MC.TV Big Tobz & LZ - StowzFinest (Music Video) [@BigTobzsf @LzSf1] - East Walthamstow
 WWW.RLPORN.COM (2011-12-22 at 15:08:24)

 kmt (2011-12-21 at 10:26:03)
 the beat killed it fuk sake how a rapper gonna spit on a bashment beat guess im old skool love my hip hop .

 looooooool (2011-12-21 at 10:17:48)
 r donny serious stow is washed tink stow don cud step foot in south wig will get split sum jokeman area jus 4 prove u man turn water wen ur around real gs ask blitz how he is in colly snm .

 LOOOL (2011-12-21 at 12:54:17)

 kmt (2011-12-21 at 13:14:07)
  is a donut thouhg, always gettin areas wrong , man cant grasp simple geography .

 don don (2011-12-21 at 14:43:18)
 i fort these brudas wernt goons. done a tune in stow but stayed at the train station n town centre. didnt go priory, didnt go drive dint even go woody lol oh well they must b sum good guys .

 @PETTY (2011-12-21 at 16:15:08)
  no rental cuz .

 FUCK BIG TOBZ (2011-12-21 at 19:33:47)
 WHY do big tobz lips look so CRUSTYY ??? .

 ahhhh (2011-12-21 at 20:04:47)
 too much talent i bet any money theyll blow .

 leyton banger (2011-12-21 at 22:28:24)
 u south man stop actin up cum round leyton get ur self wet down m1 of .

 real goon (2011-12-21 at 22:57:48)
 dat nigga go luton uni .

 Ljay (2011-12-21 at 06:07:30)
 they wenttt innn still .

 petty (2011-12-21 at 06:46:25)
 petrol light is on g lol stunting in a rental lol .

 stratford (2011-12-21 at 07:10:04)
 harrrddddd tune..only 1 dat comes different .

 lol (2011-12-21 at 09:15:59)
 i duno why man are tryna stunt in there rented whips. .

 Dirty south (2011-12-21 at 09:26:35)
 2bh dnt matter bout petrol light is on or if the whips rented, any1 dat knows tings know you need a couple bags to take out certain whips videos fuking hard y nigga's always focused on the negatives instead of rating progress. tobz n lz shud blow. .

 south (2011-12-21 at 05:33:17)
 Tobz skin soon get touched SN .

 hard (2011-12-21 at 05:20:45)
 dis is sick but is der a walthamstow in North... .

 man dem (2011-12-21 at 05:31:29)
 Naija all day mad tune .

 loooooooooll (2011-12-23 at 23:15:45)
 how can man say mix race niggas hed looks like an oblongng looooooo .

 Big Up! (2011-12-21 at 04:02:54)
 Naaaa dese man Go inn .

 hackney (2011-12-21 at 02:42:35)

  is fuckin dumb (2011-12-20 at 22:13:36)
 stow is in east! .

 southside barbie (2011-12-22 at 02:57:24)
 Big Tobz Is sexxxyy .

 Live (2011-12-22 at 03:06:51)
 I aint Gonna lie dese 2 are the best ive hedr from walthamstow.....tobzz goess in .

 LOL (2011-12-22 at 03:07:33)

 gg (2012-02-08 at 04:29:20)

 diablo (2012-04-10 at 12:06:39)
 cuz stow is big, they shud of went everywhere lol .

 real banger SOUTH ALLDAY (2012-04-18 at 09:00:39)
 Walthasmwtow mandem do der ting nd got nuff different gangs but wers dese mandem from dese pussys are jus prbly random music niggas from tha hood .

 Stoney (2012-04-28 at 05:19:27)
 Big Tobez is From Lowerstow he fuks wid all dem lowerstow man .

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MC.TV Big Tobz & LZ - StowzFinest (Music Video) [@BigTobzsf @LzSf1] - East Walthamstow
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