

 looooool (2012-05-27 at 20:05:03)
 8th st shaniquas .

 gumy (2012-05-28 at 02:57:41)
 dis cracker is a fool.. a matter of time before he gets tump in his face by a black brudda or get a slap from a black chick .

 WOW (2012-05-28 at 17:00:54)

 @RA (2012-05-28 at 21:43:43)
 What like u treat white women? Hypocrite. Anyway its not about ghetto blk men that cnt speak proper english its about classy blk men who have respect for ppl n u aint got worry about shouting in nandos for peri peri sauce or white men. Bun ghetto hoodrat tramps, learn to speak proper .

 lool (2012-05-31 at 05:26:34)
 errr warg1 wid her nipples *bbm sick face* dry nuh fuck .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-25 at 10:36:16)
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 mika (2012-06-15 at 16:23:16)
 hahahahahaha 3 shaniquas his taking the piss .

 Fuck U (2012-10-30 at 13:00:32)
 These Only one steaven jo .

 NapUnloallepe (2013-03-26 at 22:31:33)
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Lool!! White Girl Goes On a Mad On Daggering Girls - Show You How To Mack & Get Numbers
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