MIZE || "A Star Is Born" | OFFICIAL NET VIDEO - South London
 goes innnn (2011-11-10 at 07:42:19)
 He's flow & bars are hard though. .

 bruddah (2011-11-08 at 03:24:56)
 real talk 4rm the bottom of ma heart on my mums life ur a very shit rapper (: .

 LAAAA IT (2011-11-05 at 20:42:21)
 iv got a real one pussy and it aint like that lol, dats some boogs belt laaa it man dead ting. .

 MizeFan;) (2011-11-05 at 07:02:46)
 shaaat up you fucking haters! you lot sitting on your arses doing shit and hes out there doing his thing.. and the gucci belt isn't fake you lot only seen the fake ones coz thats what your used to buying.. jealousy cant be helped dont worry! .

 bmt real talk brudda (2011-11-05 at 06:38:02)
 ur shit g .

 LOOLOL (2011-11-17 at 06:28:42)
 that belts certi fake LOOL .

 seriously? (2011-11-04 at 19:12:26)
 why jump ina vid rockin a fake gucci belt :| no ratins. .

 sn (2011-11-04 at 07:43:31)
 keep doing your ting but fix up your speech and flow...sn .

 loool (2011-11-04 at 13:10:30)
 low showing your gucci belt like that and its fake, thats some mug ting real talk not even hating .

 killaa (2011-11-04 at 13:25:04)
 your dead, loww it with your fake gucci belt .

 LAAAA IT (2011-11-04 at 01:05:01)

 wet dons (2011-11-04 at 03:07:57)
 anyone that wears a GUCCCI BELT has 2 be fake shut up ppl that say is fake sum neek bmt .

 lol (2011-11-04 at 04:48:41)
 that fuking belt is dead fam lowe it .

 RLPORN.COM (2011-11-04 at 06:11:03)

 looooooooooooooool (2011-11-04 at 01:00:00)
 ur shit jst go back 2 skool fam real talk .

 Aggz (2012-04-09 at 22:41:20)
 Why does so many man watch mandems swag listen to da tune and stop coming on dis batty man flex .

 l0l gucci ak (2012-09-07 at 07:50:12)
 how can man be rockin fake gucci laaah it fix up on ur swagg g .

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MIZE || "A Star Is Born" | OFFICIAL NET VIDEO - South London
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